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LPR to Switzerland and Spain

Swiss team LPR is dividing its rider contingent between Switzerland and Spain next week. From February 27 to March 3, part of the team will be participating in the Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana and the subsequent Clasica de Almeria on March 4, while another rider roster will remain in Switzerland for the GP Chiasso and GP Lugano scheduled on March 3 and 4 respectively.

The riders dpearting to Spain are: Luca Solari, Luca Celli, Marco Marcato, Borut Bozic, Roberto Traficante, Daniele Nardello, Enrique Gutierrez Cataluna and Ignacio Gutierrez Cataluna.

At the GP Chiasso, LPR will count on the following riders: Raffaele Ferrara, Paolo Bailetti, Riccardo Chiarini, Alessandro Maserati, Alberto Tiberio, Andreas Dietziker, Roger Beuchat and Nazareno Rossi. On the next day, Maurizio Bellin will replace Alberto Tiberio and Walter Proch will be racing for Alessandro Maserati.

"Departing for Spain, we have the objective of doing well in the stages' finales more than in the overall classification," directeur sportif Mario Manzoni said. "I'm sure that some parts of this race could be suited for us, and we'll count on Bozic, Traficante and Marcato to give their best. Solari, Celli, Nardello and the Gutierrez brothers, for which the race takes place in their backyard, will be there to put their mark on the race. As for the Swiss events, we will also try to be protagonists there with a young team led by Ferrara."