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Jeanson confesses to EPO use

Former Canadian cyclist Geneviève Jeanson has confessed to having doping. "I did doping in my career," she said in an interview with Radio-Canada. Jeanson, 26, was found guilty in January of having used EPO and was banned for two years.

She said that the doping and cheating made her life a nightmare. "I hated everything," she said. "I hated myself for doing it. I hated myself not being able to get out of it. It was miserable."

Jeanson placed the blame on Andre Aubut, who became her coach when she was 15. He was the one who introduced her to EPO. "I didn't really want to do it," she continued. "However, I did not have the courage to say no, so I just didn't say anything." Aubut initially confirmed the story to the radio station, but later denied it, according to

After the suspension was announced, Jeanson continued to deny the charges. She now says, "It was not Geneviève that lied. It was someone else I did not know. It was something I was told to do and yes, I do regret it."

She has moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and says she has no immediate plans to return to Canada.

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