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Brian Holm also admits EPO doping

Another former Team Telekom rider has admitted that he took EPO during the 1996 season. Brian Holm, who now works as a directeur sportive for Telekom's new-formation, T-Mobile, yesterday told Danish that he took EPO two times in 1996. In his book Smerten Glæden ("The Pain - the Joy"), Holm had already admitted that he had doped himself during his career as a rider, but he didn't give any details as to what he took and when.

"There was never any pressure from the team management, it was an individual thing and my own decision. There is no one I can blame for it, and no way can I excuse it," Holm said.

Holm welcomes the current developments in professional cycling and hopes that the confessions can lead to a clean sport in the future. He also asked his former teammate Bjarne Riis to speak out at the press conference that CSC is holding today in Copenhagen.