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Booth looking to add a women's event to Vault criterium

Thompson takes the win.

Thompson takes the win. (Image credit: BoomTime)

In its first year, the Vault criterium elite men's race went smoothly, with Australian criterium champion Jonathan Cantwell, and former under 23 world champion Michael Matthews (Rabobank) competing alongside many of Australia's top domestic talents.

Drapac bound Peter Thompson won the 2011 Vault, but event organiser Adrian Booth felt that the lack of a specific women's race was something that needed to be changed. Speaking to Cyclingnews, Booth explained that plans were already under way to bring in a women's event for the 2012 edition of the Vault.

"As a family man, it was really hard not having a women's event for the Vault this year. There are plenty of quality women cyclists in Australia and we'll be hoping to add a specific women's event to cater for them."

"Many of the women had been in contact leading up to this year's race and my hope is that by next year, we'll have an event for the women. That's the plan."

Booth also added that he had plans to introduce a "Superweek" of events around the Brisbane CBD to help surrounding communities "bounce back" after the devastating floods that ravaged much of Queensland earlier this year.

The event builds on Australia's growing domestic criterium calendar, which already boasts the NSW Criterium GP series, the Noosa GP, and the historic Bay Classic series.

A full report of this year's Vault is available here.

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