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Argentine champion Borrajo takes his own life

Armando Borrajo.

Armando Borrajo. (Image credit: Colner)

The Argentine cycling community lost one of its prized riders, Armando Borrajo, to a tragic suicide on December 18 in Buenos Aires. The 34-year-old was kidnapped for two days and released just prior to his death and reportedly suffered from injury and shock.

According to reports, Borrajo's younger brother Alejandro, who races for the US-based team Jamis-Sutter Home, broke his arm while attempting to intervene. Details of Borrajo's death have not been released.

Borrajo was a member of an electoral campaign for the Argentine Track and Road Cycling Federation, directly under Facundo Donadio who was running for presidency. The election was scheduled to take place on December 22 but has been postponed.

Borrajo recently traveled to northern Argentina for a campaign presentation. It was reported that he was a victim of a kidnapping and then released two days prior to his suicide. Investigators are still searching for details in the kidnapping case.

Borrajo won the national road title in 2006 and more recently won a stage of the Giro del Sol San Juan in 2009.