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Apology to Trent Lowe would like to apologise to Trent Lowe for various inaccurate statements that were published about him on our news site. acknowledges that Trent Lowe has in no way been involved in the doping scandals surrounding Floyd Landis and Ricardo Ricco and apologises for inferring in an article in February 2011 that he was involved in doping or cheating. also acknowledges that it was wrong to suggest in an article in January 2011 that Mr Lowe was fired from the Garmin Cycling Team due to doping involvement with Dr Del Moral, or that he intended to blackmail Garmin. acknowledges that Garmin has since confirmed Mr Lowe’s innocence regarding doping; and that Mr. Lowe was in fact fired for allegedly attending another team’s training camp. understands that Mr Lowe consulted Dr Moral after being referred for a health check, by the former directeur sportif of Team Garmin, to Dr Moral's clinic in Valencia where Mr Lowe was living at the time. It was determined Mr Lowe was suffering from chronic fatigue at the time. apologises unreservedly to Mr Lowe for any damage that may have been done to his reputation.

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