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Albert, Compton continue to lead UCI 'cross standings

World champion Niels Albert and US champion Katie Compton remain atop the UCI's cyclo-cross rankings following a weekend in which most European countries held their national championships.

Albert has led the men's standings for the entire 2009-2010 season, but a fractured rib suffered at the Belgian national championships may put his streak at the top in jeopardy.

While the top-10 of the men's standings remained unchanged, second-placed Zdenek Stybar reduced his deficit to Albert from 150 points to 40 points based on the results of their respective national championships, the only events which took place since the previous UCI rankings were calculated.

Albert finished ninth in the Belgian national championships, earning 10 points, while Stybar repeated as champion of the Czech Republic, earning 120 points. Stybar may move into the overall lead after this Sunday's points-rich World Cup in Roubaix, France where Albert's start is in doubt.

Belgium continues to dominate the men's standings, placing four riders in the top-five. Sven Nys, Klaas Vantornout and Kevin Pauwels reside in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

On the women's side, Compton continues her reign at the top of the UCI 'cross standings, a position she's held the entire 2009-2010 season. Compton has 1600 points and retains her 58-point lead over runner-up Daphny Van den Brand. Compton hasn't competed since the previous UCI rankings were released, but she added 120 points to her total from her victory in the US national championships in December. The UCI delayed the addition of points earned from national championships previous to Europe's until their championships were contested.

Van den Brand likewise added 120 points to her total having earned her 11th Dutch title on Saturday and remains within striking distance of Compton. Van den Brand's compatriots Marianne Vos and Sanne van Paassen remain in third and fourth in the standings while Frenchwoman Christel Ferrier-Bruneau completes the top-five.

The women's top-ten is largely unchanged with only Czech Pavla Havlikova and Briton Helen Wyman swapping positions at ninth and tenth respectively. Havlikova finished second in her national championships while Wyman was unable to earn national championship points this past weekend as weather delayed Great Britain's event.

Elite men's UCI cyclo-cross standings - January 12, 2010
1Niels Albert (Belgium)2310pts
2Zdenek Stybar (Czech Republic)2270
3Sven Nys (Belgium)2080
4Klaas Vantornout (Belgium)1476
5Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)1231
6Gerben De Knegt (Netherlands)1223
7Francis Mourey (France)1218
8Bart Aernouts (Belgium)1083
9Christian Heule (Switzerland)904
10Radomir Simunek (Czech Republic)835
11Enrico Franzoi (Italy)808
12Erwin Vervecken (Belgium)786
13Martin Bina (Czech Republic)736
14Steve Chainel (France)691
15Martin Zlamalik (Czech Republic)666
16Jonathan Page (United States)645
17Tom Meeusen (Belgium)641
18Dieter Vanthoure (Belgium)636
19Sven Vanthourenh (Belgium)618
20Petr Dlask (Czech Republic)588
21Thijs Al (Netherlands)511
22Robert Gavenda (Slovakia)509
23Mariusz Gil (Poland)496
24Timothy Johnson (United States)485
25Bart Wellens (Belgium)462
26Kamil Ausbuher (Czech Republic)437
27James Driscoll (United States)417
28Thijs Van Ameron (Netherlands)384
29Ryan Trebon (United States)373
30Marco Bianco (Italy)371
31Jeremy Powers (United States)359
32Philipp Walslebe (Germany)332
33Ondrej Bambula (Czech Republic)305
34Marcel Wildhaber (Switzerland)299
35Laurent Colombat (France)293
36Jim Aernouts (Belgium)293
37Geoff Kabush (Canada)289
38Jan Verstraeten (Belgium)284
39Lukas Flückiger (Switzerland)282
40Nicolas Bazin (France)280
41Pawel Szczepania (Poland)276
42Javier Ruiz De L (Spain)264
43Joachim Parbo (Denmark)263
44Rob Peeters (Belgium)254
45Todd Wells (United States)251
46Christoph Pfings (Germany)240
47Eddy Van Ijzendo (Netherlands)240
48John Gadret (France)233
49Johannes Sickmue (Germany)231
50Milan Barenyi (Slovakia)222
51David Derepas (France)220
52Patrick Van Leeu (Netherlands)207
53Christopher Jone (United States)205
54Luca Damiani (Italy)202
55Wilant Van Gils (Netherlands)195
56Marco Aurelio Fo (Italy)191
57Elia Silvestri (Italy)185
58Alessandro Gambi (Italy)184
59Jean-Pierre Druc (Luxembourg)181
60Fabio Ursi (Italy)181
61Kacper Szczepani (Poland)176
62Robert Glajza (Slovakia)175
63Keiichi Tsujiura (Japan)171
64Davide Frattini (Italy)170
65Dan Timmerman (United States)165
66Barry Wicks (United States)155
67Derrick St John (Canada)154
68Jan Denuwelaer (Belgium)148
69Jonathan Lopez (France)147
70Cristian Cominel (Italy)146
71Tijmen Eising (Netherlands)145
72Egoitz Murgoitio (Spain)143
73Jérome Chevallie (France)139
74Martin Haring (Slovakia)139
75Jens Westergren (Sweden)139
76Peter Presslauer (Austria)138
77Matthieu Boulo (France)137
78Vaclav Metlicka (Slovakia)137
79Arnaud Jouffroy (France)136
80Sascha Weber (Germany)136
81Lubomir Petrus (Czech Republic)134
82Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)132
83Arnaud Grand (Switzerland)132
84George-Daniel An (Romania)120
85Kimmo Kananen (Finland)120
86Lars Boom (Netherlands)120
87Micki Van Empel (Netherlands)117
88Ian Field (Great Britain)116
89Daniel Summerhil (United States)116
90Troy Wells (United States)114
91Zdenek Mlynar (Czech Republic)114
92Kenneth Van Comp (Belgium)107
93Gusty Bausch (Luxembourg)107
94Valentin Scherz (Switzerland)107
95Vladimir Kyzivat (Czech Republic)104
96Isaac Suarez Fer (Spain)104
97Ivar Hartogs (Netherlands)101
98José Antonio Her (Spain)100
99Vincent Baestaen (Belgium)99
100Florian Vogel (Switzerland)99
101Adam Craig (United States)98
102Nicholas Weighal (United States)98
103Paul Oldham (Great Britain)98
104Brian Matter (United States)94
105Lukas Kloucek (Czech Republic)93
106Sascha Wagner (Germany)93
107Jody Crawforth (Great Britain)92
108Mike Garrigan (Canada)90
109David Lozano Rib (Spain)90
110Mitchell Huender (Netherlands)90
111Luke Keough (United States)90
112Justin Lindine (United States)90
113Tommy Nielsen (Denmark)89
114Jesse Anthony (United States)89
115Adam Myerson (United States)86
116Marek Cichosz (Poland)85
117Aaron Schooler (Canada)84
118Tom Van Den Bosc (Belgium)82
119Jan Van Dael (Belgium)82
120David Seco Amund (Spain)81
121Masanori Kosaka (Japan)80
122Ben Berden (Belgium)79
123Marko Lalonde (United States)78
124Marek Konwa (Poland)77
125Constantino Zaba (Spain)76
126Corne Van Kessel (Netherlands)75
127Andy Jacques-May (United States)74
128Joshua Dillon (United States)74
129Marco Ponta (Italy)72
130Joeri Adams (Belgium)72
131Yu Takenouchi (Japan)67
132Tristan Schouten (United States)67
133Pirmin Lang (Switzerland)66
134Ole Quast (Germany)66
135Paul Voss (Germany)65
136Arnaud Labbe (France)64
137Bram Schmitz (Netherlands)62
138Roy Van Heeswijk (Netherlands)62
139Evan Guthrie (Canada)62
140Kevin Cant (Belgium)61
141Roland Mörx (Austria)60
142Magnus Darvell (Sweden)60
143Lucian Logigan (Romania)60
144Juha Kangaskokko (Finland)60
145Jan Skarnitzl (Czech Republic)60
146René Lang (Switzerland)59
147Stef Boden (Belgium)58
148Jan Soetens (Belgium)57
149Jake Wells (United States)57
150Marcel Meisen (Germany)56
151Jerome Townsend (United States)56
152Atsushi Maruyama (Japan)55
153Tyler Trace (Canada)55
154Pit Schlechter (Luxembourg)54
155Finn Heitmann (Germany)54
156Andreas Moser (Switzerland)52
157David Kasek (Czech Republic)52
158Ralph Naef (Switzerland)50
159Kenneth Hansen (Denmark)50
160Thomas Mair (Austria)50
161Emil Lindgren (Sweden)50
162Marius-Cristian (Romania)50
163Olli Miettinen (Finland)50
164Daniel Ruiz Eche (Spain)49
165Stijn Huys (Belgium)48
166Jiri Polnicky (Czech Republic)47
167Ryan Iddings (United States)47
168Pascal Triebel (Luxembourg)46
169Mathias Flückige (Switzerland)45
170Hannes Genze (Germany)44
171William Dugan (United States)44
172Marek Canecky (Slovakia)43
173David Hackworth (United States)42
174Matt Shriver (United States)42
175Travis Livermon (United States)41
176Lars Van Der Haa (Netherlands)40
177Jannik Hyldtoft (Denmark)40
178Karl Heinz Golli (Austria)40
179Robert Banach (Poland)40
180Hikaru Kosaka (Japan)40
181Mattias Nilsson (Sweden)40
182Bogdan Tiganescu (Romania)40
183Craig Richey (Canada)40
184Tommi Tuikka (Finland)40
185Stuart Wearmouth (Great Britain)40
186Alessandro Fonta (Italy)38
187Martin Gujan (Switzerland)37
188Justin Spinelli (United States)36
189Jean-Eudes Demar (France)35
190Matthias Rupp (Switzerland)35
191Zach Mc Donald (United States)35
192Arnold Jeannesso (France)35
193Unai Yus Kerejet (Spain)34
194Julien Pion (France)34
195Thomas Girard (France)34
196David Collins (Great Britain)34
197Seigo Yamamoto (Japan)33
198Ryan Knapp (United States)33
199Michael Broderic (United States)33
200Thomas Paccagnel (Italy)32
201Andrew Watson (Canada)32
202Julien Roussel (France)32
203Wietse Bosmans (Belgium)31
204Bryan Falaschi (Italy)31
205Matteo Trentin (Italy)31
206Fabian Danner (Germany)31
207Shawn Bunnin (Canada)31
208Tim Van Nuffel (Belgium)31
209Ryan Dewald (United States)31
210Jérôme Junker (Luxembourg)30
211Jonas Schau Gudd (Denmark)30
212Gerald Hauer (Austria)30
213Slawomir Frejows (Poland)30
214Inigo Gomez Elor (Spain)30
215Ramon Sinkeldam (Netherlands)30
216Chance Noble (United States)30
217Mathias Karlsson (Sweden)30
218Nicolae Tintea (Romania)30
219Simon Lambert-Le (Canada)30
220Jukka Heinikaine (Finland)30
221Sven Beelen (Belgium)29
222David Juarez Ald (Spain)29
223Weston Schempf (United States)29
224Florian Le Corre (France)28
225Twan Van Den Bra (Netherlands)25
226Vincent Dias Dos (Luxembourg)25
227Henrik Andersen (Denmark)25
228Sergio Mantecon (Spain)25
229Stefan Herr (Austria)25
230Lukasz Modzelews (Poland)25
231Kamil Gradek (Poland)25
232Jérémy Grimal (France)25
233Calle Friberg (Sweden)25
234Adrian Nitu (Romania)25
235Brian Robinson (Canada)25
236Petri K. Leppäne (Finland)25
237Melvin Rulliere (France)25
238Angelo De Clercq (Belgium)24
239Rudi Van Houts (Netherlands)24
240Jeremy Horgan-Ko (United States)24
241Karsten Volkmann (Germany)23
242Jared Stafford (Canada)23
243Carl Decker (United States)22
244Konrad Michael O (Germany)22
245Kris Lapere (Belgium)22
246Constantino Fern (Luxembourg)20
247Jacob Kjeldsen (Denmark)20
248Carlos Hernandez (Spain)20
249Daniele Mensi (Italy)20
250Patrick Hackl (Austria)20
251Robert Pietrzak (Poland)20
252Kornel Osicki (Poland)20
253Martin Mahdar (Slovakia)20
254Kazuya Nakayama (Japan)20
255Lars Bleckur (Sweden)20
256Andrei Varga (Romania)20
257David Larson (Canada)20
258Samuel Halme (Finland)20
259Guillaume Perrot (France)20
260Adam Mcgrath (United States)20
261Clément Bourgoin (France)19
262Gavin Mannion (United States)19
263Robert Jebb (Great Britain)18
264Petr Novotný (Czech Republic)18
265Luca Braidot (Italy)17
266Thomas Collinet (France)17
267Tyler Wren (United States)17
268Gianni Denolf (Belgium)16
269Stuart Bowers (Great Britain)16
270Dylan Mcnicholas (United States)16
271Petr Cirkl (Czech Republic)16
272Boris Zimine (France)16
273Boldbaatar Bold- (Mongolia)15
274Ariunbold Naranb (Mongolia)15
275Olivier Laterza (Luxembourg)15
276Kim Petersen (Denmark)15
277Sean De Bie (Belgium)15
278Matthias Allensp (Switzerland)15
279Raphael Loidolt (Austria)15
280Radoslaw Lonka (Poland)15
281Dawid Janecki (Poland)15
282Jan Büchmann (Germany)15
283Aser Estevez Civ (Spain)15
284Paul Herman (France)15
285Matej Vysna (Slovakia)15
286Ryohei Komori (Japan)15
287Jeremy Ferguson (United States)15
288Mikael Salomonss (Sweden)15
289Ioan Neagu (Romania)15
290Mathew Hewitt (Canada)15
291Marko Leppämäki (Finland)15
292Oscar Vazquez Cr (Spain)15
293Bjorn Rondelez (Belgium)15
294Irwin Gras (France)15
295Alex Howes (United States)14
296Geert Wellens (Belgium)14
297Kirt Fitzpatrick (United States)14
298Jonathan Sundt (United States)14
299Jonathan Fumeaux (Switzerland)13
300Daniele Braidot (Italy)13
301Wojciech Herba (Poland)13
302Felix Euteneuer (Germany)13
303Oscar Boente (Spain)13
304Justin Middleton (Canada)13
305Andrew Wulfkuhle (United States)13
306Fabien Taillefer (France)13
307Derik Zampedri (Italy)12
308James Lalonde (United States)12
309Kaj Slenter (Netherlands)12
310Nino Schurter (Switzerland)12
311Mauro Gonzalez F (Spain)12
312Martin Hunal (Czech Republic)12
313Masashi Matsui (Japan)11
314Zoltan Tisza (Hungary)11
315Rafael Visinelli (Italy)10
316Cyrille Heymans (Luxembourg)10
317Joris Boillat (Switzerland)10
318Allan Juul (Denmark)10
319Ruben Veestraete (Belgium)10
320Ismael Ventura S (Spain)10
321Lukas Winterberg (Switzerland)10
322Domenico Maria S (Italy)10
323Florian König (Austria)10
324Andrzej Michniak (Poland)10
325Piotr Kurczab (Poland)10
326Marcus Kaufmann (Germany)10
327Enno Quast (Germany)10
328Jon Gomez Elorri (Spain)10
329Pascal Leroux (France)10
330Stefan Gajdosik (Slovakia)10
331Yoshinori Irie (Japan)10
332Conor Mullervy (United States)10
333Fredrik Svarm (Sweden)10
334Shaun Adamson (Canada)10
335Kyle Fry (Canada)10
336Jaakko Sorvisto (Finland)10
337Chris Sheppard (Canada)10
338Romain Lejeune (France)10
339Lewis Craven (Great Britain)10
340Mitch Hoke (United States)10
341Eric Thompson (United States)10
342Kristof Cop (Belgium)10
343Russell Stevenso (United States)10
344Thomas Lapeyrie (France)10
345Daniel Booth (Great Britain)9
346Eric Brungger (Switzerland)8
347Fabio Aru (Italy)8
348Mariusz Woznicki (Poland)8
349Marcus Schulte-L (Germany)8
350Michael Schweize (Germany)8
351Ismael Felix Bar (Spain)8
352Yoann Corbihan (France)8
353Boy Van Poppel (Netherlands)8
354Cuylar Conly (Canada)8
355Nathaniel Ward (United States)8
356Grant Berry (United States)8
357Sam Krieg (United States)8
358Tobias Erler (Germany)8
359Greg Wittwer (United States)8
360Molly Cameron (United States)8
361Mark Thwaites (Great Britain)8
362Flavien Dassonvi (France)8
363Thomas Lemaitre (France)8
364David Menger (Czech Republic)7
365Kevin Eeckhout (Belgium)6
366Christian Schnei (Germany)6
367Drew Mckenzie (Canada)6
368Tom Vannoppen (Belgium)6
369Santiago Armero (Spain)6
370René Obst (Germany)6
371Davy Yeater (United States)6
372Ludovic Renard (France)6
373Masayuki Gouda (Japan)6
374Stanislav Bambul (Czech Republic)6
375Pieter Ghylleber (Belgium)6
376Jamie Newall (Great Britain)6
377Jacobe Keough (United States)6
378Kevin Noiles (Canada)6
379Bretislav Rohel (Czech Republic)6
380Tom Last (Great Britain)6
381Jan Nesvadba (Czech Republic)6
382Osmond Bakker (Canada)5
383Naran Khangarid (Mongolia)5
384Baasankhuu Myagm (Mongolia)5
385Yves Corminboeuf (Switzerland)5
386Philipp Bützow (Luxembourg)5
387Christof Bischof (Switzerland)5
388Torben Ternstrøm (Denmark)5
389Juan Carlos Gome (Spain)5
390Peter Frei (Switzerland)5
391Igor Smarzaro (Italy)5
392Andreas Mayer (Austria)5
393Krzysztof Florcz (Poland)5
394Mateusz Chmurzew (Poland)5
395Óscar Martínez (Spain)5
396Pierre Garson (France)5
397Kevin Smit (Netherlands)5
398Jozef Zima (Slovakia)5
399Nathan Bannerman (United States)5
400Martin Filipsson (Sweden)5
401Kevin Calhoun (Canada)5
402Matthew Krahn (Canada)5
403Ari Kansikas (Finland)5
404Jack Hinkens (United States)5
405Jordy Luisman (Netherlands)5
406Alessandro Calde (Italy)4
407Shintarou Nakama (Japan)4
408Kristian Hynek (Czech Republic)4
409Lukas Prihoda (Czech Republic)4
410Quentin Berthole (Belgium)4
411Nathan Wyatt (United States)4
412Thibault Taboury (France)4
413Michael Wildhabe (Switzerland)3
414Daniele Dall'ost (Italy)3
415Pawel Wojczal (Poland)3
416Toni Bretschneid (Germany)3
417Gonzalo De Luis (Spain)3
418Jimmy Turgis (France)3
419Geert Van Der Ho (Netherlands)3
420Steve Fisher (United States)3
421Stephen Cooley (Canada)3
422Justin Robinson (United States)3
423Nicholas Craig (Great Britain)3
424Karel Nepras (Czech Republic)3
425Ned Overend (United States)3
426Matt Pacocha (United States)2
427Cameron Jette (Canada)2
428Antonio Suarez F (Spain)2
429Alec Donahue (United States)2
430David Bertram (Germany)2
431Julien Belgy (France)2
432Shinya Ikemoto (Japan)2
433Lionel Genthon (France)2
434Guillaume Neless (United States)2
435Nico Brüngger (Switzerland)2
436Bart Verschueren (Belgium)2
437Mitchell Kerstin (United States)2
438Wim Leemans (Belgium)2
439Julien Trehin (France)2
440Adam Bergman (United States)1
441Kyle Douglas (Canada)1
442Joseph Thompson (United States)1
443David Pagnier (France)1
444Andreas Kugler (Switzerland)1
445Martino Fruet (Italy)1
446Dave De Cleyn (Belgium)1
447Damian Schmitt (United States)1
448Nathan Chown (Canada)1
449Peter Bradshaw (United States)1
450Brady Kappius (United States)1
451Stefan Freudenbe (Germany)1
452Brad Perley (United States)1
453Brandon Dwight (United States)1
454Josef Soukup (Czech Republic)1
455Ian Brown (United States)1
456Mark Batty (Canada)1
457Tom Burke (United States)1
458Rickey Visinski (United States)1
459Ben Eedy (Great Britain)1
460Théo Vimpere (France)1
461Thomas Vernaeckt (Belgium)1

Elite women's UCI cyclo-cross standings - January 12, 2010
1Katherine Compton (United States)1600pts
2Daphny Van Den Brand (Netherlands)1542
3Marianne Vos (Netherlands)1420
4Sanne Van Paassen (Netherlands)1023
5Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (France)912
6Sanne Cant (Belgium)885
7Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)883
8Caroline Mani (France)802
9Pavla Havlikova (Czech Republic)685
10Helen Wyman (Great Britain)679
11Katerina Nash (Czech Republic)545
12Linda Van Rijen (Netherlands)478
13Lucie Chainel-Lefevre (France)467
14Joyce Vanderbeken (Belgium)434
15Nadia Triquet-Claude (France)407
16Eva Lechner (Italy)390
17Elisabeth Brandau (Germany)359
18Gabriella Day (Great Britain)340
19Jana Kyptova (Czech Republic)331
20Jasmin Achermann (Switzerland)311
21Nikki Harris (Great Britain)303
22Reza Hormes (Netherlands)301
23Amy Dombroski (United States)293
24Sophie De Boer (Netherlands)290
25Katrin Leumann (Switzerland)279
26Evelyn Staffler (Italy)261
27Arenda Grimberg (Netherlands)250
28Maureen Guichardot (France)247
29Nikoline Hansen (Denmark)243
30Natasha Elliott (Canada)236
31Mary Mcconneloug (United States)230
32Meredith Miller (United States)217
33Veronica Alessio (Italy)214
34Alison Sydor (Canada)202
35Laura Van Gilder (United States)200
36Maureen Bruno Roy (United States)199
37Nancy Bober (Belgium)198
38Zuzana Vojtasova (Slovakia)197
39Susan Butler (United States)189
40Ayako Toyooka (Japan)188
41Rosa Maria Bravo Soba (Spain)177
42Georgia Gould (United States)168
43Elke Riedl (Austria)160
44Martina Zwick (Germany)158
45Alison Dunlap (United States)155
46Vicki Thomas (Canada)146
47Saskia Elemans (Netherlands)143
48Christine Vardaros (United States)138
49Andrea Smith (United States)136
50Nicole De Bie - Leyten (Belgium)135
51Sabrina Schweizer (Germany)130
52Camille Darcel (France)129
53Deidre Winfield (United States)129
54Christine Majerus (Luxembourg)120
55Rocio Gamonal Ferrera (Spain)120
56Marzena Wasiuk (Poland)120
57Kajsa Snihs (Sweden)120
58Carina Ketonen (Finland)120
59Francesca Cucciniello (Italy)112
60Ellen Van Loy (Belgium)106
61Linda Sone (United States)104
62Kristin Wentworth (United States)100
63Zuzana Pirzkallova (Czech Republic)98
64Kelli Emmett (United States)97
65Kaitlin Antonneau (United States)97
66Rebecca Wellons (United States)94
67Amanda Carey (United States)94
68Suzie Godart (Luxembourg)92
69Pepper Harlton (Canada)92
70Vania Rossi (Italy)90
71Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France)89
72Stefania Vecchio (Italy)88
73Katrien Thijs (Belgium)85
74Masami Mashimo (Japan)80
75Nicoletta Bresciani (Italy)77
76Jennifer Sagesser (Switzerland)76
77Martina Mikulaskova (Czech Republic)74
78Veerle Ingels (Belgium)73
79Susanne Juranek (Germany)72
80Sabrina Stultiens (Netherlands)66
81Rebecca Talen (Netherlands)64
82Anna Barensfeld (United States)62
83Lise-Marie Henzelin (Switzerland)60
84Anne-Marie Schmitt (Luxembourg)60
85Mette Andersen (Denmark)60
86Silke Schrattenecker (Austria)60
87Rocio Martin Rodriguez (Spain)60
88Dorota Warczyk (Poland)60
89Michaela Malarikova (Slovakia)60
90Asa Maria Erlandsson (Sweden)60
91Lavinia Nicoleta Rolea (Romania)60
92Pia Pensaari (Finland)60
93Birgit Hollmann (Germany)59
94Stéphanie Vaxillaire-Denuit (France)59
95Alexandra Bähler (Switzerland)59
96Agnes Naumann (Germany)58
97Kari Studley (United States)53
98Michiko Shimura (Japan)52
99Karen Verhestraeten (Belgium)50
100Birgitte Nielsen (Denmark)50
101Petra Zehetner (Austria)50
102Kinga Mudyn (Poland)50
103Masumi Sakai (Japan)50
104Angelica Edvardsson (Sweden)50
105Maria-Patricia Plumbota (Romania)50
106Mical Dyck (Canada)50
107Sari Puumala (Finland)50
108Barbara Howe (United States)50
109Marlène Morel Petitgirard (France)48
110Sarah Stewart (Canada)48
111Marina Giger (Switzerland)47
112Kim Van Renterghem (Belgium)45
113Lise Müller (Switzerland)45
114Katrien Vermeiren (Belgium)44
115Kristin Gavin (United States)41
116Nikki Thiemann (United States)41
117Daniela Bresciani (Italy)40
118Christine Kovelter (Luxembourg)40
119Trine Lorenzen (Denmark)40
120Loes Sels (Belgium)40
121Barbara Hütter (Austria)40
122Fabienne Niederberger (Switzerland)40
123Aida Nuno Palacio (Spain)40
124Barbara Stanislawiak (Poland)40
125Malin Rydlund (Sweden)40
126Heli Ovaska (Finland)40
127Ludivine Henrion (Belgium)38
128Gesa Bruchmann (Germany)38
129Chika Fukumoto (Japan)38
130Perrine Philippe (France)35
131Alexa Hüni (Germany)33
132Pavlina Marackova (Czech Republic)32
133Lucie Novakova (Czech Republic)32
134Monique Ludovicy (Luxembourg)30
135Annette Berg (Denmark)30
136Beate Eysinger (Austria)30
137Lucia Vazquez (Spain)30
138Karolina Kalasova (Czech Republic)30
139Agnieszka Rek (Poland)30
140Ellinor Stenhammer (Sweden)30
141Jean Ann Mckirdy (Canada)30
142Anna Ronkainen (Finland)30
143Michaela Istvanova (Czech Republic)28
144Ann Hansgate (United States)28
145Sara Bresnick (United States)28
146Renata Bucher (Switzerland)27
147Kate Potter (Australia)26
148Elisabetta Borgia (Italy)26
149Anette Damgaard Andersen (Denmark)25
150Mercedes Pacios Pujalo (Spain)25
151Jitka Skarnitzlova (Czech Republic)25
152Olga Niewiarowska (Poland)25
153Orina Nakajima (Japan)25
154Hanna Konttinen (Finland)25
155Alexandra Rannou (France)24
156Linnea Koons (United States)22
157Arley Kemmerer (United States)22
158Rebecca Much (United States)21
159Bénédicte Herve (France)20
160Helle Hygum (Denmark)20
161Fanny Martinet (Switzerland)20
162Isabella Arman (Italy)20
163Helen Grobert (Germany)20
164Monique Van De Ree (Netherlands)20
165Olatz Odriozola Mujika (Spain)20
166Natalia Mitkowska (Poland)20
167Ikumi Tajika (Japan)20
168Waka Takeda (Japan)19
169Kimberly Flynn (United States)19
170Lyne Bessette (Canada)17
171Caeli Barron (Canada)16
172Ione Mujika Sarasketa (Spain)15
173Romana Daneckova (Czech Republic)15
174Karolina Garczynska (Poland)15
175Judita Lorencová (Czech Republic)15
176Sally Annis (United States)14
177Bridget Linder (Canada)13
178Elena Valentini (Italy)13
179Anna Milkowski (United States)13
180Cynthia Huygens (France)12
181Martina Giovanniello (Italy)12
182Lea Davison (United States)12
183Anne Arnouts (Belgium)11
184Elizabeth Frye (United States)11
185Bianca Van Den Hoek (Netherlands)10
186Saioa Olitc Caluo (Spain)10
187Katarzyna Janicka (Poland)10
188Noriko Yamaguchi (Japan)10
189Nozomi Nakamichi (Japan)10
190Sakiko Miyauchi (Japan)10
191Marne Smiley (United States)9
192Alison Powers (United States)9
193Crystal Anthony (United States)9
194Wendy Williams (United States)9
195Carolyn Popovic (United States)8
196Celine Ernst (Switzerland)7
197Loni Klettl (Canada)7
198Denise Breu (Switzerland)7
199Catherine Lohri (Switzerland)7
200Kris Walker (United States)6
201Corey Coogan (United States)6
202Erica Yozell Miller (United States)6
203Jennifer Maxwell (United States)6
204Jenni Gaertner (United States)6
205Emily Van Meter (United States)6
206Doris Arman (Italy)5
207Jana Suess (Germany)5
208Linda Kroes (Netherlands)5
209Maria Jesus Barros Fernandez (Spain)5
210Rebecca Blatt (United States)5
211Lisa Curry (United States)5
212Nora Schaufuss (Germany)5
213Iris Ockeloen (Netherlands)4
214Perri Mertens (Australia)4
215Arielle Filiberti (United States)4
216Kristine Church (United States)4
217Liv-Susanne Bachmann (Germany)4
218Lisa Strong (United States)4
219Heather Irmiger (United States)4
220Veerle Goossens (Netherlands)3
221Céline Kluska (France)3
222Pauline Godey (France)3
223Robin Williams (United States)3
224Masami Noma (Japan)3
225Daniela Storch (Germany)3
226Desiree Ehrler (Switzerland)3
227Joele Guynup (United States)3
228Nicole Borem (United States)3
229Katrina Baumsteiger (United States)3
230Devon Haskell (United States)3
231Alice Pennington (United States)3
232Maki Mitsuda (Japan)2
233Romy Schneider (Germany)2
234Sarah Maile (United States)2
235Lauri Webber (United States)2
236Karen Potter (United States)2
237Rhonda Mazza (United States)2
238Sophie Borra (Netherlands)1
239Chiara Vannucci (Italy)1
240Coryn Rivera (United States)1
241Holly Klug (United States)1
242Mailin Hummel (Germany)1
243Deb Sweeney Whitmore (United States)1
244Junko Ueda (Japan)1
245Benita Wesselhoeft (Germany)1
246Evie Boswell-Vilt (United States)1
247Kristal Boni (United States)1
248Lenore Pipes (United States)1
249Karin Holmes (United States)1
250Ashley James (United States)1
251Annajean Dallaire (United States)1
252Cris Rothfuss (United States)1
253Emma Bast (United States)1
254Patricia Buerkle (United States)1
255Kristi Berg (United States)1
256Kacey Mandefield (United States)1

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