Johnson fights back to win second Mercer race

Trebon consolidates series lead

Tim Johnson ( rode away with astounding solo victory at the Mercer Cup presented by My Laps, round six of the US Gran Prix of Cyclo-Cross. He finished the New Jersey race with enough time to shake spectator’s hands on the final straightaway, savoring the win before he crossed the line. United States of America Cyclo-cross Champion Ryan Trebon (Kona) struggled with his pedals on the start line and spent most of the race regaining lost ground to eventually finish in second place.

“When you go to a race like yesterday, it’s an easy thing for me to understand, we were riding through some really hard mud and Trebon just powered away from me,” said Johnson, who placed second to Trebon the previous day. “It was the battle that I just couldn’t win. Today was another day and another chance and it’s just another shot to try to win.”

Arguably the most impressive ride of the day came from Todd Wells (Specialized) who showed up to the New Jersey double header with only one race under his belt. With a limited number of International Cycling Union (UCI) points, Wells started near the back yet still rode his way up to third place, earning himself the day’s most aggressive rider’s award.

“I was planning to start my cyclo-cross season in Boulder but I got sick and had to take a little time off,” Wells said. “I think it’s coming around and hopefully it will get better and better. I didn’t think I would be third today. I hope to be in contention for nationals and that’s pretty much it.”

Trebon’s second place was good enough to maintain his overall lead in the USGP series. “It’s important,” Trebon said. “I’m looking forward to going into Portland in the lead and it’s not going to be 70 degrees and sunny. It will probably be 35 and pouring rain.”

Warm temperatures dry up hurricane aftermath

Not a trace of hurricane Ida remained at the Mercer County Park for round six of the USGP series. Blue skies and warm temperatures greeted the elite men’s field prepared to muscle through the thick, semi-dried mud that was churned up the previous day.

Italian Davide Frattini (Team Fuji) nabbed the hole shot and took advantage of his leading position to avoid getting stuck behind potential crashes through the circuit’s early technical turns. Deep ruts sent riders in every direction, making it difficult to move forward or pass rivals in close proximity.

Johnson quickly moved to the front, displaying a look of sheer determination as he bridged across to Frattini. Johnson was alone out front half a lap later, putting significant time into the next chase group that included Frattini, Canadian Cyclo-cross Champion Geoff Kabush (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain), Jesse Anthony (Jamis) and Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs).

Noticeably absent from the chase was the previous day’s winner Trebon, who had trouble with his pedals at the start line. Trebon powered around the circuit, continually passing clumps of riders in an effort to reach the lead group. He caught Jamey Driscoll ( on lap two, who had moved into third, which put him in sight of second placed Kabush but Johnson was nowhere to be seen.

“I stubbed my front toes into the pedals at the start and I just kind of dropped back and couldn’t accelerate to the front,” Trebon said. “I was 20th at the start. I had pretty good legs but Tim was riding really strong today and I burned a lot of matches trying to get up to the front.”

Trebon caught and passed Kabush by the fourth lap, then pressed on in pursuit of the solo leader. Johnson’s lead grew from 30-seconds to nearly a minute with two laps remaining, an insurmountable win barring crashes or mechanicals.

“I stagnated there and didn’t have anything left to catch him,” Trebon said. “I much preferred the course yesterday where you could plow through everything. It was so hard to stay in the lines because the ruts were so stiff. One line was good and one line was really bad and I just didn’t have it today.”

Wells enjoyed his successful ride, fully recovered from an illness that prevented him from racing since CrossVegas. “If you’re going well you can pick your own lines,” Wells said. “Starting that far back you can usually increase your speed pretty quick and pass guys on the straights. There was a lot of passing out there.”

While the podium places were all but decided, racing for top 10 position continued. Kabush ended the day in fourth after a valiant attempt to claim a spot on the podium. Driscoll rolled in for fifth place ahead of heated battle for sixth between Barry Wicks (Kona) and Frattini.

Valentin Sherz (Pro Cycles Scott) hung on for eight place after spending the majority of the race yo-yoing between the top 10 riders. His performance earned him the Under 23 category win. David Hackworthy (Bianchi-Grand Performance) continues to lead the USGP Under 23 series.


Elite Men
1Timothy Johnson (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com  
2Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona  
3Todd Wells (USA) Specialized  
4Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain  
5Jamey Driscoll (USA) Cannondale / Cyclocrossworld.Com  
6Barry Wicks (USA) Kona  
7Davide Frattini (Ita) Team Fuji  
8Dan Timmerman (USA) Richard Sachs - Rgm Watches - Radix  
9Valentin Scherz (Swi) Pro Cycles-Scott-Newwork  
10Christopher Jones (USA) Team Champion System  
11Derrick St John (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy  
12Daniel Summerhill (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin  
13Nicholas Weighall (USA) Rad Racing Nw  
14Carl Decker (USA) Giant  
15Gavin Mannion (USA) Hot Tubes Junior Development Team  
16Luke Keough (USA) Cl Noonan/Coast To Coast/Kam  
17Ethan Gilmour (USA) Us National Development Team  
18Jesse Anthony (USA) Team Jamis Bikes  
19Justin Lindine (USA) Bikereg.Com / Joe's Garage / If  
20Adam Myerson (USA) Cycle-Smart  
21Joseph Dombrowski (USA) Haymarket Bicycles/Home Visit  
22Zach Mcdonald (USA) Classic Cycles  
23Mark Lalonde (USA) Planet Bike  
24Michael Garrigan (Can) Jetpower/ Epic Ride  
25Joshua Berry (USA) Team Bode  
26Kirt Fitzpatrick (USA) S. Camel  
27Brian Matter (USA) Team Geargrinder  
28Adam Mcgrath (USA) Thule/Van Dessel  
29Jerome Townsend (USA) Bikereg.Com / Joe's Garage / If  
30Dave Hackworthy (USA) Team Plan C  
31Steve Fisher (USA) Rad Racing Nw  
32Weston Schempf (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes  
33Chance Noble (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized  
34Travis Livermon (USA) Cannondale  
35Nathan Bannerman (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling  
36Tyler Trace (Can) Trek Red Truck  
37Justin Robinson (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized  
38David Wilcox (USA) Geekhouse Bikes / Boston Rock Gym  
39Colin Reuter (USA) International Bicycle Centers  
40Kevin Noiles (Can) La Bicicletta Pro Shop  
41Peter Bradshaw (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal  
42Joseph Schmalz (USA) Kccx/Verge  
43Emmanuel Goguen (USA) Bikereg.Com/Joes Garage/If  
44Mark Batty (Can) Planet Energy  
45Guillaume Nelessen (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team  
46Pavel Gonda (USA) Crca / Pacifico Team  
47John Burns (USA) Bikeman.Com  
48William Elliston (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team  
49Carl Hesselein (USA) Whole Athlete  
50Andrew Reardon (USA) Starbrite Carwash / Moab  
51Michael Jenks (USA) Highland Park Hermes  
52Logan Vonbokel (USA) Mesa Cycles Racing Team  
53Kat Statman (USA) Pioneer Racing  
54Igor Volshteyn (USA) Champion System Racing  
55John Crow (USA) Inland Construction  
56William Street (USA) Sisu Custom Cycles  
Cat 2/3
1Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclismo)  
2Alejandro Guzman (Foundation)  
3Matt Harris (Philadelphia Ciclismo/Velo Europa Imports)  
4Sam Okeefe (C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes)  
5Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Cycling)  
6Peter Ozolins (Chriscookies/Swancycles)  
7Nicholas Bennette (Minuteman Road Club)  
8Hunter Pronovost (Cheshire Cycle Racing - Cyclistsarenotrockstars.Com)  
9Nathan Roberson (Schellers Fitness & Cycle)  
10Soren Klingsporn (Signature Cycles / Rockstar Games)  
11Fred Brown (Mtbnj.Com-Halters Cycles)  
12Blake Bedoya (Sbr Multisports)  
13Shane Watters (Bicycle Therapy)  
14Cary Fridrich (Embrocation Cycling Journal)  
15Daniel Chabanov (Kissena Cycling Club)  
16Kyle Peppo (Jonathan Adler Racing)  
17Cooper Ray (Gs Gotham/Toga Bikes)  
18R. Michael Mckittrick (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)  
19Joseph Grimm (Team Army)  
20Mark Broadwater (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)  
21Willem Heydendael (Bicycle Therapy)  
22Mark Romanovsky (Muddy Cup Cycling)  
23John Cutler (Crca)  
24Peter Hurst (Rapha Racing)  
25William Messenger (Mob Cycling)  
26Steven Ordons  
27Forrest Conrad (Secret Henry's Team)  
28Dave Trimble (Kissena Cycling Club)  
29Gerald Adasavage (Bicycle Therapy)  
30Sam Dodge (Stage 1 / Fusionthink)  
31Marco Mora (Sids Bikes)  
32Mark Flis (Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon)  
33Robert Biese (Team Vortex)  
34Ben Corbalis (Raleigh All Stars / Lees-Mcrae College)  
35Samuel Richardson (Jonathan Adler Racing)  
36Jason Eicholtz (Philadelphia Ciclismo)  
37Ricky Gargiulo (Colavita Racing)  
38Eric Ragot  
39Felipe Leite (Sid's Bikes)  
40Erik Leaver (National Capital Velo Club/Inova Health)  
41Christopher Esnes (High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelmen)  
42Jake Davidson (Fast Forward Racing)  
43Erik Wilburn (Team Army)  
44Joseph Tramontano (Connecticut Coast Cycling)  
45Gregoire Faber (Ncvc/Inova Health System)  
46Keith Reynolds (Nebc/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)  
47Christopher Tarnowski (Westwood Cycle/Trade Manage Capital)  
48Charles Thompson (Rutgers University Cycling Team)  
49Matthew Hennessy (Team Bbc)  
50Shane Mulrooney  
51Todd Schwartz (Guy's Racing)  
52Keith Plunkett (Hup United /Fifth Street Cross)  
53Tadeusz Marszalek (Kissena Cycling Club)  
54Gary Bryant (Bike Doctor)  
55Christopher Dietrich (Team Fuji)  
56David Anderson  
57Matthew Morrison (South Mountain Cycles)  
58Chris Hopwood (Unattached)  
59Zachary Semian (Team Alliance Environmental)  
60Andrew Eckstein (Pabst Blue Ribbon)  
61Esteban Rodriguez (Sid's-Cannondale)  
62Kansas Waugh (Jonathan Adler Racing)  
63Jeff Moote (The Hub Race Team)  
64John Glodek (Twin Six)  
65Eric Carlson (Westwood Cycle/Trade Manage Capital)  
66Charles Hanlon (Guys Racing Club)  
67Francis Dionisio (Kissena Cycling Club)  
68Gregory Keith (Team Army)  
69Corey Twyman (Dcmtb - Fueled By Whole Foods Market)  
70Vincent Galatro (Flying Penguins)  
71Patrick Snoop  
72W Michael Matejovic (Team Metra / Wendy's P/B Cycles 54)  
73Steven Hopengarten (Team Wheelworks)  
74Joseph Mulligan (Montclair Cyclists)  
75Benjamin Tufford (Seacoast Builders/Brielle Cyclery/Dcm)  
76Ian Anderson (Heart House/Cadv/Cc Evesham)  
77Joseph Favara (Wildthyme/Hampton Velo Presented By If)  
78Eric Rundstrom  
Cat 4
1Stephen Pierce (King Kog)  
2Jeff Lorish (Bikesport)  
3Syd Lea (T.E.A.M. Fuji)  
4Eric Davidson (Stealth Operations Racing)  
5Jeffrey Ingraham (Sanchez Houlihan-Lokey)  
6Jason Nyrop (Highland Park Hermes)  
7William Cukierski (Rutgers University Cycling Team)  
8Brendan Mcgrath (Bicycle Therapy)  
9David Casale (Amoroso's Racing Team)  
10Myles Fennell (3D Racingteam / Tom's Atlantic Cyclery)  
11Douglas Jones (Wayside Racing)  
12Matthew Tucker  
13Gregory Pizarek (Sotheby's International Realty)  
14Michael Green (Bicycle Therapy)  
15Pascal Sauvayre (Pacifico - Hincapie Sportswear)  
16John Drummond (Bicycle Therapy)  
17Jeff Chen (Miya Shoji)  
18Robert Reid (Mac5Bikes/Mcallister Sign)  
19Cody Gillenwater  
20Aron Kansal (Simpletick.Com)  
21Breogan Alvarez (Nyvelocity)  
22Angelo Mascelli (Watchung Wheelman)  
23Alex Belgiovine (Westwood Velo/Trade Manage)  
24Robert Morgan (Geekhouse Bikes)  
25John Witmer (Gmbc/Catamount)  
26Ilya Cantor (Mtbnj.Com - Halter's)  
27Joel Ankeny (Rgm Watches/Richard Sachs Cycles)  
28Gregory Hoffman (Have Bike Lets Travel)  
29Ed Kallatch (Evolution Racing)  
30Andras Gipp (Fgx Racing)  
31Max Knee (Team Independence Cycling Team)  
32Martin Kozera (Unattached)  
33Tiernan Mulrooney  
34Kevin Dillard (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)  
35Stephen Rogacki (Usma Cycling Team)  
36Ed Keller (Vollerslaw/Starthouse)  
37Seth Timen  
38Ryan Brennan  
39Kasper Ludwig - Larsen (Crca)  
40Thomas Macclarence (Battenkill-United)  
41Mark Plotz (Hub Racing)  
42Jeffrey Baumgardner (Kingpin Racing-Hjd)  
43Steven Brownlie (Fgx Racing)  
44Chris Buonomo (Quaker City Wheelmen/Breakawaybikes.Com)  
45Matthew Balch (Mac 5 Bikes / Gvcc /)  
46Chad Casselman (Fgx Racing)  
47Nicholas Salerno (Deathrow Velo)  
48Lawrence Murphy  
49Kevin Rutherford (Usma Cycling Team)  
50Tom Keeth  
51Raymond Brettle (Guys Racing)  
52Scott Hein (Pure Energy Cycling-Proairhfa)  
53Phillip Sundin (Megasonic Sweeping)  
54James Nelson (Kissena Cycling Club)  
55Gregory Smaldone (Cornell University)  
56Richard Edwards  
57Tim Lang  
58Ian Curtis  
59Mike Romanovsky (Muddy Cup Cycling)  
60Langford Davidson (Stealth Ops. Racing)  
61Daniel Mcmahon (Kissena Cycling Club)  
62Tim Graham  
63Mark Mahoney (Bethel Cycle)  
64Mark Cywin (Propeller Racing)  
65Laurence Etgen (Halter's Cycles)  
66Christopher Stine (Cedar Bike)  
67Eric Marowitz (Century Road Club Of America)  
68Paul Michael (Cyclesports / Worth & Company)  
69Michael Dolan (Cyclocrossworld.Com)  
70Ryan Csolak  
71Harald Weigl  
72Brian Mckinney (Team Fuji Bikes)  
73Max Smith (Usma Cycling Team)  
74Joshua Ferrer  
75Eric Mehlenbeck  
76Boyd Garrison  
77Michael Corasaniti (Crca)  
78Norman Walker  
79Kenneth Fetsurka (Philadelphia Bicycle Messenger Association)  
80Michael Mulrooney  
81Raymund Calaquian (Evolution Racing)  
Junior 17-18
1Yannick Eckmann (Sv Kirchzarten)  
2Jeffrey Bahnson (Thule / Van Dessel)  
3Stuart Wight (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)  
4Robin Eckmann (Sv Kirchzarten)  
5Chris Wallace (Kccx/Navigators Insurance/Verge)  
6Cody Kaiser (California Giant Strawberries/Specialize)  
7Skyler Trujillo (Niner)  
8Matthew Spinks (Team Metra / Wendy's P/B Cycles 54)  
9Jesse Keough (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)  
10Andrew Bennett (Team Redline)  
11Joshua Lehmann (Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving Racing Team)  
12Kolben Preble (Hammer Velo)  
13Gunnar Bergey (C3- Athletes Seving Athletes)  
14Jeremiah Dyer (Hudz-Subaru Jr-Development Cx)  
15Benjamin Wolfe (Mystic Velo Juniors)  
16Paul Lynch (Cl Noonan/Coast To Coast/Kam)  
Junior Boys 10-14
1Peter Goguen (Minuteman Road Club)  
2Nicolas Catlin (My Way)  
3Brian Wolfe (Mystic Velo Juniors)  
4Phillip Truppelli (Colavita Racing)  
5Luke Cowell  
Junior Boys 15-16
1Nate Morse (Cl Noonan/Coast To Coast/Kam)  
2Curtis White (Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team)  
3Aaron House (Housatonic Wheel Club)  
4Dag Anderson (Team Somerset)  
5Zachary Bender (Cycle-Smart)  
6Tom Goguen (Minuteman Road Club)  
7Jack Macclarence (Farm Team Cycling)  
8Kyle Miller (Henry's Bikes)  
9Julian Meier (Beans Bikes)  
10Aidan Snyder (Farm Team)  
Master 35+
1Ali Goulet (Church Of The Big Ring/Look)  
2Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo)  
3Matthew Kraus (Richard Sachs - Rgm Watches - Radix)  
4Andrew Messer (Drt Racing)  
5Ralf Warmuth (Westwood Velo)  
6Richard Feldman (Durance - Colnago)  
7Jonathan Card (Jack's Bike/Saturn Of Toledo/Cane Creek)  
8Tim Butler (River City Bicycles)  
9Maurice Gamanho (Mtbnj.Com - Halter's)  
10Jon Gallagher (Cole Sport)  
11Kristopher Auer (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)  
12Micah Fritzinger (Schellers)  
13Chris Samuel (Cape Atlantic/Beaconcycling)  
14Kelly Cline (Wissahickon)  
15Clay Harris (Rrv)  
16Andrew Gorski (Nhvelo)  
17Marc Boudreau (Ride With Rendall)  
18Chad Culbertson (Guy's Racing)  
19Kevin Molloy (Empire Cycling)  
20Bradley Ford (South Mountain Cycles)  
21Todd Kruger (Heart House/Cadv/Cc Evesham)  
22Mark Pohndorf (Colavita Racing)  
23Donald Snoop Jr (Verge Sport / Test Pilot)  
24Barry Holman (T.E.A.M. Fuji)  
25Kirk Reisinger  
26David Wilson (Northeastern Hardware/Cjct)  
27David Freifelder (Westwood Cycle/Trade Manage Capital)  
28Benjamin Anemone (Christiana Care Pt+/Fsvs)  
29Christopher Facas (Westwood Cycle/Trade Manage Capital)  
30Werner Freymann (Pure Energy Cycling)  
31Joel Moats (Ybr/Mountainside Racing)  
32Raymond Zeimet (Guy's Racing Club)  
33Charles Erndl (Team Drv/Deathrowvelo-Clothing)  
34Charles Von Isenburg (Mob Cycling)  
35Bruce Pisarek (Cobc National Engineering)  
36Eric Moody (C.C. Gervias Rioux)  
37Barry Wahner (Drwahner.Com)  
38Kevin Keane (Skylands Cycling)  
39J Partland (Kissena Cycling Club)  
40Frederick Klenk (Evolution Racing)  
41Joshua Delmanzo (Sandhills Cycling)  
42Alex Monte-Sano  
42Marc Bertucco (Abd Cycling Team)  
43Christopher Mcgill (Cannondale Factory Racing/Backyard Bikeclub)  
44Trevor Williams (Guy's Racing Club)  
45Robert Piacine (Guys Racing Club)  
46Joseph Lanza (Guys Racing Club)  
47Karl Rahn (Crca/Empire Cycling Team P/B Northwave)  
48Zachary Latimer (Evolution Racing)  
49Francis Schlipf (Guys Racing Club)  
50James Furman (Van Dessel)  
51Glen Calhoun  
Master 45+
1Thomas Price (Kccx/Lincoln Industries)  
2David Hunt (Team Somerset)  
3Michael Mcshane (Calistoga Racing Team)  
4Eric Schlauch (Team Somerset)  
5Blair Saunders (Ben's Performance Bike's/Ridley)  
6Troy Kimball (Westwood Cycle/Trade Manage Capital)  
7Jimmy Bruner (Inland Construction / Back To Dirt)  
8Kevin Saint Clair (Main Line Cycling - Bikyle/Mazur Coaching)  
9Geoffrey House (Housatonic Wheel Club)  
10Jeffrey Appeltans (Mambo Kings Racing)  
11David Lowe (Pabst Blue Ribbon)  
12Paul Wahner (Drwahner.Com)  
13William Irving (Bicycle Depot/Team Perkins , New Paltz, Ny)  
14Waldek Stepniowski  
15Paul Nyberg (Horst-Benidorm-Prc Cycling Team)  
16Albert Greene (Yellow Breeches Racing)  
17J Devon Alvarez (Cole)  
18Wayne Barlow (Nh Cycling Club)  
19Karl Kensinger (Ncvc/Inova Health System)  
20Rick Anderson (Somerset Wheelmen)  
21Larry Kaufman (Pure Energy Cycling-Proairhfa)  
22James Feehan (Kissena)  
23Carl Reglar  
24Daryl Rains (Mock Orange Racing)  
25Lars Jacobsen  
26Bill Okeefe (C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes)  
27Dave Baumgardner  
28Don Catlin (My Way)  
29Pascal Sauvayre (Pacifico - Hincapie Sportswear)  
30Theo Kindermans (Cyclocrossworld.Com)  
31Robert Webster (Watchung Wheelmen)  
32Lee Rogers (Bicycle Therapy)  
33Kevin Breckenmaker (Yellow Breeches Racing)  
34Marc Frazer  
35Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta/ J. Lindeberg)  
36Matthew Snow (Trek Of Fairfield)  
37Doug Nagel (Evolution Racing)  
38Paul Schoening (Team Plan C)  
39Ted Josberger  
40Terry Fina (The Spoke)  
41Jay Mongillo (Keltic Construction / Zanes Cycles)  
42Al Curtis  
43Robert Vaughan (Colavita Racing)  
44Bob Kennelly (Halters Cycle - Bteam)  
45Cliff Saper (Sanchez Houlihan-Lokey)  
46Louis D'amelio (Pure Energy - Proair Hfa)  
47Edward Troianello (Watchung Wheelmen)  
48Jeffrey Sutherland  
49Mark Wanco (Hup United)  
50Gary Snyder (Evolution Racing)  
51Scott Demarzio (Heart House/Cadv/Cc Evesham)  
52George Harriott (Bike Line/Lwa)  
53William Bray (Saucon Valley Bikes)  
54John Koenck (Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4)  
Master 55+
1Richard Sachs (Richard Sachs - Rgm Watches - Radix)  
2David Goodwin (Ncc/Bikereg.Com)  
3Nunzio Dibiasi (Yellow Breeches Racing)  
4Lawrence Dudek (Team Somerset)  
5Richard Bauch (Colavita Racing)  
6Kevin Tuttle (Main Line Cycling-Bikyle/Mazur Coaching)  
7James Carlson (Potomac Velo Club)  
8Robert Lea (T.E.A.M. Fuji)  
9Eugene Colon  
Single Speed
1Stephen Kincaid (Empire)  
2Austin Pferd  
3Jeffrey Ingraham (Sanchez Houlihan-Lokey)  
4Dwain Walters (Trackstar)  
5Markus Bowman (South Mountain Cycles)  
6Chad Selberg (Nyc Velo)  
7Todd Peterson (Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft)  
8Robert Hill  
9Kevin Mcelwain (Mtbnj.Com)  
10Chris Evans (Wissahickon)  
11Andrew Brennan (Team Atlantic)  
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