Sauser adds second marathon title to lengthy palmares

Kulhavy, Celestino trail behind Swiss star

Switzerland's Christoph Sauser claimed his second career marathon world championship in Montebelluna, Italy, finishing well ahead of Czech Jaroslav Kulhavy and hometown favourite Mirko Celestino of Italy. Sauser earned his first marathon world title in 2007 Verviers, Belgium, and followed it up with a cross country world championship title in Val di Sole, Italy, in 2008.

The Italians controlled the pace for the first part of the 115.7km race, splitting the race to a lead group of 30 riders after the first third of the race.

Seventy kilometers in, the decisive move finally came with four riders attacking: Sauser, Julien Absalon (France), Kulhavy and Tim Böhme (Germany).

Sauser and Kulhavy pushed the pace, leaving Celestino to close the gap to Böhme and Absalon. As Sauser pushed on, Kulhavy could not hold the pace and had to settle for silver. Celestino held on for bronze as Absalon failed to finish.

"The crucial moment was when we were left with four riders in front," said Sauser. "I felt good all the time, and I have to thank my teammates. It was an amazing feeling entering this mountain bike stadium the organizers have set up."

"I felt comfortable and went to the front, and Jaro and I broke away," said Sauser on his Specialized team's website. "Jaro was having some difficulty on the climbs. I waited a bit on a flat, and then I thought, 'I'd better be on the safe side,' so I went." Although both were racing for their respective nations on Sunday, Sauser and Kulhavy are trade teammates.

Kulhavy was content with his silver medal. "I tried to stay with Sauser, but today nobody had a chance. I am happy with my second place, especially because 10 days ago I suffered a horrible crash and I was really afraid of not being in a good state." Kulhavy suffered severe facial lacerations and broken teeth in the accident.

For Celestino, a former professional road racer, a podium result on the dirt was a fine finish. "First of all I would like to thank my teammates who always stayed with me," said Celestino. "Also when I flatted, they helped me to come back and made me feel safe."

"With 20km to go, I still believed in my chances and tried to increase the pace, but there was nothing I could do anymore to chase the two leaders down. So I tried to focus on the third place. These world championships were my main goal of the season and this bronzes shines like gold."

Full results

Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Sauser (Switzerland)4:24:48 
2Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)0:03:10 
3Mirko Celestino (Italy)0:05:42 
4Tim Bohme (Germany)0:07:06 
5Jochen Kass (Germany)0:10:32 
6Alban Lakata (Austria)0:10:43 
7Massimo De Bertolis (Italy)0:11:15 
8Jukka Vastaranta (Finland)0:12:18 
9Robert Mennen (Germany)0:12:30 
10Marc Trayter Alemany (Spain)0:13:03 
11Hannes Genze (Germany)0:13:11 
12Periklis Ilias (Greece)0:13:12 
13Marzio Deho (Italy)  
14Konny Looser (Switzerland)0:13:38 
15Mike Felderer (Italy)0:14:45 
16Matthias Leisling (Germany)0:14:53 
17Lukas Buchli (Switzerland)0:15:07 
18Thomas Dietsch (France)0:15:50 
19Jeremiah Bishop (United States Of America)0:18:08 
20Bas Peters (Netherlands)0:18:11 
21Ivan Rybarik (Czech Republic)0:18:50 
22Pavel Boudny (Czech Republic)  
23Frans Claes (Belgium)0:18:59 
24Juri Ragnoli (Italy)0:21:28 
25Davide Di Marco (Italy)0:21:29 
26Walter Costa (Italy)0:21:30 
27Jan Jobanek (Czech Republic)0:22:46 
28Urs Huber (Switzerland)0:23:00 
29Karl Platt (Germany)0:23:48 
30Ramses Bekkenk (Netherlands)0:25:58 
31Benjamin Sonntag (Germany)0:26:59 
32Stefan Roffler (Switzerland)0:27:06 
33Christian Kreuchler (Germany)0:27:28 
34Roland Golderer (Germany)0:28:09 
35Jo Thorson Nordskar (Norway)0:28:18 
36Marcus Kaufmann (Germany)0:28:48 
37Michal Bubilek (Czech Republic)0:29:19 
38Kevin Evans (South Africa)0:30:39 
39Allan Oras (Estonia)0:31:29 
40Johann Pallhuber (Italy)0:31:42 
41Ruben Ruzafa Cueto (Spain)0:32:45 
42Uwe Hardter (Germany)0:33:35 
43Ramon Bianchi (Italy)0:33:51 
44Allan Bachmann (Denmark)0:37:44 
45Mannie Heymans (Namibia)0:38:17 
46Mirko Farnisi (Italy)0:38:18 
47Eddie Andres Rendon (Colombia)0:38:52 
48Matthias Bettinger (Germany)0:38:57 
49Lars Granberg (Norway)0:40:15 
50Alessandro Gambino (Italy)0:40:41 
51Lenart Noc (Slovenia)0:42:54 
52Luca Ronchi (Italy)0:42:55 
53Andrea Giupponi (Italy)0:45:16 
54Norbert Wyss (Switzerland)0:45:17 
55Manuel Pliem (Austria)0:45:24 
56Lucien Peterhans (Switzerland)0:45:45 
57Joaquin Cammisi (Argentina)0:49:49 
58Thomas Bundgaard (Denmark)0:51:00 
59Michael Mccalla (United States Of America)0:53:03 
60German Dorhmann (Argentina)0:53:06 
61Dmitrijs Sorokins (Latvia)0:54:06 
62Wolfgang Mayer (Germany)0:57:20 
63Andreas Kirchberger (Austria)0:57:28 
64Kristaps Herings (Latvia)0:57:56 
65Dmitry Medvedev (Russian Federation)0:58:18 
66Michael Reichl (Austria)1:01:33 
67Patrick Leuzinger (Switzerland)1:02:48 
68Hugo Prado Neto (Brazil)1:07:01 
69Erik Kleinhans (South Africa)1:07:18 
70Jaime Yesid Chia (Colombia)1:07:20 
71Blake Harlan (United States Of America)1:10:13 
72Martin Foger (Austria)1:13:12 
73Dmytro Petrov (Ukraine)1:23:25 
74Yuki Ikeda (Japan)1:24:59 
75Timothy Carleton (Canada)1:30:45 
76Karl Egloff (Ecuador)1:36:51 
77Erki Pütsep (Estonia)1:49:50 
78Juan Endara (Ecuador)1:53:17 
DNFJulien Absalon (France)  
DNFAlexey Medvedev (Russian Federation)  
DNFAndreas Kugler (Switzerland)  
DNFThomas Stoll (Switzerland)  
DNFAlexandre Moos (Switzerland)  
DNFJohnny Cattaneo (Italy)  
DNFDavid George (South Africa)  
DNFIvan Alvarez Gutierrez (Spain)  
DNFFriedrich Dahler (Switzerland)  
DNFMichael Schuchardt (Germany)  
DNFClaus Crone (Denmark)  
DNFJhon Jairo Botero Salazar (Colombia)  
DNFDaniele Braidot (Italy)  
DNFAndrea Tiberi (Italy)  
DNFJohannes Schweiggl (Italy)  
DNFRyan Correy (Canada)  
DNFJhonnatan Botero Villegas (Colombia)  
DNFEnrico Franzoi (Italy)  
DNFDamiano Ferraro (Italy)  
DNFFederico Mallo (Argentina)  
DNFYanosuke Fujimoto (Japan)  
DNFRafael Visinelli (Italy)  


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