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Florian Vogel too strong for rivals in Gränichen

Cycling News

Kalentieva victorious in women's race

Florian Vogel (Scott Swisspower) and Irina Kalentieva (Topeak Ergon) won the fourth round of the Racer Bikes Cup in Gränichen on Sunday.

Vogel, Burry Stander (Specialized) and locals Matthias Stirling (Thömus Racing Team) and Balz Weber (BMC) formed a lead group on the first of nine laps, quickly earning a 23-second advantage. On the third lap, Vogel and Stirling were alone at the front after Stander had to stop in a tech zone and fix his saddle. The South African worked hard over the next two laps to make up for the 18 seconds he had lost during the repair.

With three laps to go, Vogel attacked, but the others were able bridge up. He tried again on the second last lap, and it was then that the decision was made and Vogel rode away to victory.

"It is nice to win at my home venue," said Vogel, who will take a break from racing until the next World Cup at Mont-Sainte-Anne in July.

Stander, who was racing his first-ever Racer Bikes Cup, finished second and enjoyed both the track and the scenery. "It was a tough race. I am satisfied," said Stander. "I will await the next World Cup while I stay in Muttenz. If I can postpone my return flight to South Africa, I'll race next week in Engelberg."

20-year-old Matthew Stirling was able to fully exploit his hometown advantage. "From the beginning, I went at full throttle until I exploded. I finally noticed the hard and fast pace on the last two laps," said Stirnemann, who was delighted with his race.

Although he was fourth, Lukas Flückiger (Trek World Racing) was somewhat satisfied with his race. He had suffered a crash on the first lap and was in 13th position and spen the rest of the race working his way up.

Swiss champion Esther Süss (Wheeler-IXS Pro Team) and Irina Kalentieva did battle at the front of the women's race, Kalentieva coming out on top. Sarah Koba (Giant Swiss SR Suntour) was third and finished ahead of local Katherine Stirling (Central Haibike ProTeam), who won the U23 race. New Zealand's Rebecca Henderson (Crowne Plaza) was fifth.

The junior race counted for qualification of the World Championships in Champéry. Lars Forster (Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach) won ahead of Keegan Swenson (USA National MTB Team) and Dominic Zumstein (Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing).

In the junior women's race, Jolanda Neff (Wheeler IXS Swiss Team) won ahead of Linda Indergand (MTB Kader Zentralschweiz/IG RS Uri) and Andrea Waldis (GU plus/ thomy k/ VC Gersau).

The next Swiss Racer Bikes Cup will happen on Sunday in Engelberg. World Champion Jose Antonio Hermida (Multivan Merida) may be in attendance.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Florian Vogel (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing 1:44:30  
2 Burry Stander (RSA) Specialized Factory Racing 0:00:28  
3 Matthias Stirnemann (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:01:18  
4 Lukas Flückiger (Swi) Trek World Racing Team 0:02:36  
5 Balz Weber (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team 0:03:53  
6 Daniel McConnell (Aus) Anytime Fitness / Torq Nutrition 0:04:53  
7 Pascal Meyer (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:05:10  
8 Julien Taramarcaz (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team 0:05:14  
9 Reto Indergand (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz/IG RS Uri 0:05:52  
10 Paul Van Der Ploeg (Aus) Felt Öztal X-Bionic 0:06:07  
11 Jérémy Huguenin (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour 0:07:52  
12 Marco Arnold (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour 0:08:25  
13 Mirco Widmer (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour 0:09:16  
14 Pascal Schmutz (Swi) Goldwurst-Power-Trek 0:09:40  
15 Daniel Eymann (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:10:00  
16 Giancarlo Sax (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:10:31  
17 Jonas Baumann (Swi) Haibike-Swiss IT Repair MTB 0:11:07  
18 Michiel Van Der Heijden (Ned) Merida-Combee 0:11:11  
19 Shlomi Haimy (Isr) Focus MIG Team 0:11:56  
20 Carl Jones (NZl) Bergamont NZ 0:12:05  
21 Lucien Besancon (Swi) Zollinger Sport/BH Bikes 0:12:20  
22 Matthias Lauk (Swi) Zollinger Sport - BH Bike 0:13:03  
-1lap Christian Bickel (Swi) Soltop / RV Winterthur 0:00:48  
-1lap Marcel Bartholet (Swi) Wheeler Swiss Team 0:00:58  
-1lap Xavier Dafflon (Swi) Pro Cycles-Scott-NewWork 0:01:08  
-1lap Dumeni Vincenz (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:01:45  
-1lap Daniel Kaufmann (Swi) Haibike-Swiss IT Repair MTB 0:02:09  
-1lap Anthony Grand (Swi) Dom Cycle/Montreux-Rennaz 0:02:41  
-1lap Florian Meyer (Swi) FreeMountain Scott 0:02:43  
-1lap Mike Schuler (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz 0:03:06  
-1lap Marc Stutzmann (Swi) FreeMountain Scott/RSC Aaretal 0:04:05  
-1lap Samuel Shaw (NZl) Wildland Consultants 0:04:12  
-1lap Thomas Decugis (Fra) Aix vtt thrifty 0:04:32  
-1lap Florian Thie (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team 0:05:46  
-1lap Patrick Tresch (Swi) GU plus/thomik/VMC Silenen 0:05:50  
-1lap Samuel Reichen (Swi) RC Gränichen 0:08:50  
-2laps Florian Boyer-Resses (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty 0:03:46  
DNF Bryan Falaschi (Ita) Prof Raiffeisen    
DNF Mathias Flückiger (Swi) Trek World Racing Team    
DNF Besik Gevasheli (Geo)    
DNF Hans Burkhard (Lie) Koba Bike Team/VC Vaduz    
DNF Ruben Scheire (Bel)    
DNF Matthias Rupp (Swi) Firebike-Drössiger    
DNF Rick Reimann (Swi) JB Felt Team    
DNF Gusty Bausch (Lux)    
DNF Michael Hutter (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss bikingteam    
DNF Vasilis Adamou (Cyp) Cyprus National MTB Team    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Topeak Ergon Racing Team 1:35:06  
2 Esther Süss (Swi) Wheeler-IXS Pro Team 0:01:26  
3 Sarah Koba (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour 0:05:49  
4 Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Central Haibike ProTeam 0:06:21  
5 Rebecca Henderson (Aus) Crowne Plaza/ 0:08:42  
6 Lisa Mitterbauer (Aut) 0:09:23  
7 Fabienne Niederberger (Swi) Scott 0:09:53  
8 Nicole Hanselmann (Swi) 0:10:52  
9 Sabrina Maurer (Swi) bsk Graf 0:11:19  
10 Samara Sheppard (NZl) Wheeler iXS Pro Team 0:11:26  
11 Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer-BMC 0:12:37  
12 Michelle Hediger (Swi) Fischer-BMC 0:13:18  
-1lap Rahel Rüegge (Swi) Jumpin Crazy Team 0:00:00  
-1lap Katherine O'neill (NZl) Bergamont NZ 0:00:29  
-1lap Noga Korem (Isr) 0:01:00  
-1lap Tanja Starkermann (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team 0:03:05  
-1lap Erica Zaveta (USA) USA National MTB Team 0:03:12  
-1lap Marina Giger (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach 0:05:20  
-1lap Céline Ernst (Swi) Stöcli Racing Team 0:07:54  
DNF Caitlin De Wet (RSA) Bizhub Ladies Team    
DNF Vania Schumacher (Swi) Merida-Suisse-Team    
DNF Lorraine Truong (Swi) Team Prof Raiffeisen/ccl    
DNF Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Central Haibike ProTeam    
DNF Wesley Erin Geer (USA) USA National MTB Team    
DNF Antri Christoforou (Cyp) Cyprus National MTB Team    
Junior men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Lars Forster (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach 1:13:04  
2 Keegan Swenson (USA) USA National MTB Team 0:01:40  
3 Dominic Zumstein (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing 0:01:50  
4 Andri Frischknecht (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing 0:02:02  
5 Erik Jonsson (Swe) DOM cycle- Merida 0:02:20  
6 Tobias Spescha (Swi) Imholz Bike Racing 0:02:54  
7 Florian Chenaux (Swi) Vélo-Club Fribourg 0:03:20  
8 Bryan Allemann (Swi) CC Moutier / L'Alex Moos 0:03:41  
9 Valentin Berset (Swi) Dom Cycle-Merida 0:04:06  
10 Marcel Guerrini (Swi) Focus MIG Team 0:05:01  
11 Manuel Boog (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach 0:05:32  
12 Enea Vetsch (Swi) Rv Altenrhein/ Bsk-Graf 0:05:51  
13 Romain Bannwart (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen CCL 0:05:52  
14 Arnaud Cannau (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty 0:06:06  
15 Joel Koller (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach 0:06:22  
16 Florian Suter (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team 0:06:34  
17 Nick Albrecht (Swi) Race Team - RV Stadt Winterthur 0:06:46  
18 Maurus Dürr (Swi) RV Buchs - Merida Liechtenstein 0:06:56  
19 Richard Cypress Gorry (USA) USA National MTB Team 0:07:00  
20 Rico Von Burg (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:07:24  
21 Cyril Grangladen (Fra) 0:07:52  
22 Isak Jonsson (Swe) DOM cycle- Merida 0:08:14  
23 Romain Corti (Swi) Texner BMC Groupe Mutuel 0:08:19  
24 Jonas Loretz (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:08:38  
25 Dominik Risi (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz 0:08:40  
26 Paul Cochelin (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty 0:08:52  
27 Ryan Geiger (USA) USA National MTB Team 0:09:10  
28 Silvan Kälin (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz 0:09:31  
29 Yann Rausis (Swi) Happy sport Vallée du Trient 0:09:40  
30 Dylan Page (Swi) Dom Cycle-Merida 0:09:55  
31 Sebastian Egger (Swi) Bike Sport Simplon/VC International 0:09:56  
32 Casey Williams (USA) USA National MTB Team 0:11:23  
33 Romain Martinez (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty 0:11:30  
34 Joël Haubensak (Swi) JB Felt Team 0:11:52  
35 Jan Gafner (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen 0:11:57  
36 Silvan Gisler (Swi) VMC Silenen/IG Radsport Uri 0:12:44  
37 Cirl Spescha (Swi) 0:12:45  
38 Tobias Schraner (Swi) Fischer-BMC 0:12:51  
39 Youri Fetas (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty 0:13:20  
40 Roman Gisler (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz/IG RS Uri 0:13:26  
41 Florian Recht (Swi) VC Reinach 0:13:27  
42 Nicolas Le Roy (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty 0:13:49  
43 Fabian Bucher (Swi) Merida-Suisse-Team 0:13:55  
44 Jan Fergg (Swi) Bluecycle Racing/VMC Hägglingen 0:13:57  
45 Sébastien Angiolini (Swi) VC Tramelan / Teamprorégion 0:14:30  
-1lap Kilian Oertli (Swi) Team Gaetzi / RMC Gossau 0:14:47  
-1lap Dominik Marti (Swi) Bluecycle Racing/RC Gränichen 0:01:02  
-1lap Alex Stefanides (Swi) RC Gränichen 0:01:10  
-1lap Thomas Kunz (Swi) goldwurst-power/trek 0:01:32  
-1lap Boris Bachelier (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty 0:03:29  
-1lap Kilian Badrutt (Swi) 0:06:29  
-1lap Sandro Dörig (Swi) Danis Biketeam 0:07:25  
DNF Sylvain Engelmann (Swi) VCTramelan/    
DNF Max Houtzager (USA) USA National MTB Team    
DNF Théo Portal (Fra) Aix VTT Thrifty    
DNF Roger Jenny (Swi) Merida-Suisse-Team    
DNF Ulisse Fieschi (Swi) VC Bellinzona    
Junior women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jolanda Neff (Swi) Wheeler IXS Swiss Team 1:10:13  
2 Linda Indergand (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz/IG RS Uri 0:00:13  
3 Andrea Waldis (Swi) GU plus/ thomy k/ VC Gersau 0:04:11  
4 Jil Saxer (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team 0:07:19  
5 Ramona Forchini (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz 0:08:03  
6 Alicia Rose Pastore (USA) USA National MTB Team 0:09:52  
7 Eliane Müggler (Swi) Signer Felt / RV Altenrhein 0:10:05  
8 Fabienne Andres (Swi) Cannondale Küttel Team/VMC Hägglingen 0:12:09  
9 Shayna Powless (USA) USA National MTB Team 0:13:44  
10 Deborah Inauen (Swi) Danis Bike/RMC Appenzell 0:15:28  
Amateurs & Masters
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Stefan Peter (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz 1:13:46  
2 Kevin Krieg (Swi) JB Felt Team 0:00:50  
3 Matthias Allenspach (Swi) Tower Sports-VC Eschenbach 0:01:33  
4 Roger Walder (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing 0:02:36  
5 Claude Koster (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team 0:02:55  
6 Andreas Zünd (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss 0:03:00  
7 David Baumann (Swi) BH Bikes - Zollinger Sport 0:03:04  
8 Guillaume Payot (Swi) MACS Frenetic Bernasconi 0:03:14  
9 Severin Sägesser (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team 0:03:40  
10 Michael Wicki (Swi) Team bischibikes / 0:03:50  
11 Sandro Soncin (Swi) Zollinger Sport - BH Bikes 0:03:54  
12 Kevin Georges (Swi) Texner BMC Groupe Mutuel 0:04:24  
13 Ronny Koller (Swi) bischibikes/ 0:04:29  
14 Sandro Kessler (Swi) 0:04:32  
15 Patrick Hediger (Swi) RV Merishausen/Russenberger Velosport 0:04:33  
16 Fabian Paumann (Swi) Merida-Suisse-Team 0:04:37  
17 Michael Frei (Swi) Velo Franz- Focus 0:04:44  
18 Adrian Berger (Swi) / Cannondale 0:05:39  
19 Joel Graf (Swi) Team bischibikes/ 0:05:45  
20 Benoit Grelier (Fra) Scott 0:06:12  
21 Marcel Knecht (Swi) zaboo pro team29 0:06:28  
22 Jeremias Marti (Swi) MTB Kader Zentralschweiz 0:06:59  
23 Claudio Andenmatten (Swi) Merida-Suisse-Team 0:07:52  
24 Mauro Carabotti (Swi) / C.C. Moutier 0:08:11  
25 Mirco Zürcher (Swi) BSK-Graf 0:08:37  
26 Yann Montavon (Swi) / C.C.Moutier 0:09:21  
27 Nico Tambarikas (Swi) Lindi-Bike Race Team 0:09:22  
28 Marcel Bader (Swi) Haibike-Swiss IT Repair MTB 0:09:23  
29 Jan Schär (Swi) Thömus Racing Team 0:10:26  
30 Bastien Bognard (Swi) Team Stöckli 0:10:39  
31 Benno Heussi (Swi) GU - Plus / thomyk Team 0:10:43  
32 Ralph Federer (Swi) Bike Team Gaetzi/ RMC 0:10:50  
33 Silvan Casutt (Swi) 0:11:00  
34 Michael Moelbaek (Swi) Kolding BC 0:11:35  
35 Thomas Schmid (Swi) bsk Graf 0:11:42  
36 Brian Brog (Swi) Free-Mountain Scott 0:12:55  
-1lap Michel Woerner (Swi) VC Reinach/Goldwurst-power/Trek    
-1lap Luca Formoso (Swi) Cycle-Shop / RV Winterthur    
-1lap Patrick Gobat (Swi)    
DNF Cyrill Meier (Swi)