Fastest qualifier Masters speeds to men's downhill national title

Harper takes back-to-back national titles in women's race

The third day of the 2010 New Zealand National Championships happened Sunday at the Long Gulley downhill venue at Brooklyn in Wellington. Difficult weather conditions created a huge variable for the 200 downhill competitors racing for national titles, with hot, dry and vicious gusting winds turning an already challenging race course into a treacherous race for survival.

The morning's seeding session produced a mixed bag of results across the age group categories, with many strong favourites being gathered up in the clutches of the gusting wind to fall off the pace. However, come race time deserved champions were crowned across the board.

In the elite women's race, Harriet Harper was after back-to-back national championship titles. And she did this in style, winning over the fast improving Sarah Walker. A BMX Olympian, Walker was all praise after her foray into downhill racing, recognising firsthand just how tough and uncompromising the sport is. Walker may just have enjoyed this experience so much that it won't be the last seen of her on a 26-inch downhill race bike.

The elite men's race was missing New Zealand's two highest ranked racers - Sam Blenkinsop through injury and Justin Leov. However, the quality of field chasing this 2010 title was extremely high, with all of New Zealand's other top professionals and several visiting international athletes in the field.

Wyn Masters seeded first, and the rest of the top 10 seeded riders were right on his tail time-wise. But this race was to be Master's finest moment, and he followed through on his top seeding time to take the elite men's title from Wanganui's Glenn Haden. Haden had won at Long Gulley before in similar conditions, and lost out to Master's typically powerful and controlled display by only 0.3 seconds.

Levin's Nathan Rankin took third, with Cam Cole and Four Cross National Champion Matt Walker in fourth and fifth. For Masters, this title win seems to have been a long time coming.

Of note was the performance of George Brannigan who was racing in the under 19 category for this title after a summer racing in the elites. Brannigan convincingly won, in a time that would have placed him sixth in the elite field. Likewise local Wellington rider Dan Meilink - who like Brannigan was seeded first in his category, backed that up to win his first senior men's downhill title.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wyn Masters0:02:37 
2Glenn Haden0:00:00 
3Nathan Rankin0:00:02 
4Cameron Cole0:00:03 
5Matt Walker0:00:05 
6Richard Leacock0:00:06 
7Matt Scoles0:00:06 
8Aari Barrett0:00:07 
9Hayden Lee0:00:08 
10Kieran Bennett0:00:09 
11Martin Frei0:00:10 
12Mike Davis0:00:12 
13Joel Daniels0:00:12 
14Hayden McGregor0:00:12 
15Daniel Sims0:00:13 
16Reuben Miller0:00:13 
17Joel Gebbie0:00:15 
18Ken Faubert0:00:17 
19David Reinhardt0:00:18 
20Thomas Jeandin0:00:19 
21Matt Hyland0:00:25 
22Edo Franco0:00:32 
23James Rennie0:00:38 
DNSRob Venables  
DNSLuke Strobel  
DNSJames Dodds  
DNSBrook Macdonald  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harriet Harper0:03:15 
2Sarah Walker0:00:18 
3Sophie Borderes0:00:19 
DNSRita Langley  
DNSDawn Daley-Coers  
DNSGabrielle Molloy  
Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1George Brannigan0:02:42 
2Rupert Chapman0:00:04 
3Sam Baker0:00:04 
4Daniel Franks0:00:05 
5Brandon Lumsden0:00:11 
6Jimmy Wilson0:00:12 
7Reuben Olorenshaw0:00:13 
8Brandon Ransfield0:00:14 
9Mitchell Townsend0:00:14 
10Kieran Thompson0:00:15 
11Jason Lang0:00:17 
12Nick Bygate0:00:18 
13Matt Silcock0:00:19 
14Nathan Sheppard0:00:20 
15Kurt McDonald0:00:22 
16Ryan Lewis0:00:23 
17Olly Le Maitre0:00:23 
18Oscar Tatom0:00:24 
19Lachlan Cruickshank0:00:25 
20Corey Patel0:00:26 
21Jourdan Lethbridge0:00:27 
22Rhys Dunn0:00:28 
23Kyle Weedon0:00:28 
24Ben Dowman0:00:28 
25Dayne Scott0:00:29 
26Cody Rees0:00:30 
27Antony Moore0:00:30 
28Rogan Young0:00:31 
29Tyler Kirk0:00:34 
30Josh Hullah0:00:37 
31Ryan Knell0:00:42 
32Zac Chandler0:00:43 
33Thomas Futter0:00:46 
34Tyler Caplan0:00:53 
35Jason Todd0:00:54 
36Jed Rooney0:02:20 
DNFJack Sharland  
DNSDavid Robbins  
DNSKirk Fisher  
Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Louis Hamilton0:02:47 
2Jay Barrett0:00:03 
3Jake Robinson0:00:04 
4Tom Rose0:00:11 
5Zach Baker0:00:12 
6Jacques Vosloo0:00:13 
7Hunter Jenkinson0:00:13 
8Joel Tunbridge0:00:13 
9Jackson Hine0:00:15 
10Kurt Summerfield0:00:15 
11Harry Chapman0:00:17 
12Harrison Redshaw0:00:17 
13Brandon Jackson0:00:18 
14Tim Adams0:00:18 
15Lawrence Cawte0:00:18 
16Harry Ness0:00:22 
17Dan McCombie0:00:23 
18Jamahl Stringer0:00:23 
19Jack Futter0:00:26 
20Andy Wilson0:00:29 
21Zach Rowe0:00:31 
22Daniel James0:00:32 
23Tim Scott0:00:33 
24Campbell Mercer0:00:38 
25Michael Franks0:00:42 
26Michael Melles0:00:45 
27Reece Potter0:00:45 
28Mitch Thomas0:00:46 
29Jack Arnopp0:00:46 
30Ryan Hunt0:00:49 
31Connor Smith0:00:50 
32Aled Dunn0:00:52 
33Lloyd Jenks0:01:10 
34Levi O Neil Smith0:01:20 
DNFJono Ross  
DNFJack Harrington  
DNFPeter Gardner  
DNSBrandan Falvey  
DNSRobert Havill  
DNSKayne McGlue  
DNSMichael Gunter  
DNSJames Paling  
DNSMitchell Scammell  
DNSMorgan Taylor  
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Meilink0:02:42 
2Daniel Heads0:00:04 
3Kurt Lancaster0:00:05 
4Rob Farmer0:00:05 
5Freddie King0:00:05 
6Michael Langford0:00:06 
7Tom Winwood0:00:06 
8Chris Johnston0:00:07 
9Jake Boylett0:00:08 
10Bryn Dickerson0:00:08 
11Sam Perry0:00:09 
12Simon Dibben0:00:10 
13Scott McGregor0:00:10 
14Ben Tyas0:00:11 
15Ollie Knight0:00:11 
16Scott Bedford0:00:11 
17Carl Edmondson0:00:12 
18Nick Mcconachie0:00:13 
19Tom Mathews0:00:13 
20Tyler Perrin0:00:14 
21Sam Shucksmith0:00:15 
22Joel Flanagan0:00:15 
23Asher Ellery0:00:16 
24Cam Johnson0:00:16 
25Shanan Whitlock0:00:16 
26Tom Humphries0:00:16 
27Heraud Aurelien0:00:17 
28Marcus Allen0:00:20 
29Jamie Eagle0:00:20 
30Callum Wilson0:00:22 
31Jarrod Bang0:00:24 
32Kevin Fife  
33James Mcconachie0:00:26 
34Ben Sanders0:00:28 
35Ryan Williamson0:00:29 
36Tristan Ratcliffe0:00:30 
37Adin Johnson0:00:30 
38Jeremy Jones0:00:31 
39Logan de Boer0:00:40 
40Richard Dibben0:00:41 
41Chris Vanderkolk0:00:41 
42Orion Daley-Coers0:00:41 
43Nick Hotchin0:00:49 
44James Allan0:00:55 
45Josh Miller0:01:07 
46Robert Chappell0:01:12 
47Mike Reader0:02:17 
48Nicholas Kemp0:03:54 
DNFMark Davidge  
DNSReuben Joel  
DNSCraig McGinnity  
DNSMatt Ineson  
DNSEthan Helliwell  
DNSJamie Lyall  
Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bevan Adlam0:03:03 
2Ricky Pincott0:00:01 
3Boyd Grinstead0:00:02 
4Michael Williamson0:00:05 
5Andrew Martin0:00:06 
6Leif Roy0:00:06 
7Rick Armstrong0:00:06 
8Phil Walter0:00:07 
9Ewan Baron0:00:08 
10Shaun Hodges0:00:16 
11Nigel Searles0:00:19 
12Quinton Feldberg0:00:34 
DNFKevin English  
DNFNeil White  
DNSVaughan Love  
Master 2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dave Hamilton0:02:57 
2Darryn Henderson0:00:04 
3Rod Bardsley0:00:08 
4Luke Simmons0:00:21 
5Mark Simmons0:00:22 
6John Boylett0:00:29 
7David Rose0:00:44 
Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Malcolm Cleland0:03:31 
2Wade Kenchington0:00:02 
3Russell Archer0:00:32 
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charlotte Clouston0:03:22 
2Sophiemarie Bethell0:00:04 
3Georgia Wight0:00:07 
4Sophie Tyas0:00:07 
5Naomi Wilson0:00:15 
6Veronique Sandler0:00:17 
7Kaytee Campbell0:00:55 
DNFSarah Atkin  
DNSVirginia Burroughs  
DNSMadeline Taylor  
Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh McCombie0:02:59 
2Connor Hamilton0:00:05 
3Cam Barrett0:00:16 
4Marcus Slack0:00:29 
5Liam Taylor0:00:48 
6Dino Rutten0:01:02 
7Caleb Scott0:01:12 
8Nicolas Goodson0:01:15 
DNSMatthew Goodson  
DNSThomas Goodman  
DNSHayden Melles  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Antony Snodgrass0:03:09 
DNFLeo Sandler  
Fastest men's times
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wyn Masters0:02:37 
2Glenn Haden0:00:00 
3Nathan Rankin0:00:02 
4Cameron Cole0:00:03 
5Daniel Meilink0:00:05 
6Matt Walker0:00:05 
7George Brannigan0:00:05 
8Richard Leacock0:00:06 
9Matt Scoles0:00:06 
10Aari Barrett0:00:07 
11Hayden Lee0:00:08 
12Kieran Bennett0:00:09 
13Rupert Chapman0:00:09 
14Daniel Heads0:00:09 
15Sam Baker0:00:10 
Fastest women's times
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harriet Harper0:03:15 
2Charlotte Clouston0:00:08 
3Sophiemarie Bethell0:00:12 
4Georgia Wight0:00:15 
5Sophie Tyas0:00:15 
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