RadioShack's Ben King wins Shenandoah Mountain 100

Haywood victorious in her hometown 100-miler

The Shenandoah 100 celebrated its 15th anniversary as the oldest and largest race in the NUE Series. 650 sets of wheels tore off into the George Washington National Forest of Virginia for the final race before the Kenda NUE Series Championship finale at the Fool's Gold 100.

A highly anticipated showdown with top level talent, this 100-mile challenge would witness the return of several NUE Series Champions, and become the day a former champion regained the NUE Series Title.


Ben King (RadioShack) crushed it on Sunday, finishing 7:12:53 despite having never competed in a 100-mile off road race. NUE Men's Open Champion Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing) finished just five minutes back after suffering a flat tire late in the race.

"I was excited because I talked my friends, ProTour riders Ben King and Joe Dombrowski, of RadioShack-Trek and Team Sky, into racing their mountain bikes for a change," said Bishop. "Joe did not race, but just rode with us for part of the ride. Ben, however, has wanted for years to do the full 100. Having not raced a mountain bike all year, I knew he would just be dead at the end so I was thinking it will be fun to help the group stay together on all the road sections."

Bishop said, "I rode the day knowing that my cross country speed would probably be the difference towards the end, so I was nice to Ben, waiting up for him on the descents and making sure he stayed out of trouble. However, a turn of luck as my rear tire went flat. I hit it with air but it did not hold. Minutes later, I stopped to change it and was passed by Christian (Tanguy). Ben was out of reach but Christian was dangling in front of me so I gave every last drop I had to catch and pass him just miles before the finish."

2011 NUE Champion and current point's leader Christian Tanguy (Team CF) finished third, one minute behind Bishop, in 7:19:19. For Tanguy, this finish gives him a lock on his second NUE Series title.

"I really enjoyed this year's Shenandoah and could not be more satisfied with my riding. I had a great effort from start to finish without feeling a lack of energy anywhere in between. My bike and gear performed flawlessly and allowed me to stay within reach of two great professional athletes," said Tanguy.

Thirteen minutes behind Tanguy, Keck Baker (Champ Sys/Cannondale/C.B.C/Battley Harley) claimed fourth place in 7:32:04. Tanguy's Teammate, Rob Spreng (Team CF) claimed fifth place in 7:48:03.

"I eventually caught one of the guys that was in the original chase group at around mile 85. That pass secured fifth place, and I just tried to finish strong and keep that position." With his finish, Spreng is third overall in the NUE Standings.

Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing p/b Dogfish Head Alehouse) in his first race back since suffering a broken collarbone, finished just 40 seconds behind Spreng in 7:48:43. Despite being out for much of the season, Carter holds on to fourth place overall in the NUE Series with this finish.

"It was a pleasure to race with Ben and Joe. I felt honored to party on the rocks with them. After the race, I believe it was Greg Jancaitis who jokingly shared his first impression of seeing Ben toe the line. "Look at that poser wearing a RadioShack jersey, as if!" Only later he realized that Ben was the real deal, actually a member of the team. I wonder if seeing him power away on the climb gave him away."


Sue Haywood (Stan's NoTubes Women's Elite) who hadn't competed at the Shenandoah 100 for two years prior to her win last year, topped the podium yet again, finishing first among women and 27th overall in just 8:34:28, the only woman to finish in sub-nine hours.

"It was so awesome to see 650 people line up to do a 100-miler on the east coast! I rubbed wheels with someone a couple miles in and went down, resulting in starting my day with two skinned knees. My day got better and I felt good but it certainly wasn't easy, though," said Haywood.

"It was a lot about self-motivation because I never rode with the other girls. I was looking for a time around 8:30 and finished the day at 8:34. I know this course so well and know my pacing, too. The new singletrack was super fun, but that addition made things a little slower, as did some of the mucky, grassy bits from the heavy rains. Overall, events like this with such world class singletrack and primo volunteers make a long day a lot easier."

Laura Hamm (East Coasters) finished second at 9:28:47. Three minutes back, Haywood's teammate, Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Women's Elite) took third at 9:31:48.

"Sue got away very early on. However, I was still having a good race, sitting comfortably in second for the first 60 miles," said Barclay. "During the long stretch of road between aid stations 3 and 4, I did some big efforts, and ended up pulling some guys with me. Unfortunately, the efforts and dehydration caught up to me later; on the climb up to aid station 5 I started to get passed by a lot of guys. By the time I reached aid 5, I was well and truly cracked! I had to stop and properly eat, and walk my bike whilst I finished a sandwich. Soon after, Laura Hamm passed me, she was riding strong. The fluids and nutrition started to make me feel better on the last climb, but it was too late."

Barclay's finish now pits her in a battle for second place in the NUE Series with Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing), who placed fourth in 9:45:44. Kaysee Armstrong (TVB Race/ Tomato Head) rolled in five minutes later at 9:50:57.

NUE Women's Champion Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) retains a lock on the NUE Series title this year. However, all other spots will be contested at the Fool's Gold 100 in Dahlonega, Georgia on Saturday.


In the largest singlespeed division this season, 73 racers, Gordon Wadsworth (Blue Ridge Cyclery) kept a five-minute lead to get the win in 8:18:42. Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles) took second finishing 8:23:38. With his best finish this season, Marenchin moves up to fourth place overall in the NUE Series standings.

Six minutes behind Marenchin, Matt Ferrari (FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cyles) claimed third in 8:29:45. "I started out relatively conservative, knowing that most folks go out too hot before the Hanky Mountain climb. Near the top, I caught up to Gordon and we worked together to distance the rest of the singlespeeders and we managed to stay away together until about mile 85. However, Gordon had a bit more in the reserve tank than I did and he got away from me when I had to slow down and take on sugar. Then Ernesto snuck up on me, after apparently marking me for a few miles, and attacked when I stopped for bottles at Aid 6. He's gunning for the series placing this year, so I'm glad he got the extra spot."

Ten minutes later, David Yacobelli (Corning/NoTubes Race Team) garnered a fourth place finish in 8:39:36. Five minutes behind Yacobelli, Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) was fifth in 8:44:55. Rounding out the top six who all finished sub nine on the day was Chris Michaels (Mark's Bike Shop) at 8:56:18.

Masters Men 50+

Following his win at the Wilderness 101 and a third place finish at the Hampshire 100, Jukka Jokela (Medilaser-Specialized MTB Team) took the top spot in the largest NUE race of the season, against 53 masters racers, finishing in 8:36:08.

"I had great legs for the day and did a perfect race. Bike was great, no mechanicals, some dents in the rims but no flats which is why riding tubulars makes a difference in these kinds of races. I was trying to avoid big mistakes in the singletracks, and actually it worked great."

One of just two masters to go sub nine, Roger Masse (Team CF) took second in 8:52:17. "I didn't see Jukka until the road section on Tillman just before aid 2. We were in a strong group that included Sue Haywood. He was really fast through the aid station leaving Sue and I about 100 feet back. I left Sue and decided to give chase. I was able to see him going up Hankey but he was out of sight by the top."

"I caught him again by the bottom of Dowell's. The MO was clear. He was climbing better and I descending better. With her mad descending skills, Sue was back, too. We rode up 250 together just as the skies opened up and the rain started falling. Up the technical Bridge Hollow climb, Sue was leading and dropped our entire group riding the slippery rocks. I passed Jukka on one of the long rock garden sections and put as much time into him as I could on the descent to aid 4. By 10 miles into the 'sole crusher' climb after aid 4, I started to lose my A game. Jukka came by me like a freight train. I was hoping to make the catch again on the long descent off of little bald knob, but it never happened."

Jim Mathews (MBR/The Bicycle Shop) rolled in behind Masse for third in 9:08:07. Mark Dragelis (Cycle Center) was fourth at 9:37:30. Michael Boyes (Athens Bike Shop) finished fifth in 9:38:27 and Henry McCullough (Team Trappe Door) finished 9:50:20, rounding out the top six out who all finished sub-10 hours.

The final round

The NUE Championship race at the Fool's Gold 100 will break any and all ties. All four division winners there will receive complimentary entry into all NUE Series races in 2013, Customer Voler Champion Jersey Kits, plus a share of the $12,500 Kenda NUE Series cash purse.

Two Champions, one man and one woman, will also receive an all-expenses paid trip, including airfare, to represent the NUE Series and compete in the LaRuta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica this coming October 24-26.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben King (Radioshack)7:12:53 
2Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale)0:05:08 
3Christian Tanguy (Team CF)0:06:26 
4Keck Baker (Champ Sys/Cannondale/C.B.C/Battley Harley)0:19:11 
5Rob Spreng (Team CF)0:35:10 
6Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing p/b Dogfish Head Alehouse)0:35:50 
7Conner Bell (Rocktown Racing)0:40:57 
8Andy Rhodes (North Mountain Woodworks/Black Dog Bikes)0:43:34 
9Matthew Bailey (Trek)0:47:47 
10Gregory Jancaitis (Riverside Racing)0:52:16 
11Jens Nielsen (Stan's NoTubes Masters Team)0:54:49 
12Zack Morrey (Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team)0:58:42 
13Lee Hauber (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)0:59:02 
14Adrian Husemoller0:59:27 
15David Reid (Design Physics Racing pb Endorphin Fitness)1:01:57 
16Matthew Merkel (DCMTB)1:06:23 
17Garth Prosser (Specialized)1:10:35 
18Michael Tabasko (DCMTB)1:11:23 
19John Petrylak (Bike Factory Elite)1:13:29 
20Alex Kurland (Bike Factory Elite)  
21Ethan Frey (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team)1:14:57 
22Joe Fish (Design Physics Racing)1:15:03 
23Dan Kotwicki (RBS Cycling Team)1:18:12 
24Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:20:41 
25James Mayuric (Team CF Pittsburgh/Pro Bikes)1:23:13 
26Paul Berry1:24:27 
27Jeffrey Stevens (Trestle Bridge Racing)1:28:35 
28Benjamin Coleman (1K2GO-Onion River Sports fueled by Metaball)1:28:57 
29Ron G (Bike Flights)1:35:24 
30Erik Jenson (Mark's Bike Shop)1:35:32 
31James Wiant (Peachtree Bikes)1:36:27 
32Jay Click (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing)1:39:12 
33Andrew Dunlap (Adventures for the Cure)1:39:38 
34Nick Bragg (Highlands Velo)1:39:45 
35Alex Hawkins1:40:49 
36Nathaniel Cornelius (Team Whayne)1:47:58 
37Jesse Kelly (Team CF)1:48:18 
38David Wilcox (Mad Alchemy / Zanconato Bicycles)1:49:22 
39Bob Anderson (Plum Grove Cyclery)1:51:57 
40Joe Perpetua (Bike Factory)1:52:07 
41Joe Johnston (Black Bear Cycling)1:54:50 
42Tony Vachino ( 
43Joe Van Mater (Endless Cycles Bastards)1:58:37 
44Charles Moore2:01:45 
45Charles Snyder (Cannondale Champion System)2:04:11 
46Rob Campbell (Bike Line)2:04:41 
47Harry Precourt (Twin Six)2:05:19 
48Rob Harris (Clarksville Schwinn Racing)2:07:39 
49Frank Yeager (Richmond Velo Sport)2:09:48 
50Aaron Mooney (TRYON BIKE)2:10:46 
51James Burris (Black Dog Bikes)2:11:38 
52Levi Thornton (OTB Specialized)2:12:59 
53Jeff Hackett (CRC p/b Blue Ridge Cyclery/FOOF B)2:13:02 
54Daniel McPeake (Blackwater Bikeshop)2:14:23 
55John Devine (Team Mantights)2:14:34 
56Sam Lindblom (CAMBC-IMBA)2:14:44 
57Brent Mayer (Trek Store Cincinnati Racing, Maxxis)2:14:47 
58Jeff Dickey (Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team)2:17:03 
59Neil Popovich ( 
60Cameron Ritcher (Rocktown Racing)2:17:09 
61Stephan Kincaid (Stan's NoTubes p/b Proferrin)2:17:17 
62Stefan Schwarzkopf (NCVC/UnitedHealthcare)2:17:52 
63Christopher Lane (Veloworks-Spokes Etc.)2:23:04 
64Aaron Hoag (Specialized/Dumonde Tech)2:24:21 
65Jonathan Broyles (Team Honky)2:24:43 
66Lorenzo Serra (Pawling Cycle & Sport)2:26:56 
67Michael Dickey2:27:55 
68Ronny Angell (Odyssey Adventure Racing)2:28:30 
69Jon Stang (Crosstown Velo)2:31:22 
70Abe Kaufman2:31:47 
71Lee Simril (MotorMile Racing)2:32:45 
72Dave O'Neil (Radical Roots/SBC/Shenandoah Mountain Touring)2:34:57 
73Ted Tharin (None)2:35:03 
74R Muoio (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)2:36:57 
75Johnny Youngdahl (Stokesville Campground)2:37:35 
76Jonathan Posner (Old Line Velo/Race Pace Bicycles)2:38:34 
77Jeffrey Glenn (Moon Stomper)2:39:33 
78Ryan Fedak (Moonstompers)2:40:04 
79Davy Hazlegrove (Blackwater Bike Shop)2:43:02 
80Matthew Donahue (DCMTB)2:43:06 
81Brian Mayer (Team SOG)2:43:26 
82Garick Tischler (Ellicottville Bike N Bean)2:44:59 
83Christopher Meewes2:46:28 
84Tom Hoppe ( 
85Simon Koster2:47:46 
86Mike Buchness (The Bike Lane)2:49:48 
87Jim Fisher (Design Physics)2:50:14 
88Colby Waller (Juggernaut ESF)2:51:10 
89Robbie Bruce (Blackwater Bike Shop)2:53:49 
90Jeff Plassman (Design Physics Racing p/b Endorphin Fitness)2:54:02 
91Peter Granitz (DCMTB)2:54:27 
92Mark Hagen (Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle)2:56:49 
93John Sallah (Pro tested gear)2:57:44 
94Edward Mereadith (Velosport Racing)2:57:55 
95Peter Hufnagel (Blue Ridge School)2:59:16 
96Matt Kretchmar (Athens Bicycle)3:00:01 
97Steve Champa (Ebenidorm Bikes)3:00:11 
98David Taylor3:01:58 
99Bryan Wright (Black Dog Bikes/North Mountain Woodworks)3:02:13 
100Tyler Edwards (MudSpin)3:05:51 
101Tom Haines (Design Physics)3:06:34 
102Scott Smith (TVB Race/Tomato Head)3:06:55 
103Mark Lattanzi (Odyssey AR)3:07:35 
104Trevor Grant (Bicycle Depot)3:08:35 
105Bradlee Herauf3:11:36 
106Tom Jeffrey (Richmond Velo Sport)3:12:40 
107Mark Peterman (SVVC)3:13:10 
108Jared Rodeheaver (Bike Line)3:14:05 
109Bruce Wickham (Wickham)3:14:46 
110Dave Tevendale (Charlottesville Racing Club p/b Blue Ridge Cyclery)3:16:26 
111Michael Walling3:18:06 
112Gavin Kline (Dire Wolf Racing)3:20:01 
113David Pietraszewski3:23:32 
114Nate Kearns3:23:50 
115Kyle Lawrence (JV Squad/SBC)3:24:15 
116Chris Bayne (None)3:24:44 
117Matt Lough (Juggernaut ESF)3:25:33 
118Adam Croft (Trek Mountain Co-op)3:26:09 
119Keith Duncan (Team Ed Racing/Bike Zoo)3:26:53 
120Chad Hutchings3:27:10 
121Thori Wolfe (Juggernaut ESF)3:30:37 
122Eric Welp (Route 1 Velo /Arrow Bikes)3:30:45 
123Eric Magrum (FOOF B)3:31:21 
124Shane Pasley (Eastern Mountain Sports)3:33:04 
125Malcolm Laing3:33:34 
126Patrick McMahon (Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures)3:33:41 
127Erik Strahl (Chenango Point Cycles)3:34:03 
128Jesse Buppert (PHPI Racing/Rockin' Refuel)3:35:00 
129Steven Cundy3:36:57 
130Alex Wurm3:37:03 
131Joshua Neider3:37:13 
132Michael Phillips3:37:40 
133Brian Phillips (Phabb Racing)3:39:01 
134Greg Rittler (Adventures for the Cure)3:39:47 
135Paul Rassam (Paul's Boutique)3:40:30 
136Scott Rath (Cadre Racing)3:41:28 
137Marc Hoffmeister (Ride2Recovery)3:42:32 
138Michael Klasmeier (DCMTB - Family Bike Shop)3:42:42 
139Kent McDonald (None)3:42:45 
140Jackson Smith3:42:51 
141Christopher Crane (ABRT)3:43:53 
142Paul Sullivan (Moonstomper)3:44:17 
143Brian Lancaster (NCVC/United Healthcare)3:44:23 
144Pieter Mul (NCVC/UnitedHealthcare)3:44:26 
145Mark Junkermann ( Racing)3:45:00 
146John Welch (Team LaS'port)3:46:19 
147Bruce Jones3:52:11 
148Jason Mattis (Stokesville Campground)3:52:36 
149Jeffrey Brown (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team)3:54:05 
150Dennis Throckmorton (sweet schoolbus)3:56:08 
151Nick Hamilton (TVB)3:56:41 
152Chris Cunningham (Blue Ridge Cyclery)3:57:02 
153JP Gannon (None)3:58:11 
154Kurt Wenzel (None)3:59:33 
155Tim Kelley (None)4:00:28 
156Chris Puzan4:02:55 
157Brian Poochigian (DCMTB - Family Bike Shop)4:03:50 
158Kurt Rosenberger (JV Squad)4:05:15 
159Brian Coop (n/a)4:06:42 
160Wilbert Solis (Coyotes de Escazu)4:06:59 
161Thomas Lappas (Tryon Bike)4:07:03 
162Jamie Myers (Bicycle Depot)4:07:06 
163Joseph Tavani (SVVC)4:07:09 
164Chris Green (Sage and Sandlewood)4:09:36 
165Kenneth Wiley (Mason Racing)4:10:04 
166Scott Contois (Mason Racing)4:10:06 
167Raymond Gay4:13:24 
168Jonathan Hunt4:13:37 
169Rob Crangle (Old Truck, INC.)4:14:22 
170Patrick Cafferky (Just The Right Gear)4:15:09 
171Matthew Kesecker (CAMBO)4:17:21 
172Andrew Neal4:18:17 
173Ben Brown (Moonstompers)4:19:34 
174Cliff Hatchett (MOONSTOMPER)4:19:38 
175Tyler Wheaton (EVMA, Bike Beat)4:21:07 
176Matt Whitford4:22:17 
177Chris Wray (Carytown Bicycle Company)4:22:49 
178Ed Ross-Clunis (Maramarc Fitness)4:24:23 
179Gibson Barbee (Moonstompers)4:24:35 
180Bryan Appell (LRC)4:24:38 
181Brian McCauley (Blue Ridge Cyclery)4:25:20 
182John Stavlas (Adventures for the Cure)4:26:29 
183Jon Ciambotti (Blue Ridge Cyclery)4:26:34 
184Morgan Cruthirds (Charlottesville Racing Club p/b Blue Ridge Cyclery)4:28:59 
185Daniel Kirse (Saddleblock)4:29:04 
186William Schaefer (1412 Velo Club)4:30:31 
187Andy Bacon (Halfwaythere/Spokes Etc.)4:30:34 
188Jodah Mazur (Cadre Racing)4:31:07 
189Mark Werkheiser (Rothrock All-Starts)4:31:54 
190Peter Roady4:33:06 
191Christopher Burgess4:36:55 
192Travis Williams ( Six)4:36:57 
193Luke Reich4:37:13 
194Andrew Schaaf4:38:18 
195Keith Beach (Vision Quest)4:39:21 
196Drew Moghanaki (Spin Mafia)4:42:25 
197Travis Dreelin (Deep Dish Unlimited)4:42:38 
198Jan Faller (bikebarn racing)4:42:56 
199Sherman Knight4:43:59 
200Paul Leeger (Design Physics Racing p/b Endorphine Fitness)4:44:13 
201Jon Thornburg (Ivy Inn Restaurant)4:46:11 
202Ryan Delaney (Bicycle Pro Shop Off-Road/JV Squad)4:46:53 
203Mike Schultz (Highland Training)4:48:26 
204Roy Huber (Cadre Racing)4:50:32 
205William Pitchford (VECTARE)4:52:21 
206Mike Atkins (Bikenetic)4:53:58 
207Todd Henson (Trek Store Cincinnati)4:55:52 
208Paul Morris (, Etc.)4:56:40 
209Ron Cruse5:00:14 
210Derek Burke5:03:09 
211Thomas Grinnan (Team Carytown Bicycle Company)5:03:52 
212Michael Cain (Team XXL)5:03:59 
213Daniel Saunders (None)5:04:50 
214Jacob Gordon5:05:33 
215Raymond Crew5:06:57 
216Stephen Ryan (TeamXXL)5:07:31 
217Gram Smith (DCMTB)5:08:27 
218Matthew Kennedy (None)5:09:09 
219Benjamin Martin5:09:11 
220Keith White (Cadet Investments)5:10:07 
221Mclean Wilson (None)  
222Charlie Kuntz  
223Sam Cordero (None)5:11:57 
224Fenton Carey (Big Buns Gourmet Grill)5:12:32 
225Alec Thurman (Auggie)5:14:18 
226Eric Mierzejewski (Achieve Chiropractic)5:16:38 
227John Kromis (VeloWorks / Spokes, Etc.)5:17:00 
228Marco Demartin (Veloworks-Spokes Etc)5:17:01 
229William McQuate (Hug and Tug Racing)5:18:14 
230Mark Blacknell (Podium Cafe p/b QuoVadimusMedia)5:19:11 
231Raphael Silvestro (Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster)5:19:43 
232David Sanders (Team Saddleblock)5:21:37 
233Steve Bourque (None)5:23:54 
234Clint Gibson (Team Dirty Donkey)5:25:54 
235Kyle Rozek (Team Dirty Donkey)5:25:57 
236Kyle Lynch (Dirty Donkey)5:25:59 
237Jason Miller (Team XXL)5:26:04 
238Josh Elliott (SC&L)5:27:33 
239Jordan Whitlock (Bikes Unlimited Lynchburg)5:30:04 
240Travis Carmichael (Rivercity Ruff Ryders)5:30:06 
241Chris Proper (Shenandoah Valley Riders)5:30:47 
242Michael Bowen5:31:55 
243Julian Malcolm5:32:34 
244Matt Trunnell5:32:35 
245Dave Hardisky (Design Physics Racing p/b Endorphin Fitness)5:33:15 
246Carter Teague (None)5:34:04 
247Joseph Hochstetler (None)5:36:07 
248Josh Lewis5:37:29 
249Aaron Oswald (None)5:38:05 
250Greg Lovelace (Bike Zoo)5:38:45 
251Michael Burton (Hug & Tug Racing)5:43:14 
252Adolfo Carrion (The Bike Lane -W. Springfield)5:44:33 
253Roy Pruett (BRC / CRC)5:53:37 
254Jonathan Marshall (Cool Breeze & Trek Store Charlotte)5:57:41 
255Jim Harman (EX2 Adventures)5:57:50 
256Barry Nobles (,Etc.)5:57:54 
257Michael Pease (None)5:58:09 
258Casey Bledsoe (Damascus Moonshiners)5:58:45 
259Jerico Slavin (None)6:00:57 
260John Bolecek (Offseason Whitegrass Training Squad)6:02:43 
261Brian Carrico (Spokesmen)6:03:01 
262Chad Lane6:03:52 
263Kevin Hames (Freewheelers Of Spartanburg)6:03:59 
264Ben Mottinger6:10:42 
265David Wall (, Etc.)6:11:22 
266Chris Whitmore6:11:48 
267Jason Gull (Thursday Morning Hangover)6:15:15 
268Thomas Hash (None)6:18:45 
269Philip Wright6:19:03 
270Tom Newton6:28:41 
271Jonah Merriam (Crosshairs Cycling)6:33:41 
272Chris Stone6:35:03 
273Nathan Burrell (Hug-N-Tug Racing)6:35:55 
274Michael Taliaferro (LIttle HugBoat that Could)6:45:32 
275Jim Thacker (Trek Store Cincinnati)6:49:07 
276Erik Arnold (Plum Grove Cyclery)6:50:04 
277Christopher Matthews (None)6:52:17 
278Joel Davis (Trim Runners LLC)6:52:22 
279Mark Mervine (The Lawless Village)6:52:25 
280Matt Hanggi (Geneva Bicycle Center)6:55:19 
281Sam Anderson (Miller School of Albemarle)7:00:31 
282Sam Moore7:08:26 
283Richard Linder7:10:03 
284Wirun Sae-Lao (Rickshaw Racing)7:11:34 
285Derek Kelleher (Tenafly Bicycle Work Shop)7:12:22 
286Joel Vance Sewell7:13:15 
287Noah Flaxman (Veloworks-Spokes Etc.)7:14:05 
288Russell Spaulding (the_fat_man BC)7:14:35 
289Ben Whaley (None)7:18:28 
290Jason Thomas (Crank Breaker Racing)7:21:02 
291Nathan Taylor (I AM Racing)7:46:59 
292Tyler Graf (Cycle Works)7:51:38 
293Richard Chittick7:53:50 
294Bill Atkinson7:56:04 
295AJ Kray (Rev3)8:18:22 
DNFEric Schofield (Bon Secours)  
DNFChris Merriam (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic)  
DNFBrad Hawk (The Bike Lane)  
DNFMike Myers (Rothrock All-Starts)  
DNFJohn Starr (None)  
DNFGrant Matthews (Toasted Head Racing)  
DNFJames Lobley (Team Wheezer)  
DNFJason Aytes (Maria's Taqueria)  
DNFRoberto Galindo (None)  
DNFRyan Stava (None)  
DNFThomas Dahbura (Gone Squatchin)  
DNFRoland Owens (None)  
DNFFrank Raiti (The Bike Lane)  
DNFLee Diehr (The Bike Lane)  
DNFDan Allen (Clemmons Bicycle Racing)  
DNFPete von Loewe (The Bike Lane)  
DNFEvan Thomas (None)  
DNFJosh Boyd (FCN, Inc)  
DNFAnthony Hergert (Ridley Racing p/b Reality Bikes)  
DNFDavid Carleton (Blue Ridge Cyclery)  
DNFJoseph White (CAMBO)  
DNFCharlie Roberts (Billy Goat Bikes)  
DNFAndrew Cazier (None)  
DNFBrandon Vincent (The Bike Lane)  
DNFPhilip Hoffman (None)  
DNFJohn Claman (The Bike Lane)  
DNFTim Josey (None)  
DNFGreg Gilmer (None)  
DNFLukas Eklund ( / Spokes Etc.)  
DNFJeff Claman (None)  
DNFJon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery)  
DNFCarlos Espinoza (Spokes etc)  
DNFAlan Agee (Cycles De Oro/Moses Cone Health)  
DNFRyan Kleman (None)  
DNFJorge Galindo (  
DNFReece Jackson (RTO National)  
DNFBenjamin Teller (NCVC/UnitedHealthcare)  
DNFStephen Willis (Generals)  
DNFPeter Fraker (Plum Grove Pete)  
DNFFrank Hodel (Cool Breeze Cyclery/Trek Store)  
DNFVictor Lin ( Etc.)  
DNFChris Hardee (Tennessee Pass Cookhouse)  
DNFMario Kepus (YOMBIKA)  
DNFFran Lenahan  
DNFMatt Linderman  
DNFBruce Paterson (Chick Magnets)  
DNFJoseph Surina (Hug-N-Tug Racing)  
DNFBill Olson (The Bike Lane)  
DNFKeith Jackson (Viva Il Giro)  
DNFMichael Murphy (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)  
DNFEric Zegowitz  
DNFMike Lang (Chicken Dinner #5)  
DNFVince Filardi (Kelly Benefit Strategies - LSV)  
DNFErik Ray (Foghorn Leghorn Productions)  
DNFKevin McCauley (Team Dirty Donkey)  
DNFVern Randall  
DNFBryan Findley  
DNFJeffrey Radgowski  
DNFJohn Little  
DNFWilliam Arnold  
DNFMatthew Olearchick  
DNFBrian Wester (Philadelphia Ciclismo / SRAM)  
DNFWilhelm Ritter  
DNFAngelo Vangelopoulos  
DNFSteven Baker  
DNFAaron Dietrich (The Little Egg Farm, LLC.)  
DNFDavid Olsen (Juggernaut ESF)  
DNFGary Roach (East Coasters)  
DNFTed Peddy (BT's Desciples)  
DNFDuane Wolff  
DNFThomas Harris (The Hub/C'Ville Bikes)  
DNFAaron Bernard (Blue Ridge Cyclery)  
DNFPatrick Gore (Joe's Bike Shop)  
DNFShawn Hall (Highlands Ski and Outdoor Center)  
DNFNick Demek (Trail's Edge)  
DNFBrian Weeks (Roach in Motion)  
DNFMark Veerman (SVBC)  
DNFShane Rauch (SBR Cycling)  
DNFKenneth Steve  
DNFMicahel Barth  
DNSAaron Snyder (Stan's NOTUBES/Transylvania Epic)  
DNSJulian Macovei (None)  
DNSThomas Carter (DCMTB)  
DNSRick Bartels (Trek Undercover Brotha')  
DNSJoe Moulis (Richmond MORE)  
DNSPete Green (Adventures for the Cure)  
DNSGordon Merklein (Moots Riders Club)  
DNSBrian Schmierer (DCMTB)  
DNSRudy Mullins  
DNSCooper Fowler (BCD Racing)  
DNSRobert Parsons (Bike Factory Elite)  
DNSDavy DeArmond (Annapolis Triathlon Club)  
DNSMichael Benoski (Hoppin Wheel Farm / Reser Bicycles)  
DNSDan Bushnell (Mendon Cyclesmith)  
DNSChadd McGlone (None)  
DNSJeremy Kinsell (  
DNSJames Groves (LSV/Kelly)  
DNSGreg Faber (NCVC/UnitedHealthcare)  
DNSSteven Viers (Pedalshop / Old Dominion Brewing Co.)  
DNSNathan Hickle  
DNSTodd Mion (RTO National)  
DNSOlen Ackman (Camden, Ohio Visitors Bureau)  
DNSDaniel LaRocque (4D Racing)  
DNSCaleb Cross (Main Line Kitten Tamers)  
DNSChris Brown (HawkOwl Prophecy)  
DNSKurt Brendley (Team Tree Farm)  
DNSJake Fengya  
DNSRonald Dahart (Hank the Tank)  
DNSMatthew Mead (Team Bike Lane)  
DNSGeorges Rouan (Yorktown Cycles)  
DNSKirk Felton (Triadventure)  
DNSFred Cothren (Harpeth Bicycles)  
DNSJames Clarkson (Blue Ridge Cyclery)  
DNSGary Prevost  
DNSBen Fredette  
DNSRichard Posada  
DNSJJ Ford (Joey's Bike Shop)  
DNSKirk Fiore  
DNSCorey Rynders (Old Dominion University)  
DNSRaymond Willard (Empire Brewing-Syracuse Bicycle)  
DNSChris Hardee (Tennessee Pass Cookhouse)  
DNSRyan Sigsbey  
DNSMike Stoop (CBC Cannondale)  
DNSNathan Taylor  
DNSMark Zaragoza (Bicycle Pro Shop)  
DNSTom Floyd (Bike Zoo/Team Ed)  
DNSTodd Essig (I AM Racing)  
DNSMike Stewart (Damascus Moonshiners)  
DNSMichael Pusey (Bikenetic)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Susan Haywood (Stan's No Tubes)8:34:28 
2Laura Hamm (East Coasters)0:54:19 
3Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Women's Elite Team)0:57:20 
4Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:11:16 
5Kaysee Armstrong (TVB Race/ Tomato Head)1:16:29 
6Kristine Brynjolfson (Trek Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)1:46:12 
7Melissa Mertz (Mountainside Racing)1:48:46 
8Libbey Sheldon (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic)1:53:14 
9Tracy Posner (OLV/Race Pace Bicycles)2:11:33 
10Simona Vincenciova (None)2:25:31 
11Ryanne Palermo (TOP Gear/Team PHenomenal Hope)2:30:01 
12Emily McDonald (Rev3Adventure / Bicycle Outfitters Racing Team)2:37:54 
13Denelle Grant (Bike Factory)2:50:24 
14Melissa Petty (HUB Endurance Women's Cycling)3:13:12 
15Jennie Belt3:13:31 
16Kathleen Sheehan (VeloWorks - Spokes Etc.)3:25:59 
17Karen Talley Mead (The Bike Lane)3:28:10 
18Whitney March (JV Squad/SBC)3:28:55 
19Beverly Richardson (Blue Ridge Adventure Team)3:48:14 
20Brittany Hatcher (Cycles de Oro)3:58:28 
21Julie Guy (The Bike Lane)4:17:08 
22Elizabeth Fulton (The Bike Lane)4:23:13 
23Anne Mader (The Bike Lane)4:23:22 
24Diane Miller4:26:05 
25Mara Miller (Tenafly Bicycle Work Shop)4:30:50 
26Leslie Keck (Bike Lane)4:57:25 
27Brandy Adams (None)4:58:54 
28Esther Schaftel (Adventures for the Cure)5:14:27 
29Liz Notter (The Bike Lane)5:16:00 
30Emily Hairfield (Blue Ridge Cyclery/CRC)5:30:41 
31Elizabeth Hunter5:33:57 
32Lindsey Carpenter (JV Squad/SBC)5:48:10 
33Melissa Cooper (Storm Racing Team)5:58:07 
34Evelyn Cooper (evma)6:01:34 
35Katie Carney (None)6:03:56 
36Paula Baake (DCMTB/Dancing Mind Yoga)6:05:44 
37Kathryn Hansen (Veloworks-Spokes Etc.)6:10:26 
38Christina Higgins (The Bike Lane)6:22:03 
39Elaine Hess (The Bike Lane)6:24:26 
40Lynn Grasso (The Bike Lane)6:29:44 
41Dana Napurano (Team's)6:34:25 
42Christine Bone (Team Enduring Freedom)6:43:55 
43Jennifer Roach (SBR Cycling)6:44:01 
44Megan Lowry (University of Maryland)6:44:41 
DNFPriscilla Baltz (Arkansas Cycling & Fitness)  
DNFGina Inocencio (None)  
DNFKayla Whitaker (Team Ed Racing/Bike Zoo)  
DNFBlair Anderson (Plum Grove Cyclery)  
DNFSarah Temby (RBS)  
DNFJennifer Whedbee (Blue Ridge Cyclery)  
DNFAmy Gentzel  
DNFWhitney Houck (Thistle Dew Brew)  
DNFMichelle Faucher (  
DNFMarcia Lilliana Soto Sandoval  
DNFVirginia Hudson (Women's Multisports of Richmond)  
DNFLeah Rohdes (North Mountain Woodworks/Black Dog Bikes)  
DNFDoyle Pruitt (Geneva Bicycle Center)  
DNSDenise Coppock (Titletown Flyers)  
DNSTracy Betts (The Bike Lane)  
DNSJennifer Moos (Bike Tech / Odyssey Adventure Racing)  
DNSDusty Reppuhn (The Bike Lane)  
DNSRebecca Phillippo (Yorktown Cycles/Bodywise Connection)  
DNSNicole Sheets  
DNSLinda Shin (Crankskins/Blacksmith Cycles)  
Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gordon Wadsworth (Blue Ridge Cyclery)8:18:42 
2Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles)0:04:56 
3Matt Ferrari (FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cyles)0:11:03 
4David Yacobelli (Corning/NoTubes Race Team)0:20:54 
5Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing)0:26:13 
6Chris Michaels (Mark's Bike Shop)0:37:36 
7Dan Atkins (Old Line Velo/ 
8Dwayne Goscinski (Team Noah Foundation)0:46:54 
9Rich Dillen (TEAMDICKY)0:48:51 
10Watts Dixon (The Revolting Cogs)1:03:04 
11Daniel Ingerdal (NYCMTB-Sids)1:04:37 
12John Weigel (GVC)1:06:40 
13Scott Green (Toasted Head Racing)1:09:02 
14Ray Hyland (NYCMTB SIDS)1:16:29 
15Hal Batdorf (LONEWOLFCYCLING.COM)1:19:46 
16Todd Ace (Racing Greyhounds)1:20:04 
17Jeffrey Hellner (EVMA)1:21:36 
18Rich Kidd (TVB Race/ Tomato Head)1:25:49 
19Mike Cordaro1:28:36 
20Collin Snyder ( 
21Tyler Arnold (Craig Foster Made Me Do It)1:33:27 
22Gary Chambers (The Bike Zoo/Team Ed Racing)1:36:34 
23Peat Henry (Free Awsome)1:44:55 
24Joey Parent (Lone Wolf)1:45:17 
25Tommy Oravetz (East Coasters)1:57:42 
26Mark Elsasser (Toasted Head Racing)2:00:32 
27Joel Maynard (SVBC)2:03:26 
28Jim Rivers (None)2:06:19 
29Allen Campbell (Blackwater Bikeshop)2:06:35 
30Simon Cloutier (GVC / Cycles de Oro)2:13:59 
31Evan Ellicott (Bike Doctor p/b DigiSource)2:14:39 
32David Kegley (Single Speed Outlaw, Team Kegley)2:20:50 
33Wilson Hale (Richmond Bicycle Studio Racing)2:24:07 
34Craig Foster (Foghorn Leghorn Productions)2:24:23 
35Chris Joice (Dirty South)2:24:47 
36Jason Stout (Rockrock Allstars!!)2:31:37 
37George Hollerbach2:32:10 
38Todd Bauer (Single Speed Outlaw/Bicycle Escape)2:37:40 
39Bob Sowga2:40:41 
40Jeremy Palermo (Top Gear Bicycle Shop)2:45:41 
41Shane Cusick (Bike Virginia)2:49:52 
42Kerry Slotter (Saucon Valley Bikes / Weyerbacher)2:54:56 
43Anthony Cremeans (Pro Mountain Outfitters)2:56:05 
44Eric Sauer (The Revolting Cogs)3:23:07 
45John Griffiths (NYCMTB-Sids)3:26:52 
46Dan Leggett (WNR)3:38:34 
47Matthew Vail (Starlight Bicycles)3:50:42 
48West Robison (Starlight Bicycles)3:50:43 
49Chris Larkin4:04:18 
50Derek Zimmerman (Galt Innovations)4:10:47 
51Luke Tabor (The Force)4:50:45 
52Robbe Smith4:59:05 
53David Tompkins (Forest Leprechaun / Just The Right Gear)5:26:37 
54John Meek (Cysco Cycles)5:47:31 
55Ed Williams6:04:09 
56Dan Godwin6:04:30 
57Brad Coffman (SBR Cycling)6:07:34 
58Scott Avery (The Lawless Village)6:44:37 
DNFThom Parsons (Dirtwire.TV)  
DNFAdam Clarke (Team Noah Foundation)  
DNFJoseph Delaney (Black Dog Bikes)  
DNFFrank Pohl (None)  
DNFJay Thomas (The Lawless Village)  
DNFDoug Trojan (Bike Loft East)  
DNFRyan MacDonald (Angulated Slack)  
DNFBill Swann (Richmond ASR)  
DNFEdward Williams  
DNFNicholas Barber  
DNFChris Coulter (Cycletherapy)  
DNSBrian Sweeney (None)  
DNSBrad Williams (None)  
DNSIan Palermo (Top Gear / Fit Squared)  
DNSRon Harding (Trestle Bridge Racing)  
DNSJonathan Seibold (Family Bike Shop/DCMTB/Staples Corner Liquors)  
Masters men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jukka Jokela (Medilaser-Specialized MTB Team)8:36:08 
2Roger Masse (Team CF)0:16:09 
3Jim Matthews (MBR/The Bicycle Shop)0:31:59 
4Mark Drogalis (Cycle Center)1:01:22 
5Michael Boyes (Athens Bicycle)1:02:19 
6Henry McCullough (Team Trappe Door p/b POA)1:14:12 
7Bruce Young (Coyotes de Escazu)1:25:02 
8Monte Hewett1:33:14 
9Joseph Baremore (Clean Currents p/b Beyer Kia)1:50:14 
10Charles Richter (Tryon Bike)2:00:03 
11Albert Greene (DCMTB)2:04:43 
12Gregory Cimmino (Bethel Cycles)2:20:06 
13Alain Simard2:31:19 
14Vick Dyer (Micro Metals/Bike Zoo)2:38:08 
15Neal Bambha2:39:20 
16Scottie D (HTFU)2:47:29 
17Michael Bucking2:51:43 
18David Bos2:56:51 
19Tony Papandrea (Team Mt. Airy / T.R. Racing)2:59:35 
20Paul Speranza (Corning/Notubes Race Team)3:15:56 
21Larry Camp3:16:11 
22Paul Worley3:20:50 
23Marc Ehrler (The Bike Lane)3:57:50 
24Ed McCalley (TEAMED/BIKE ZOO)4:19:12 
25David Simpson (The Bike Lane)4:21:31 
26Michael Bender (The Bike Lane)4:21:44 
27Randy Miller (Tenafly Bicycle Work Shop)4:29:09 
28Anthony Griffin (Bicycle Depot)4:34:17 
29Russ Adams (The Bike Lane)4:34:40 
30Kevin Zirkle (SCO)4:38:46 
31Robert Travers (Hampton Riders)5:03:53 
32Stephen Miller (OCRiders - Rokform)5:08:37 
33Larry Cautilli (The Bike Lane)5:29:04 
34Frank Steiner (Tryon Bike)5:29:59 
35Jeff Niner (Veloworks-Spokes, Etc.)5:56:37 
DNFMike Ramponi (None)  
DNFVincent Amodeo (The Bike Lane)  
DNFMatthew Danies (Bikeway)  
DNFGordon Pearson (None)  
DNFLance Shelley  
DNFErnest Rodriguez (The Bike Lane)  
DNFDarryl Fengya  
DNFJohn Tuthill  
DNFBrian Parr (TMR)  
DNFRobert Eiserman (Cambo Racing)  
DNFAlan Hoff  
DNFDan Mock (Wheels on Fire)  
DNFJames Pierce  
DNFMichael Borisky (BT Disciples)  
DNFJeff Steiner (3 S Racing)  
DNFRafael Ortiz (3 S Racing)  
DNFMark Sullivan  
DNSBarry Motsinger (Cycletherapy)  
DNSEddy Clark (None)  
DNSStephen Casey (East-Side Mountain Biking Crew)  
DNSTim Sharff (CYCLES ED)  
DNSJohn Coleman  
Clydesdale men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darius Mark (Specialized Test Team)10:33:45 
2Scott Warren (Bicycle Depot)0:23:33 
3Chad Sexton0:30:33 
4Chris Dobrath (TarrasHeart\Fresh Bikes Arlington)0:43:10 
5Andrew Sunderland (Old Line Velo)0:55:26 
6Jeff Stickle (Black Bear Cycling)1:31:48 
7Chris Colocousis (Golden Corral)2:12:21 
8Jody Beasley (Spokes, Etc)2:25:42 
9Jason Sholl3:37:33 
10Mark Bates (Coqui Cyclery)3:48:09 
11Mark Ivory3:52:22 
12Jeffrey Wise (HPC)3:52:26 
13Palmer Hollister (None)4:21:06 
14Jason Kohrt (Fugue Racing)4:44:46 
DNFBryan Martin  
DNFBrian Poore (DCMTB)  
DNFCarl Roach (SBR Cycling)  
DNFJonathan Evans (Black Dog Bikes)  
DNFScott Warren (Bicycle Depot)  
DNFThomas Howe (VeloWorks-Spokes, Etc.)  
DNFDennett Dwyer (Damascus Moonshiners)  
DNFKeith Garrett (Hug & Tug Racing)  
DNFCraig Attkisson (Green Side Up Landscaping)  
DNFScott Horner  
DNFJohn Howe (Coqui Cyclery)  
DNFDavid Harlowe (The Sport Management Group)  
DNFBernard Verwer  
DNSTim Abbott (Gripped Racing)  
DNSBrian Hyland ( Etc.)  


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