Schurter and Batty take Bonelli Park victories

International podiums in Southern California

Three-time World Champion Nino Schurter (Scott-ODLO Mtb Racing Team) took the early lead and parlayed it to victory in the Bonelli Park US Cup race, holding a slim lead at the line over runner-up Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Bicycles), with Spaniard Sergio Mantecon (Trek) in third.

Although Cannondale Factory Racing’s Henrique Avancini put in the first attack, hitting out hard on the opening lap, it was Schurter who jumped away up the gravel climb to a lead that was nearly scuttled by a puncture on lap five.

Mantecon and Gagne had been working together to slowly pull back Schurter’s lead, and were helped when Schurter had to stop to change the rear puncture. Unfortunately, Schurter once again pulled away with ease toward the start of the penultimate lap. Tired from the chase, Mantecon and Gagne fought hard to keep the Swiss Champion in their sights, only to see Schurter take the win convincingly.

“It was a super tough course out there,“ said Schurter at the finish. “You have to be really careful in cornering. One mistake and you’re crashing. I like the shorter climbs so it was a perfect course for me.”

It the women's race, it was Canadians who led the way, with Emily Batty (Trek) taking a sprint victory over world champion and compatriot Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team), with Swede Jenny Rissveds (Scott-ODLO Mtb Racing Team) third.

Luna Pro Cycling’s Georgia Gould got hole shot, with Specialized’s Lea Davison charging hard just behind. The women flew around the start loop and headed out for the first of six laps. Rissveds was first to attack and establish a commanding lead over the chasing group which contained the Luna Pro contingent of Gould, Katerina Nash and Catharine Pendrel, along with Batty, Erin Huck (Scott 3 Rox) and Larissa Connors (Ridebiker Alliance).

By the second lap, with Rissveds still out front, the chase group began to come apart under the stress of an attacking Pendrel, who continued to apply pressure on the climbs. Pendrel and Batty continued to attack put the others in trouble. At the end of lap two, Pendrel managed to bring Rissveds back, with Huck tacking on at the midpoint of the race.

Pressure on the climbs saw off Huck, as Pendrel and Batty built up a commanding lead that would last until lap five. The leaders sat up for a breath, which enabled Huck to come close to rejoining, followed again by Rissveds. Just as they were about to make contact, Pendrel put in another hard effort to build up another gap on Huck during the descent, Batty again on her wheel.

The two leaders (Pendrel and Batty) seemed content to face off in a finish line sprint, where Batty made a crafty move just past the final left hand turn to come around Pendrel in a tight sprint for the win. Rissveds made it in for third, followed by Gould and Huck.

“I’ve worked so hard leading up to this,“ Batty said. “Hats off to Catharine for not making it easy! I really just had fun with it, throwing the rhythm off and dictating how I wanted it to go. I threw an attack in the corner and left it all out there.”

Full Results

Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nino Schurter (Swi)1:30:21 
2Raphael Gagne (Can)0:00:05 
3Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spa)0:00:22 
4Derek Zandstra (Can)0:00:56 
5Stephen Ettinger (USA)0:01:38 
6Daniel Mcconnell (Aus)0:01:57 
7Adam Morka (Can)0:02:12 
8Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn)0:02:34 
9Martin Loo (Est)0:03:10 
10Russell Finsterwald (USA)0:03:57 
11Fabio Hernando Castaneda Monsalve (Col)0:04:37 
12Cameron Jette (Can)0:04:59 
13Kerry Werner (USA)0:05:04 
14Todd Wells (USA)0:05:05 
15Jeremy Martin (Can)0:05:07 
16Hector Riveros (Col)0:05:43 
17Spencer Paxson (USA)0:05:49 
18Max Plaxton (Can)0:05:54 
19Keegan Swenson (USA)0:06:03 
20Evan Guthrie (Can)0:06:15 
21Geoff Kabush (Can)0:06:50 
22Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can)0:06:58 
23Antoine Caron (Can)0:07:13 
24Cole Oberman (USA)0:07:45 
25Benjamin Sonntag (Ger)0:07:49 
26Brandon Rivera (Col)0:08:00 
27Howard Grotts (USA)0:08:13 
28Troy Wells (USA)0:08:19 
29Thomas Sampson (USA)0:08:48 
30Mitchell Bailey (Can)0:09:05 
31Joseph Maloney (USA)0:11:11 
32Menso De Jong (USA)0:11:41 
33Mitchell Hoke (USA)0:11:52 
34Julien Bourdevaire (Fra)0:12:31 
35Jose Alfredo Pacheco (Mex)0:13:39 
36Evan Mcneely (Can)0:14:58 
37Jon Slaughter (Can)  
38Samuel Brehm (USA)  
39Ryan Woodall (USA)  
40Kris Sneddon (Can)  
41Trevor Deruise (USA)  
42Ken Onodera (Jpn)  
43Jean Louis Bourdevaire (Fra)  
44José Aurelio Hernandez (Mex)  
45Travis Woodruff (USA)  
46Ryan Geiger (USA)  
47Dana Weber (USA)  
48Luke Vrouwenvelder (USA)  
49Brodie Stringer (USA)  
50Guillaume Larose-Gingras (Can)  
51Barry Wicks (USA)  
52Cody Kaiser (USA)  
53David Flaten (USA)  
54Liam Earl (USA)  
55Ernie Watenpaugh (USA)  
56Elliot Reinecke (USA)  
57Gareth Feldstein (USA)  
58Sepp Kuss (USA)  
59Grant Ellwood (USA)  
60Kevin Day (USA)  
61Jun Matsuo (Jpn)  
62John Nobil (USA)  
63Joel Titius (USA)  
64Charles Faucher Robert (Can)  
65Lewis Gaffney (USA)  
66Ingvar Ómarsson ISL  
67Thomas Gauthier (Can)  
68Nick Thomas (USA)  
69Stuart Gonzalez (USA)  
70Gregy Gibson (USA)  
71Brad Auen (USA)  
72Scott Lynch (Can)  
73Stephane Roch (Swi)  
74Garrett Gerchar (USA)  
75Ian Wilkey (USA)  
76Montague Geoffrey (USA)  
77Robert Marion (USA)  
78Craig Wohlschlaeger (USA)  
79Jt Toepel (USA)  
80Jesse Kelly (USA)  
81Colby Pastore (USA)  
82Derek Herman (USA)  
83Trey Jarno (Spa)  
Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Batty (Can)1:32:22 
2Catharine Pendrel (Can)0:00:01 
3Jenny Rissveds (Swe)0:00:17 
4Erin Huck (USA)0:00:20 
5Georgia Gould (USA)0:01:22 
6Chloe Woodruff (USA)0:01:50 
7Larissa Connors (USA)0:01:59 
8Lea Davison (USA)0:02:46 
9Katerina Nash (Cze)0:03:29 
10Rebecca Henderson (Aus)0:04:47 
11Rose Grant (USA)0:05:30 
12Maghalie Rochette (Can)0:05:46 
13Kate Courtney (USA)0:06:59 
14Evelyn Dong (USA)0:07:50 
15Andrea Waldis (Swi)0:09:15 
16Megan Carrington (USA)0:09:42 
17Amy Beisel (USA)0:13:49 
18Elyse Nieuwold (Can)0:14:46 
19Erin Alders (USA)0:16:22 
20Alexis Skarda (USA)0:17:15 
21Nina Baum (USA)  
22Amanda Nauman (USA)  
23Rotem Gafinovitz (Isr)  
24Elizabeth White (USA)  
25Kaylee Blevins (USA)  
26Chloe Cross (Can)  
27Molly Throdahl (USA)  
28Katlyn Dundas (Can)  
29Kris Gross (USA)  
30Sarah Lynch (Can)  
31Megan Chinburg (USA)  
32Caroline Mani (Fra)  
33Emily Shields (USA)  
34Nelson Tracie (USA)  
35Johanne Albrigtsen (USA)  
36Abbey Alexaides (USA)  


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