Meares dominates as Keirin deciders play out

Glaetzer tops elite men

Women's Keirin

Meares' win in the keirin brought her career tally of Australian track titles to 29 but she had to fend off a late charge from Sydney's Kaarle McCulloch to secure the victory.

"I'm not after the easy win, I'm after the win that's going to make me better," said Meares who also won team sprint and sprint gold medals this week. "And that hurt like hell. The old lactic acid isn't anyone's friend, is it?"

Meares grabbed the wheel of the derny pace bike from the start and used it to full advantage, powering away from her rivals as the bike left the track. She surged to a massive lead and McCulloch, who was caught in traffic, had to firstly pass four others before she could try to close the gap. She made up ground quickly but Meares held on to win by mere centimetres.

"When I saw I'd drawn one and Kaarle had drawn six, I thought that was a good opportunity to put some distance between us and make her work really hard as well," explained Meares of the draw that put her at the bottom of the track and McCulloch at the top on the start line.

"I realised the gap was significant, but not enough to withstand a good run from Kaarle, so I had to really commit otherwise I was going to find myself in the position where I was going to be run down," she said. "This is the most level event for the two of us to come head-to-head, you saw that, I won it by half a tyre. (But) I'd rather almost lose than almost win."

But the pair will soon reunite for the team sprint in which they have won the world title for the past three years.

"I'm actually really excited, I feel like I've taken a great deal of confidence from these championships," said Meares. "The plan that Gary (West - coach) has for me is working and that goes a long way when you're out there on your own - sometimes that trust or backing is all you have.

"I will be leaning on that for sure," Meares added.

McCulloch had no regrets after collecting one gold and three silver medals at the championships.

"I wasn't quite expecting the gap to open up that quickly, but I bided my time and I went as hard as I could, but I guess I just needed five more metres of track," said McCulloch. "But I am happy with how I rode today as I think it was probably one of the first keirin championships where I had a little bit of patience.

"Plus, I was a good deal off her at the 200m mark and I almost got her, so I have to be pretty happy with the speed in my legs right now," she said.

Men's Keirin

Nineteen-year-old Matthew Glaetzer thrilled the crowd with a display of power and control that belied his years to claim his maiden senior keirin crown.

"It's massive, I didn't expect it to be honest," said Glaetzer, who burst on to the international scene at 17 when he won the sprint/keirin double at the junior world titles. "I just went out there and tried to execute my perfect race to win and it came together."

Glaetzer unleashed a withering burst of speed that left the rest of the field, including reigning world champion Shane Perkins, scramblingfor position in his wake.

At the bell lap Glaetzer was still in front with Perkins boxed in by the NSW duo of Andrew Taylor and Mitch Bullen. Spurred on by his hometown fans Glaetzer, a former pole vaulter, lunged at the line to clinch the win from Taylor with Bullen third. Perkins finished fourth.

"I knew I had to get to the front, put myself in a position to win and make it really hard for the others to come around," said Glaetzer, who teamed with Glasspool and Nathan Corrigan on Friday night to win the team sprint title.

"I expected Perkins to charge, and when I spotted him near the back I thought if he's going to win this, he's going to have to hit and get to the front.

"Then I saw him attack and responded pretty hard to make sure I kept front position, which I did." added Glaetzer.

Elite women Keirin qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anna Meares (SA)0:00:11.910 
2Adele Sylvester (VIC)  
3Cassandra Flugge (WA)  
4Stefanie Fernandez-Preiska (QLD)  
5Madison Law (NSW)  
Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)0:00:11.421 
2Catherine Culvenor (ACT)  
3Holly Williams (WA)  
4Ziggy Callan (VIC)  
5Rikki Belder (SA)  
6Rebecca Stevenson (QLD)  
Elite Women Keirin Repecharge
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rikki Belder (SA)0:00:12.750 
2Madison Law (NSW)  
3Cassandra Flugge (WA)  
4Stefanie Fernandez-Preiska (QLD)  
DNFZiggy Callan (VIC)  
DNFHolly Williams (WA)  
Elite Women Keirin Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anna Meares (SA)0:00:11.713 
2Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)  
3Catherine Culvenor (ACT)  
4Rikki Belder (SA)  
5Adele Sylvester (VIC)  
6Madison Law (NSW)  
7Ziggy Callan (VIC)  
8Stefanie Fernandez-Preiska (QLD)  
9Cassandra Flugge (WA)  
Elite men Keirin - Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitchell Bullen (NSW)0:00:10.452 
2Jason Niblett (VIC)  
3Matthew Glaetzer (SA)  
4Jungyeol Kim (KOR)  
5Alexander Trumble (WA)  
Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Taylor (NSW)0:00:10.609 
2Scott Sunderland (WA)  
3James Glasspool (SA)  
4Nathan Hart (ACT)  
5Seokhwan Jeong (KOR)  
6Jaron Gardiner (VIC)  
Heat 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shane Perkins (VIC)0:00:10.410 
2Peter Lewis (NSW)  
3Alex Bird (ACT)  
4Aaron Cooper (WA)  
5Nathan Corrigan (SA)  
DNFZac Deller (QLD)  
Elite Men Keirin Repechage
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Glaetzer (SA)0:00:10.701 
2James Glasspool (SA)  
3Jason Niblett (VIC)  
4Peter Lewis (NSW)  
5Alex Bird (ACT)  
6Scott Sunderland (WA)  
Elite Men Keirin Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Glaetzer (SA)0:00:10.347 
2Andrew Taylor (NSW)  
3Mitchell Bullen (NSW)  
4Shane Perkins (VIC)  
5Jason Niblett (VIC)  
6James Glasspool (SA)  
7Scott Sunderland (WA)  
8Peter Lewis (NSW)  
9Alex Bird (ACT)  
Under 19 Team Sprint Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emerson Harwood (VIC)0:00:47.068 
 Jacob Schmid (VIC)  
 Zac Shaw (VIC)  
2Jai Angsuthasawit (SA)0:00:47.877 
 Patrick Constable (SA)  
 Alex Radzikiewicz (SA)  
3Matthew Beazley (NSW)0:00:47.942 
 Reece Robinson (NSW)  
 Nicholas Yallouris (NSW)  
4Nathan Lyons (WA)0:00:51.472 
 Drew Popperwell (WA)  
 Theodore Yates (WA)  
Gold & Silver Medals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emerson Harwood (VIC)0:00:47.034 
 Jacob Schmid (VIC)  
 Zac Shaw (VIC)  
2Jai Angsuthasawit (SA)0:00:47.678 
 Patrick Constable (SA)  
 Alex Radzikiewicz (SA)  
Bronze Medal
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
3Matthew Beazley (NSW)0:00:48.075 
 Reece Robinson (NSW)  
 Nicholas Yallouris (NSW)  
4Nathan Lyons (WA)0:00:51.386 
 Drew Popperwell (WA)  
 Theodore Yates (WA)  


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