Windham World Cup gravity courses set for weekend test

Gravity East Series racers to compete on downhill and dual slalom courses

Less than a week after New York's Windham Mountain was designated as a UCI World Cup venue for 2010, gravity racers will get to preview the World Cup downhill and four cross courses in competition. The Gravity East Series is heading to Windham Mountain on June 27-28

With the addition of Windham Mountain to next year's World Cup, three of Gravity East's first four 2009 events have been, or will be, host to UCI World Cup Downhills. The Gravity East at Windham Mountain will utilize both new UCI courses this weekend. The new downhill course is roughly 3:20 long and based on the popular course first used at last year's national series event. There have been additions to both the beginning and end of the course, notably the "Black Bear Slide", a feature so technical that it will be used only for the expert and professional divisions. The weekend will also see the debut of Windham's brand new four cross World Cup course when it is used for the second race of Gravity East's dual slalom series. The course is expected to be nearly one-minute long.

Windham Mounta is a well-known ski mountain, but the mountain bike program is new, with the first tree having been cut in April of 2008. Thus far, Special Events Director Rick Hodge and the Windham Mountain staff have been intent on establishing the resort as a first-class competition venue, but plans call for a full network of lift-assisted and cross country trails to be open for recreational riding by next spring.

Heading into this weekend's racing, there is a tight battle for the overall championship. Jason Memmelaar ( / Manitou) has 2,430 points and holds onto a narrow lead in the elite men's category ahead of Alejandro Ortiz (NEMA) with 2,340 points. Nine riders are still within one win of the lead in the overall.

The wild card, however is dropped races. 2009 race winners Neko Mulally (Specialized Team America) and Sean McClendon both used one of their three drop races when they bypassed last week's event in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. Of the two, Mulally has the upper hand as, with a first and a second place, he has the best average finishing position of any racer on the circuit in the races he has attended. Mulally also leads the dual slalom standings.

On the women's side, Stephanie Gubernat (Vertical Earth / Cutters Bike Shop), Hillary Elgert and Rae Gandolf (Sierra Nevada) have distanced themselves from the rest of the competition.

Standings of the Gravity East Series are below.

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Elite men

1Jason Memmelaar2430 pts
2Alejandro Ortiz2340 
3Ben Hulse2257 
4Jason Beckley2192 
5Justin Gregory2175 
6Jeff Cayley2172 
7Tyler Wilson2154 
8Neko Mulally1670 
9Sean Mcclendon1600 
10Geritt Beytagh1537 
11Trevyn Newpher1515 
12Jonthan Gaber1500 
13Ethan Quehl1495 
14Tim Price1455 
15Geoffrey Ulmer1448 
16Michael Thomas1441 
17Bj Treglia1432 
18Brian Yannuzzi1420 
19Marvin Scanland1394 
20Dan Whitehead1391 
21Gavin Vaughan795 
22Szymon Kowalski780 
23Trevor Hallenbeck750 
24Chuck Pitts718 
25John Leslie714 
26Christopher Talotta702 
27David Haas694 
28Zach Faulkner694 
29Justin Beers690 
30Marvin Scanland690 
31Matty Komar687 
32Erik Gosselin687 
33Josh Misevcis684 
34Terry Hinton681 
35Ken Walter678 
36Tim White675 

Elite women

1Stephanie Gubernat2485 pts
2Hillary Elgert2430 
3Gandolf Rae2038 
4Allegra Burch855 
5Lauren Petersen795 
6Ellen Adams765 
7Alicia Jakomait750 
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