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Wiggins angry over damage Armstrong has done to cycling

Stephen Farrand
January 24, 2013, 20:07,
January 25, 2013, 09:57
Second Edition Cycling News, Thursday, January 24, 2013
Lance Armstrong Oprah Interview
Bradley Wiggins made history as the first British winner of the Tour de France

Bradley Wiggins made history as the first British winner of the Tour de France

  • Bradley Wiggins made history as the first British winner of the Tour de France

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Video: Sky captain feels no sympathy

Bradley Wiggins has revealed he watched Lance Armstrong's doping confession with his seven year old son, happy in the knowledge that he will never have to confess to lying to his children about his career.
Wiggins spoke to the media at Team Sky's training camp in Mallorca. He seemed relaxed and happy during a long sit down session with journalists, even when facing questions about teammate Chris Froome.

His mood changed when asked about Armstrong.

"Part of me didn’t want to watch it. The fan in me didn’t want that perception of him as an amazing athlete to be broken. Then I watched it with my seven year-old son," Wiggins said with a slightly emotional voice.

"Those initial six question, the yes-no answers, just watching him suddenly cave in after all these years of lying so convincingly, there was a lot of anger, a lot of sadness and I was slightly emotional as well, if I'm honest. It was difficult to watch. My wife couldn't watch it and walked out of the room."

Wiggins was angry for the damage Armstrong's doping has done to cycling. Yet he explained that he also had a moment of pride, when he realised he will never have to go through the same terrible moment with his son.

"It's heart breaking for the sport and then the anger kicks in. (I felt) What a fucking arsehole! I felt all the natural things that most people watching it felt," Wiggins said.

"It was difficult. Then I had to explain it my son because he'd won the same race his dad had won. But by the end of the hour and a half, I had the best feeling in the world (slapping the palm of his hands together).  

"When he started welling up about his 13 year-old son, and him asking what's all this about. I never have to have that conversation with my own son. His father's won the Tour clean and there's this element of being quite smug about the whole thing."

"Then I got quite: 'You deserve everything you got.' So within two hours of watching the whole thing, the emotions were up and down. By the end I didn’t feel any sympathy for at all."

During his interview with Oprah Winfrey, Armstrong insisted that he didn’t dope when he made is comeback in 2009, saying he had promised is former wife Kristin that he would 'not cross the line'. Wiggins said he didn’t believe him, recalling moments from when they raced shoulder to shoulder at the Tour de France.

"The thing which upset me the most was about 2009 and 2010. I thought: 'You lying bastard'." Wiggins said.

"I can remember going toe to toe with him and watching his body language and watching the man I saw at the top of the Verbier in 2009, to the man I saw at the top of the Ventoux, a week later in dope control together. It wasn't the same bike rider… Just watch the videos of how the guy was riding. I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth anymore."

aqua lung More than 1 year ago
tunnel vision......what about your former team doc and so many more. if you don't correctly ID problem it can't be fixed.
Alpe73 More than 1 year ago
Aqua lung, my friend ..... don't start away uneasy .... you poor old sod .... Sorry, a.l. - couldn't resist ... that bloody song'll be in my head for a week. Anyway .... back to the bikes :-) -Alpe
aqua lung More than 1 year ago
someone had to do it :)
adamgros More than 1 year ago
what a fucking pussy. he is able to portray himself as a noble figure because he races in a different era. he would have done the same if he had been racing in that era when you had to dope to win le tour. not to mention we all know that armstrong could probably have destroyed wiggins even without doping. Wiggins is such a coward to speak about the sport like this. He probably doped at some point too. i don't see the point in acting high and mighty. No doubt that armstrong has done some pretty horrific things but I CANT stand seeing other cyclists act like they are so far away from this when it is part of the sport for the recent history. be a man and admit it has been part of the sport but you know appose it. don't elevate yourself at the expense of others before you. cycling is boring as fuck to watch now anyways with riders like wiggins winning. pussy.
epofuel More than 1 year ago
Wiggins is painful to listen to. Rides for a dominant team with a doping doctor. Michael Rogers was on the team, and we know why he had to leave Sky. Wiggins has a long, long way to go. Armstrong damaged cycling? Wiggo, Armstrong´s rise was so huge that nothing in cycling history can compare to the international exposure cycling got from this, rightly or wrongly. Nothing. The doping damages cycling, but then, your SKY TEAM DOCTOR is about be shown in an equally bad light. So have fun with that. My hunch is that he had a huge role at Rabo, and that will come out soon. No sympathy? Well, I´m sorry. Why feel bad for Lance? He doped, he made the decision as a mature adult, just like all the other dopers of that era. End of story. It´s a fact. But it was all individual choices, because none of them chose to go away like Bassons. Nobody is asking for sympathy.. Wiggins is part of a larger trend in modern cycling...which is when racers open their mouths, it´s just BLAH. It´s blah. Nothing to say. Just BLAH. No philosophy at all. No culture. Nothing.
killermeter More than 1 year ago
Wiggins won the tour for one reason, team orders, Froome is a much better climber and can drop him at will, Wiggins is boring to watch and more boring to listen to, acting all philsophical, there is more philosophy on the back of a cheerios box
DrBigRing More than 1 year ago
Perhaps Wiggins should address the damage he's caused cycling after exposing fans to such an incredibly boring TDF last year. His style of racing (or lack thereof) is as exciting as watching paint dry.
LaBici More than 1 year ago
it was NOT boring. But i grant you it wasn't super-human doped-up riding. you are the type of fan that is destroying cycling. go away moron.
DrBigRing More than 1 year ago
Thank you for the kind words. I'll be sure to let the folks at Mensa know I've been relegated to the moronic level.
dingophoto More than 1 year ago
I suspect that they are well aware.
roadhard More than 1 year ago
I agree. Team Sky came prepared.
rear flat More than 1 year ago
True. The only difference between Armstrong and Wiggins is that, at least lance had a convincing story to explain the sudden change of form when climbing and at the tour, (cancer). Wiggins can plead innocence all he wants, but to people who really know cycling will always continue to question what is not humanly possible.
richard in crawley More than 1 year ago
you seem to be missing the point. wiggins has improved his climbing a bit but of more importance is the others have come back down a bit if you know what i mean.i would love to be there if you ever get the chance of accusing Wiggo of being a cheat , face to face.
pinocchio More than 1 year ago
The Tour is never boring, but last year was certainly not vintage. Don't blame Wiggins for the lack of competition. He did what he had to do.
PeterMc More than 1 year ago
Agreed. It was not Sky's place to make a race of it, the only time another GC contender attacked was when a very off song Evans decided to have a crack. The otehr so called contenders just acted like sheep and followed without assisting, or just stayed with the main bunch... If that is the quality of contenders out there with out PED's well that's boring. Just look at the Olympic Road Race, when Stuey couldn't take charge anymore and that final prang took out the real contender the sheep completely loss their way leaving Vinnie and (sorry old timers disease) the columbian to medal....
Pignone Fisso More than 1 year ago
ColOmbian, not ColUmbian. Uran is a solid rider (top 10 in the Giro), that makes him dangerous in any situation; and of course, Vino was always a threat.
PeterMc More than 1 year ago
Pick on my spelling will you???? I'll take you to court!! I'll Sue you you'll never blog in this town again.............. ;-) Besides I thought it was Colombian not ColOmbian :-p
Lamby101 More than 1 year ago
Not sure Evans was 'off song', Sky looked very much a doped up 'US Postal' version 2.0. Sky dominated - in an 'in-human' way. Take a guy like Rogers - suddenly riding away from Evans and leading packs up the hills like he was when he was part of the Ulrich Telecom team - and we know how that came about. He can only do that we he is with suspect teams.
pinocchio More than 1 year ago
Not sure he was 'off song' - 2011 1st, 2012 weaker field 7th. That qualifies as 'off song' in my book. I'm afraid there is nothing yet that justifies the vitriol aimed at Wiggins and SKY. I suspect that most of this is just a knee-jerk reaction by those who drank the postal cool-aid. The employment of the dodgy doctor is very unfortunate and I would love more comment from Brailsford, hopefully this will be forthcoming when the authorities are done investigating. A BIG BIG difference between SKY and Postal is that Yates, Julich, Leinders and Rogers, would all still be working for them. If SKY had kept these guys on they would be criticized. What should they do?
Almon Poole More than 1 year ago
Man, it's people like you who demand exciting races (stages) and then bitch when their heroes test positive for something. The best way to combat doping is to shorten the stages in the biggest events, like the Tour. Then guys don't have to dope to win it as it become more manageable.
Morpheus00 More than 1 year ago
We wait generations for a truly great British cyclist and when we get one armchair critics whine that he doesn't ride in an interesting enough way for them. Can't you get into footie or something?
Stumpy More than 1 year ago
One season does not make anyone a "truly great" cyclist. Maintain that level for a few years and then I'll agree.
Morpheus00 More than 1 year ago
In terms of British track cycling he is truly great, I'm not claiming he's an all time great yet. As you say we'll have to wait and see on that. I'm just taken aback by the negativity amongst some British cycling 'fans'.
Chuck_T More than 1 year ago
Stumpy he's been at a high level for a long time. Cycling is not just road and the TDF.
happytramp More than 1 year ago
To be fair, show a single other rider who actually called him a 'lying bastard' for his claim that he rode 08, 09 clean.
aqua lung More than 1 year ago
also known as the "if i rant about lance no one will ask me about geert" strategy
LaBici More than 1 year ago
Pignone Fisso More than 1 year ago
Easy with the name-calling.
the_musette_cc More than 1 year ago
he only ranted because journo's asked him the question
ceramiccyclist More than 1 year ago
Your're not on your own Brad. I don't believe him about his comeback either.
Sean Redmond More than 1 year ago
Wait 10 to 15 years from now and Team Sky will come out on how they doped together for the 2012 TDF. Then Wiggins can explain to his kids that he was not cheating, just maintaining a level playing field.
Shawn Ransford More than 1 year ago
HOW TRUE. Note the articles about PDM in the late 80's through the 90's now coming out about doping and the withdrawl of the whole team because of blood transfussions with bad blood.
route66 More than 1 year ago
All riders at that level cheat in some way.Thats the way it has always been and the way it will always be! So what
dsotherby More than 1 year ago
Sad, these comments only show the misfortunate legacy that Lance has left behind. It's true that there are many counts of doping in the history of all sports, but there are clean riders in every generation (read Marco Pinotti's book). Not every rider cheats, that's the myth that LA left us all with. Truly sad to see the commentary here.
Larry @CycleItalia More than 1 year ago
+1 One of the saddest legacies of BigTex will be the so-called fans he brought to the sport. Americans when I first came over to see LeTour were LeMond fans, interested in the cycling culture of Europe vs the "kick their ass, eat their cheese" xenophobic/jingoistic sorts that came along with BigTex.
Morpheus00 More than 1 year ago
And your evidence for this would be....? (Remember, 'they all did it in the past, thus they all did it now' is a logical fallacy). Evidence against your argument: better EPO detection, more regular off season checks, and, most tellingly the Peloton has slowed down considerably since the 90s.
Morpheus00 More than 1 year ago
* must be doing it now...
richard in crawley More than 1 year ago
i have a hundred english pounds here says your wrong.. but i may not be alive in 15 years.
Cheetah Connelly More than 1 year ago
Never say never......"Bradley"
spinrod More than 1 year ago
how mcuh dope did you take to win the tour?
gilgamesh1971 More than 1 year ago
How much perhaps? Dont be an idiot!
Corrupted Mind More than 1 year ago
What I expect he will have to explain to his kids is whether he ever saw any of the team mates he was eating and sleeping with in Cofidis use performance enhancing drugs. I mean we saw all the dramatics but you honestly didn't know what Vino or Moreni was up to? It was never suggested to you in that team? You were never tempted? Then he has to explain how he joined the remnant T-mobile team (the team of Ulrich). I could go on. But as I've been explaining to those Johnny-Cum-Lately-Team-Sky Cycling fans. If you were around back then, you definitely saw something and said nothing. The cynic in me says the reason he never joined a "top team" and got on a program back then was that he wasn't good enough.
David Johnson More than 1 year ago
I have no respect for Wiggins...none for LA either. Certainly, if they are saying LA is guilty by association, Wiggins is, too and there is plenty to suggest that he was on something during last year's tour. I don't think it is wise for the pot to call the kettle black. Instead of everyone expending their energy pointing the finger, why not spend energy figuring out how to solve the problems. What is done is done, it can't be changed and it seems silly to waste any more time on it.
jbeevi More than 1 year ago
'Plenty to suggest that he wason something' - what evidence is that then? He was the strongest time triallist all year, no suprise in the tour then (no miracles like Stefan Schumacher or Vino). Climbingwise, his team dominated the whole season and he climbed conservatively all the way, no major attacks or anything that screams out doper. He has also been very consistent on his anti doping views for the whole time, ever since he turned pro, being a genuine anti doping advocate.
hanrob34 More than 1 year ago
Watch the 1999 TDF and 2012 for some highly improbable team performance and conservative defense of yellow. Sky's Mick Rogers and Richie Port rode like Kevin Livingstone and Tyler Hamilton - perhaps better imho.
ridleyrider More than 1 year ago
Your own statement "Climbingwise, his team dominated the whole season" Kind of conflicts with you other statement that there was not anything that screams out doper... Not saying he did or didn't, but a dominant team for an entire season has gotta raise a few eyebrows
Morpheus00 More than 1 year ago
By that argument every dominant team in every sport must be doping. Can't a team dominate because they're the best and have some great riders? The argument that the best must be doping, purely by virtue of the fact that they're the best is baseless.
ridleyrider More than 1 year ago
Has proven out quite to be the case quite often.... Hard to argue there...
sideshadow More than 1 year ago
So what about Froome? He beat both Cancellara and 'the best time triallist', during the Tour, yes? That was extremely surprising for me. As for the climbing, the entire ride was basically a massive attack, no one could keep pace. Same as Indurain back in the day, just because they don't get out of the saddle doesn't make them less likely to be doping. Consistent in his views? He previously said 'If there's a 1% suspicion or doubt that a team is working with certain doctors, then they shouldn't be invited to the Tour de France'. So does Leinders and Bartalucci factor into that!?
Morpheus00 More than 1 year ago
Should not have surprised you had you watched Froome's career. His performance was not at all surprising after the Giro. Cancellera is past his best. And what evidence can you present that he's not doping? By your argument he must have been.
sideshadow More than 1 year ago
After the Giro!? What are you on about? He finished 36th in 2009 and withdrew in 2010! Sign of great things to come I'm sure. 2011 was the first year that SKY got results in Grand Tours and happens to coincide with the arrival of Leinders and others. And obviously there's no evidence.
Chuck_T More than 1 year ago
"if they are saying LA is guilty by association" Care to elaborate on that David ?
Almon Poole More than 1 year ago
Wiggo won the tour because of his time trailing ability and the fact that there was not one HC mountain in the entire Tour last year..... This year will be very different.
aqua lung More than 1 year ago
this sounds so familiar.....
BigBoat More than 1 year ago
"guilty by association" are you serious David? You must be joking...
Lamby101 More than 1 year ago
They had 3-4 blokes who consistently pulled away from Evans on the big climbs! Guys who Evans has never had problems riding away from in the past - Wiggans, Porte, Rogers and (maybe) Froome. His team gets a doping doctor from Rabobank. It has Kelly as a Director - if you read Tyler's book he is a known doper. There is plenty of guilt by association.
Morpheus00 More than 1 year ago
That's how cycling works. Rider's come into their best whilst others are in decline. Wiggo has made enormous sacrifices and changed his entire approach to training to become a decent climber. He has always been a strong time triallist.
David Johnson More than 1 year ago
He was "guilty by association" long before any of this came to light. And as Lamby101 and I point out, there is plenty to suggest the same about Wiggins. Frankly, I don't think anyone in the Pro peleton is completely clean and I doubt the sport will ever be 100% drug free. You are always going to have that one Chowder Head that thinks he can beat the system and as long as one person cheats, the playing field will never be even. As unpopular as this might be, let them all take whatever they want...then the best will rise to the top and there won't be anything to dispute their results. As long as there have been sports, there have been cheaters. It isn't ever going to change.
roadhard More than 1 year ago
guilty by association. Did you not read or hear about the interview with oprah?
Lance Armstrong