Tour de France video: Froome on doping, winning on Mont Ventoux

Maillot jaune adamant he's racing clean

On the second rest day of the Tour de FranceChris Froome faced several questions from the media relating to doping, with the race leader asked to reassure the press corp that he was riding and winning the Tour clean.

The questions have turned up a notch after Froome’s win on Mont Ventoux, while Sky’s somewhat understandable hesitation to release their data have fanned the flames.

Froome, himself, understands why questions have been raised given the nature of the sport and the rampant doping that has distorted races and results for years.

The British rider remained adamant, though, that he is clean and in this video talks about his stance on doping, winning on Mont Ventoux and the pressures of leading the biggest bike race in the world.

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