This weekend's rider protests called off

McQuaid and Bugno's meeting results in ceasefire

UCI President Pat McQuaid's agreement to meet with CPA president Gianni Bugno over the controversial radio ban, has resulted in planned protests for the E3 Prijs Vlaanderen this weekend being cancelled.

In response to McQuaid's open letter to cyclists, Bugno had written to McQuaid and the UCI asking for a meeting to discuss a number of topics, including doping and the radio ban.

"Well, almost one year after my appointment as president and after having repeatedly asked for a meeting with you, with a letter dated 14th March 2011, you finally expressed me your availability, under the condition that I withdraw any initiative conflicting UCI," writes Bugno.

"Is this the friendship that, according to art. 2 of its constitution, the UCI and its president are supposed to encourage between all members of the cycling world?"

Bugno closes his letter with a "promise to ask the racers to suspend the action planned for March 26th provided that you give us a sign of genuine dialogue."

This has since been actioned with Bugno informing his constituents of the following: "I ask you to suspend the protest scheduled for March the 26th because after my letter of the 22nd of March, the UCI President Pat Mac Quaid told me and assured his full readiness to meet us in the coming days to listen to our demands.

"I'll keep you informed on the outcome of the meeting by which we will decide whether to continue our protest actions or not."

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