SRAM offers mechanical brakes as temporary hydraulic replacement

In wake of road-hydraulic-brake recall, SRAM outlines plan

This article originally published on BikeRadar

After recalling its entire line of road hydraulic brakes, SRAM has offered to get consumers mechanical replacements until a hydraulic solution is in place.

SRAM's website spells out the details for riders in Asia, Europe and North America.

The mechanical replacement will be provided through SRAM dealers globally, who, SRAM says, will be compensated for their time and labor.

In Europe, SRAM will then offer each affected customer the option of getting a new hydraulic system when it's ready, or a check for €150.

In Asia, SRAM will offer each affected customer a new hydraulic system when ready, or a check for US$200.

In North America, SRAM is still working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine a reimbursement amount. A voucher for product will also be offered as an alternative to cash.

SRAM anticipates the replacement mechanical systems being available by January 15, at which time another information update will be released.

The ultimate plan is to get customers back on hydraulic brakes — in a next-generation form — when they are ready.

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