Pinarello apologises over sexist advert

Italian bike brand pulls marketing campaign

Italian bike brand Pinarello has made a public apology after promotional material for its new e-road bike, Nytro, sparked accusations of sexism and a social media protest.

A press release and postings on the official Pinarello Instagram account described several suggested user types for the new electric assisted bike. One implied that women needed the extra assistance of the e-bike to keep up with men.

It showed a portrait of a young woman with a caption that read: Emma, 24 years old, 'Couple Rider'. Alongside the photo was a post that read, “I’ve always wanted to go cycling with my boyfriend but it seemed impossible. Soon everything will become possible.”

In contrast, a second Nytro profile showed a photo of a man in a business suit with a caption that read, “No time to work out during the week, but I would never miss a Sunday ride with my friends! Soon I’ll be able to fill the gap."

Many members of the cycling community were angry with the marketing campaign, calling it sexist because the company implied that women couldn't ride at the same speed as men without a motor.

Pinarello, who supply bikes to men's and women's WorldTour teams has since pulled both ads from its social media channel. It also posted an apology, insisting that values of diversity and equality are core to Pinarello.

“Our recent advertisement failed to reflect the values of diversity and equality that are core to Pinarello,” the message reads.

“The Nytro is designed to make cycling accessible to more people and our advertisement clearly failed to convey that message. We sincerely apologize and have pulled the ad.” 

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