Mountain bikers to race around the clock in Pennsylvania

Seven Springs hosts 10th annual 24-hour challenge

This year's 24-Hour Champion Challenge will celebrate its 10th edition in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. The 24-hour event will run the standard noon Saturday to noon Sunday format on September 5-6.

This year's course has been redesigned to include some additional rolling terrain and rocky technical sections and now measures just short of 13 miles. In previous years, the course was 12 miles in length.

Racers can compete in the following classes: five-person co-ed, four-person, corporate, co-ed and solo. The teams will work together in a relay fashion.

"Endurance, teamwork and the ability to have fun are required," said Melissa Cullin, the resort's special event's manager and the race's technical director. "It is always thrilling at the beginning of the race, but you can't help but be amazed watching the teams head out to navigate the course after the sun goes down. Sunrise really is a big morale booster after a long night of competition."

"The 24-Hour Champion Challenge is more for fun than a typical National Championship Race, but some competitors will be competing for bonus points in the Mid-Atlantic Super Series," adds Cullin.

Athletes who race in the regional mountain bike series are eligible to earn bonus points by competing in the Labor Day weekend event. For information on the bonus points and the Mid-Atlantic Super Series, visit

For information on the Champion Challenge, visit

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