Milram to continue sponsorship

In light of recent doping scandals and Erik Zabel's recent confession , Team Milram's sponsor...

In light of recent doping scandals and Erik Zabel's recent confession, Team Milram's sponsor Nordmilch AG will not be withdrawing its support for the cycling team.

"Nordmilch AG appreciates Erik Zabel's openness and his contribution to the reappraisal of the past," according to a press release, but left open questions about Zabel's future with the team.

"For us as a comparatively young cycling sponsor, any form of coming to terms with the past is important to be sure that we invest in clean cycling. [Zabel's statement] does not influence the decision on the continuation of the sponsoring engagement. According to our agreement, the cooperation will be continued.

"For our brand Milram, no kind of connection to the matter of doping is imagineable. We always made it clear to our riders that successes are only of value to us if they are achieved on a natural basis. We don't want sporting successes at any cost.

"Therefore a clear principle applies since the foundation of Team Milram. If anybody dopes, he is out. For us, a one-to-one conversation with Erik Zabel is important to decide how we can react appropriately to his declaration."

If Zabel should be let go by Milram, he may not have to look around long for a new job. Bob Stapleton, team manager of the T-Mobile Team, Zabel's former squad, told Cyclingnews that he would hire the sprinter "in a minute".

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