Miguel Indurain Jr signs with the Caja Rural development squad

Spanish team aim to develop 18-year-old in their amateur set-up

After recently announced the signing of Miguel Indurain Jr, the son of Spain’s five-time Tour de France winner, the Caja Rural-RGA team has outlined their development plans for the 18-year-old rider.

“It’s a real pleasure having him in our ranks, but we know that we have to go very slowly,” said Caja Rural DS Jaime Garzón.

The winner of the Navarran junior road and time trial titles back in the summer, the son of the Tour de France great will step up into Caja Rural’s under-23 team in 2014.

Speaking to the Spanish Marca newspaper , Garzón explains how Spain’s second most prominent team likes to bring as many riders as possible through their under-23 squad.

“The team acts as a feeder for the professional set-up, but we like to have riders there for at least two or three years to get to know everything about them and be in a position to decide who has the ability to step up,” Garzón said. “We will have to see how he fares as is the case with the rest of the youngsters who have to keep progressing. We have to help form them both from a sporting perspective and a human one.”

Garzón recognises that there is likely to be a lot of interest in 18-year-old Indurain, but insists it’s far too early to say what his potential is.

“He is very young and has to keep developing and we will see how he gets on,” Garzón explained. “His name alone is an incentive to have him in the team. But he’s also from our local region and we think that from a sporting perspective he’s got a long road ahead of him.”

Indurain’s father has understandably played down his son’s move into the under-23 ranks. The Tour winner insists his son’s main focus will be on his law and economics studies. He believes his son’s 2014 season will be nothing more than one of acclimatisation in the under-23 ranks.

However, speaking to El Diario de Navarra, Indurain Sr said: “Genetics are pushing him towards being a rouleur. He’s got big legs.”

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