Lacondeguy wins first Airdrome indoor dirt jump event

Fireworks launched the inaugural indoor dirt jump event in Munich’s Olympic Hall on December 15th,...

Fireworks launched the inaugural indoor dirt jump event in Munich’s Olympic Hall on December 15th, but riders kept spectators’ eyes focused toward the ceiling with a flurry of flips and spinning tricks. In the end, the top three riders visited the podium: Andreu Lacondeguy (Spain), Darren Berrecloth (Canada), and Lance McDermott (United Kingdom).

The dirt jumps were some of the largest jumps ever used for a mountain bike dirt jump contest. The first jump was 35 feet long and the second one was 20 feet . Most riders were a bit apprehensive upon arrival, but after a few runs during the practice session, riders began to trick the two massive dirt jumps. Organizers added plywood to the top of the dirt roll-in to give the riders a little extra speed into the first jump.

Qualifying happened in front of 7,000 spectators. Lacondeguy came out strong with a run consisting of a backflip and a 360 tailwhip, enough to secure the top qualifying spot. Eight of the original fifteen riders qualified.

Each rider had three runs to impress the judges. McDermott’s second run was a backflip, followed by a front flip. His third run was a tuck no-hander, followed by a backflip-superman. His efforts were good enough for third place.

Berrecloth came in second with a solid final run, dropping a trick new for him. Berrecloth 360’d the first jump, then followed it up with a 360-tailwhip to pedals. A flawless run with a perfect 3-whip was enough to earn Bearclaw second spot.

Lacondeguy, the first qualifier, gave two good final runs. His first run was a backflip and then a 360-tailwhip, but his second run included a backflip on the first jump and on double tailwhip on the second jump. "This is my first big win and it’s amazing! Some years ago I was watching a supercross race and I was dreaming to be one day at a similar competition," said Lacondeguy who went home with 5,000 Euros.

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