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International power behind Independent Reform Commission

Cycling News
January 8, 20:50,
January 8, 21:01
Second Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trio brings experience in war crimes to cycling investigation

UCI president Brian Cookson's selections for the Cycling Independent Reform Commission, announced today, go far beyond the insular world of sport, bringing in three individuals with extensive experience in investigating international crimes.

The trio will be tasked with digging into the UCI's past, and finding out if there is any substance to the allegations that the former administration was involved in covering up doping, allowing the era of rampant doping to go virtually unchecked.

Heading up the CIRC is Dick Marty, a Swiss politician and former state prosecutor who holds a doctorate in law. During his time as prosecutor, Marty specialized in organized crime and drug legislation. As part of the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Marty took on the CIA over its alleged illegal detention centers in Romania and Poland that were part of the 'war on terror'. He also investigated illegal human organ trafficking in Kosovo.

The second member is Peter Nicholson, an Australian former military officer. Nicholson served as the chief investigator for the United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission, investigating war crimes. He was involved in the inquiry into the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Completing the three-man panel is Ulrich Haas, an arbitrator for the Court of Arbitration for Sport and advisor to the Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention.

Haas is the most experienced of the three in sports law and doping. He chaired the German Anti-Doping Commission from 1999 to 2002, and was involved in the revision of the World Anti-Doping Code in 2006-2007. Haas was the chair of WADA's independent observer team at the 2004 Olympic Games.

Haas is also the only one of the three directly familiar with doping in cycling, having served as an arbitrator for the CAS case the UCI took against Alberto Contador in relation to his 2010 Tour de France clenbuterol positive, and in the failed appeal by Riccardo Ricco against his 12-year ban from the sport.

It isn't the first time that doping in cycling caught the attention of international investigators: until a US Federal investigation into the US Postal Service Team met its untimely demise, the FDA's Jeff Novitzky (who headed up the BALCO case) travelled across Europe, reportedly meeting with the French Anti-Doping Agency, Italian police and Interpol.

The Italian police confirmed that the investigators were focussing on drug trafficking in relation to the US Postal case, but the line went silent after the federal investigation was abruptly closed in January, 2012.

the sceptic 9 months ago
They could begin by investigating what happened from the 2011 vuelta and onwards.
oldcrank 9 months ago
It looks like a very qualified group. They have been given a very difficult task, best of luck to them.
Afterthought 9 months ago
Well, certainly looks like Cookson is serious about this cleaning up business. Good luck to them - bet there are a few nervous people in the UCI right now.
BigBoat 9 months ago
Why is the UCI (the UCI president) selecting the "investigators." If a specific police department for example, were to be investigated, a separate investigation bureau would undertake the investigation. Obviously in sports you dont have that, so why not have somebody else choose the investigators, who has no "horse in the race." Also are these "investigators" being paid by their commission ie (finding something relevant that's corrupt) or are they simply being "puppeteer-ed" to act authoritarian & "official."
englishbob 9 months ago
You know, people can find fault with anything. So who would pick the investigators who pick the investigators and on and on. Also, are you suggesting they volunteer their time just so they are not to been be corrupted by the evil UCI. There comes a time in every process of this kind when we have to trust. Cookson seems to be doing the right thing so far. I fully support and trust his judgement. He has stated that there will no outside influence and the office is in a different town, I don't know how much more he could do.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Somebody has to do it. It's what Cookson was hired for.Who better to select 3 bloodhounds capable of sniffing out the truth, once and for all??? Let's see what they turn up before we scream about procedure. Thanks.
Afterthought 9 months ago
How can you order an investigation into something, without choosing the investigators? What, do you pick the names out of a hat live on TV, with investigators there to prove it hasn't been rigged? Oh... Wait... those investigators there to stop the name picking ceremony being rigged could have been bought off too! No matter what, even if you give the delegation responsibilities to someone else, you have a causal link back to the person ordering the investigation.
Fred Mauney 9 months ago
What should be investigated is how much the U. S. Postal Service new and was in on. Their's already enough documentation for a probable cause warrent for a lot of USPS upper management to be arrested. Including the vaunted Postal Inspection Service and the USPS-Inspector General.In the Landis whistleblower lawsuit Armstrong through his lawyers are mentioning the " and extra pay" that the USPS put in the sponsorship agreement and that there was more than enough information out in the public domain for them to have had an investigation
neineinei 9 months ago
Rest assured that an UCI commission will not ever be able to send any American citizen to prison. That is for the proper American authorities to do. Some people seems to think this UCI commission is about Armstrong, especially Armstrong himself.