IMBA seeks support for opening trail in Marin to mountain bikers

Bringing singletrack riding back to dirt crucible

IMBA is drumming up support for a California State Parks' proposal to open singletrack to mountain biking in Marin County, on the shoulders of Mt. Tamalpais. The agency plans to permit bicycle use on the four-mile Bill's Trail segment and is soliciting public comments.

The proposal is a result of more than three years of work by IMBA California, Access4Bikes and the Bicycle Trails Council of Marin, a location widely considered to be one of the birthplaces of modern mountain biking. Despite its historic role, Marin has seen precious few opportunities for mountain biking open to the public in recent years.

A successful opening of Bill's Trail would set the stage for bicycle access to several other singletrack trails in Marin.

The trail averages a seven percent grade and features six switchbacks. It winds through native ferns, wildflowers and hazelnut trees and would likely be open on alternate days at first.

"I think that, broadly speaking, the community of trail users in Marin is ready for this," says IMBA California Policy Advisor Tom Ward. "We have seen great success with our volunteer mountain bike patrol program there. Mountain bikers care deeply about protecting the gorgeous trails and natural areas in Marin, and we will continue working with like-minded groups."

A small number of local hiking and equestrian groups have vowed to fight against any new access for mountain biking in Marin County.

The comment period ends June 26. For more information, visit

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