"I'm Clean" unveiled as new MPCC slogan

Blue bracelets go on sale this month

The MPCC (Movement for Credible Cycling) has announced that their blue bracelets – an apparent indication as to whether an athlete is clean and supports drug-free sport – will be available for sale at the end of January.

The bracelets, not too dissimilar to BikePure’s product in that they’re also blue and are ideally suited to be worn on a rider’s wrist, will also carry the MPCC’s new slogan, ‘I’m clean.’ Last year the organization’s slogan had been the awkwardly phrased "le dopage, ça suffit" or "doping, that's enough."

Twelve months on from Lance Armstrong's confession to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, and after USADA uncovered what they deemed to be the most sophisticated doping regime the sport had ever seen, the MPCC seem to firmly believe that the sport has cleaned up its act. The organization, made up of a collection of WorldTour and ProContinental teams, have taken a number of steps in the last year, including an agreement to ban the use of the controversial but not banned drug, tramadol, in competition.

The blue bracelets were launched at the tail end of 2012, with its head Roger Legeay today stating that "cycling was in shock following the Armstrong case. Everyone wanted to respond with a strong message.”

“This message was anger in response to the poisoned atmosphere that then knew our sport. A message of anger because despite these cases, cycling has changed. Today, the message of MPCC is: 'I'm clean!'"

According to the MPCC to “wear this blue bracelet is claiming that cycling is a clean sport, regaining its credibility. MPCC expects from teams and riders that they invest proudly showing their membership and their involvement in the movement.”

In a bid to market the new accessory the MPCC has shipped out 200 bracelets to each team.


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