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Hushovd open to offers in final year of contract

Cycling News
January 29, 16:36,
January 29, 15:38
Second Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Thor Hushovd (BMC) exchanges greetings with a man dressed as a panda at the Tour of Beijing.

Thor Hushovd (BMC) exchanges greetings with a man dressed as a panda at the Tour of Beijing.

  • Thor Hushovd (BMC) exchanges greetings with a man dressed as a panda at the Tour of Beijing.
  • Thor Hushovd in his Norwegian champion's kit
  • Thor Hushovd (BMC)

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Norwegian to start season at Dubai Tour

Thor Hushovd has said that he is aware of the need to land results as he enters the final year of his contract with BMC. The former world champion signed for the squad ahead of the 2012 campaign, but his first two seasons with the team were blighted by illness.

“If I ride well, I will show that I am still one of the big guys, and I need to do that to get another contract offer,” Hushovd told Norwegian website VG. “I’m happy at BMC and might well stay here longer, but at the same time I am open to offers.”

Hushovd was speaking at BMC’s pre-season media day in Denia, Spain, where he outlined his goals for the new campaign. While the cobbled classics, and Paris-Roubaix in particular, will be the centerpiece of his spring, the Norwegian stressed the importance of getting his season off to a winning start.

“The main goal is the classics, but if I can win a nice race at the beginning of the year, that’s good. It’s better to take what you can than to go all-in for Roubaix and miss out there,” Hushovd said. “If you can win Het Nieuwsblad, it’s not the biggest win, but it’s a nice win and I’ll try to win there. If I can win a stage at the Tour of Dubai, also, that’s a win.”

Hushovd begins his season at the inaugural Dubai Tour next week, and will then race the Tour of the Mediterranean, Tour du Haut-Var and Paris-Nice as he builds towards the Spring Classics. A virus ruined his 2012 season, and although he began last year with a win at Haut-Var, Hushovd again struggled in the Classics and it was only in the final months of the season that he rediscovered his winning form, capturing his national title, the Arctic Race of Norway and stages at the Tour of Poland and Tour of Beijing.

“I thought I was 100 percent recovered from my sickness this time last year but then I had my ups and downs, which I’m sure were related to that virus,” he said. “But I’m really happy with how I ended my season last year.”

Hushovd is also hoping to return to the Tour de France in 2014, where he would ride in the service of BMC’s general classification hope Tejay van Garderen. The stage finish at Arenberg in the opening week has also whetted Hushovd’s appetite, given that he triumphed there in 2010 on the last occasion that the Tour sampled the pavé.

“Yeah absolutely, I would love to go there and copy that win. It’s a goal for the season,” Hushovd said.

Hushovd was less certain about whether he would still be in the peloton in 2017, when the world championships could potentially take place in his home country. Bergen in Norway is the only country to formally announce a bid so far, although reports that Innsbruck, Bogota and Melbourne are also contemplating bids.

“It’s a long way. I’m already 39 by then, and my plan is not to go that far,” said Hushovd, who insisted, however, that he is not lacking in motivation as he faces into his 15th professional season.

“I love riding my bike as long as the health is there and the form is there. If I do a good season this year, [I will race for] a couple more years.”





harrochan 6 months ago
RIP Thor
Pedal Pusher 6 months ago
Nasty comment and unnessary
Rosedale 6 months ago
Hear Hear
Anonymous 6 months ago
This is what happens when mental patients get to use the computer
HeadPack 6 months ago
At least he is honest about being mentally challenged.
DjangoFurioso 6 months ago
He's got his work cut out for him. His compeition is strong and growing more numerous every year.
TheBean 6 months ago
Definitely. Injurues and illnesses have made his results list pretty short these past few seasons - when compared to his earlier years. He's still a class act, a leader, and a well-above-average racer. I hope he can be 100% this season!
Reuben Ryder 6 months ago
The comment section is censored in a way that is self serving and sponsor motivated. If you see this, you will see it again, but it will never be for long. This article is advertisement hype, obviously paid for and generated by BMC. Don't dare to criticize it. It's a paid advertisement but under a different venue. Does anyone believe that Thunder Butt will ever win again unless they all fall down? He's just a name.
wheel chaser 6 months ago
Stop back when you have another wacky conspiracy theory.
Alex Malone 6 months ago
Not sure you understand the concept behind news. This is exactly that, news.
rastymick 6 months ago
Sure, BMC paid at least $1M to get this article published... By the way, Hushovd got 8 great victories in 2013, amongst them 3 WT victories!
Anonymous 6 months ago
This is what happens when mental patients get to use the computer
TheBean 6 months ago
How would it serve BMC to let everyone know Thor is taking offers? Unless he has a banner year, he will retire or sign somewhere for a reduced salary. If he has a banner year, he will have many options on who to ride for and earn another healthy salary.
Alan D 6 months ago
Yeah yeah, and the World Trade Center was just a scam filmed on a sound stage in area 51 by the illuminati on the grassy knoll.
Strydz 6 months ago
Raoul Duke 6 months ago
to explain Alan D cultural references- World Trade Center hit by jumbo jets and collapsed, analogy to the conspiracy theorists who say the Apollo moon landings were faked and filmed in a movie studio, Area 51 is an area at Edwards Air Force Base in the USA where certain folks claim the USA has obtained a crashed UFO and are using UFO technology, so this would be proof of aliens etc, but of course they are keeping it under wraps. The Illuminati, refers to a secret society who conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order. The last bit refers to the John F. Kennedy assassination. It was claimed that there was only one gunman "the lone gunman" Lee Harvey Oswald who fired from the building he worked. Some say the evidence points to another gunman on "the grassy knoll" whose existence has been covered up and Oswald who was killed by Jack Ruby as police escorted him out a building to the county jail. Officially Ruby also acted alone, others say cover up.
Raoul Duke 6 months ago
With the number of riders gone from the peloton last year plus the glut of riders signing last minute contracts and a Grand Tour winner that doesn't have a ride, with his contract ending, he wants to get the word out early especially should he have any kind of good result at all that he can get, and sign a contract.
Aurelio Feldman 6 months ago
I am a big fan of Thor, but I think his best days are in the past. He had a few good races is Roubaix but never won. He could get a few wins, like the second part of last season, but his dream to win Paris-Roubaix is far from easy, Boonen and Cancellara are the big guns and even in his prime he could not beat either of them.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Doesn't sound like you are a big fan of Thor.
Aurelio Feldman 6 months ago
I really am a fan and hope and wish him the best, but I am just keeping it real, before his illness he could not beat Cancellara or Boonen and I don´t think after that being 2 years older made him better. I would love to watch him getting in the velodrome and beating both of them plus Sagan in a sprint, but I know it will be hard, he will be a darkhorse in Paris-Roubaix.
Alan D 6 months ago
Er... just how good does a rider have to be to get any praise?. Hushovd is awesome. All you naysayers, lets see your trophy shelf... Whining nobodies criticising a World Road Race Champion and many GT stages winner... what a joke.
Strydz 6 months ago
I don't think most are being to unfair here, yes Thor has a great Palmares but in reality his last 2 seasons have not been good, yes he has 2 WT stage victories but they were in lesser races. I wish him luck but his best is behind him from what he has shown since joining BMC
azureskies 6 months ago
George Hincapie could come out of retirement and wipe Thor all over the map. Thors' day is done/ unless he can stage hunt in LeTour. Can't cut the races he is supposedly a specialist at.
Anonymous 6 months ago
So then it's easy to win tour stages?
Alan D 6 months ago
No he coul;dn't . Hincapie's Handicapied by that big cupboard he's got to lug around. The one with all the skeletons in it.
ralphbert 6 months ago
Contract almost up and getting a bit long in the tooth? Pappy Horner shows the way, dial it up for a contract winning performance.
wrinklyvet 6 months ago
I expect you are a very young man.
Milan Černý 6 months ago
I cant see him to win a Classic. He can neither overpower Fab+Tom, nor outsprint Peter and he is too famous to be allowed up the road early. Another mediocre year and than pay cut. BMC will be lookig for someone to replace Thor, PhilGil and Evans this year.
montani3semper 6 months ago
You & Gilbert might get an offer at Pro-Conti &/or Conti' level after the BMC fiasco, King*Thor