Hamburger to Christina Watches as Sport Director

Dane confessed to doping in 2007 autobiography

Former pro rider Bo Hamburger will be sport director for the Danish Continental team Christina Watches-Onfone, the team has announced. He will be expected to help bring the team up to the Professional Continental level.

“Bo brings to the team an incredible amount of knowledge and tactical understanding of racing,” team owner Claus Hembo told Ekstra Bladet. “His many years on the road have secured him a deep insight into the environment around a cycling team, and we would like to take advantage of that insight.”

Hamburger replaces Søren Rasmussen, who was hired the end of November but has since resigned. Former mechanic Henrik Nørskov has been named the team's second sport director.

Hamburger rode professionally from 1991 to 2006. In 2001 he tested positive for EPO but was cleared on a technicality. In 2007 he admitted in his autobiography that he had used doping throughout his career.

“I have no problem with Bo's past. Everyone deserves a second chance, and we give him, one,” Hembo said.

The team was originally built around Michael Rasmussen, who is now serving a two-year ban for doping. Earlier this year he too confessed to having used doping throughout most of his career.

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