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Froome signs contract extension with Team Sky

Cycling News
December 23, 2013, 13:19,
December 23, 2013, 21:57
First Edition Cycling News, Monday, December 23, 2013
Chris Froome (Team Sky) wins the key mountain stage at Tirreno-Adriatico but lost the overall race to Nibali

Chris Froome (Team Sky) wins the key mountain stage at Tirreno-Adriatico but lost the overall race to Nibali

  • Chris Froome (Team Sky) wins the key mountain stage at Tirreno-Adriatico but lost the overall race to Nibali
  • Chris Froome and Rui Costa took some Sumo lessons while in Japan.
  • Valls, Danny Pate (Sky), Christian Meier (Orica GreenEdge0 and Raymond Kreder (Garmin Sharp) make the turn
  • Sergio Henao (Sky) in action during the stage 11 time trial at the Vuelta

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British squad retain core for 2014

Team Sky has announced that a number of riders, including Tour de France winner Chris Froome, have signed contract extensions with the team ahead of the 2014 season.

Peter Kennaugh, David López, Ian Stannard, Luke Rowe, Salvatore Puccio, Sergio Henao, Chris Sutton, Danny Pate, and Xabier Zandio have also signed contract renewals. Henao will be joined by his younger cousin, Sebastian, on the team in 2014, along with fellow new signings Nathan Earle, Mikel Nieve and Philip Deignan.

Bradley Wiggins has one year left on his deal and is yet to clarify his intentions on whether he will remian with the team beyond 2014. His name was a notable absence among those who were offered extensions on their contracts

In statement released to the press on Monday, Rod Ellingworth said, "everyone is excited to kick things off again in 2014 and we do so with what we believe is the most talented team in the world."

The Team Sky’s Performance Manager added: "We've consolidated what is an incredibly strong group of guys over the winter. The team's core remains intact and that’s important going forward.

"Everyone is committed to keep improving and we always look to provide the best environment for riders to do that."

Next season Sky will look to win a third straight Tour de France with Froome hoping to defend his title. He will be challenged by Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) and Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank).

Froome said: "This has been an incredible year for me and I'm delighted to finish it off by signing a new contract with Team Sky. I've been with this team since the start and I know this is the right place for me to continue to grow as a rider.

"It's impossible to win races without the right team beside you so I'd like to thank everyone at the team for their continued support. It's an honour to be a Team Sky rider and I hope to play a big part of its success for years to come."


wirral 9 months ago
Go Dawg.
BikesForDays 9 months ago
Froome says it is IMPOSSIBLE to win without the right team. Good to know. At least he is being honest if not somewhat revealing with such a comment. I wonder what game changing support SKY offers? Good thing he got that contract extension or it would be back to the autobus for Froome. How many riders remain win-less because they are on the 'wrong' team?
gsouthwell 9 months ago
I believe he means the training plan, strong domestiques etc. So really, not revealing at all. I can't remember the last time someone won a big race without making a big fuss about their team etc.
BikesForDays 9 months ago
Froome does not mention either of those examples as to why the team is 'right.' Making a fuss about a team is different than saying it is impossible to win a race without the 'right' one.
blemcooper 9 months ago
Well, there was Contador and the 2009 TdF that he won where he made a big fuss about the team (or at least half of it, plus the team DS Bruyneel) working against him in favor of Armstrong.
Cance > TheRest 9 months ago
Maybe a bit of an overinterpretation don't you think? Even though Sky is clearly suspicious and Froome being the prime suspect for good reasons, he would never say or suggest anything that could harm his own or Sky's reputation. He has been teached well by SKY's PR-management just like the rest of the robots on the team
BikesForDays 9 months ago
I am only interpreting the word 'impossible' - to my knowledge there is no easy way to confuse this word for meaning anything but "something that is not possible/capable." It seems that Froome is correct in his statement as it pertains to him personally because when he was on the 'wrong' teams he was not winning - certainly not races of the caliber he has since joining SKY. I personally find it impossible to believe that one needs to be on the 'right' team to win a race. Who needs the right team to win a prologue or time-trial? Certainly one needs 'a' team but one would assume that any team invited to the race would work.
wrinklyvet 9 months ago
No grand tour rests just on a prologue or time trial, whatever advantages they may give to a rider who can perform well in that discipline. You need a competent team, without doubt, so Froome gives due credit to his. What's the big deal in that? You either don't understand or don't want to, just to make a fabricated point.
runny hunny 9 months ago
Your statement will be news to us who recall Greg Lemond and his victory in 1989 by a measly 8 secs carved out in a time trial no less ! I also gather that not much was thought of his ADR team mates, with the exception of Johan Lammerts.
wrinklyvet 9 months ago
@ runny hunny - Yes, that's an exception. Are there any others in modern times?
Montoya4Ever 9 months ago
...but now, suddenly ... this Froome appears and wins everythings !!!! ... please tell me .. who on this good Earth heard about Froome before joinning SKY !!!! ...
fwhale 9 months ago
So the 100's of times Froome was asked about doping and denied it mean nothing then, all because in this one interview, he said he has the best GC team in the pro-tour but doesn't mention doping, and now that is some subtle hint that he was actually doping the whole time? What kind of crazy universe do you live in?
BikesForDays 9 months ago
He's the one who said it would be 'impossible' to win without SKY( the 'right' team.) Why would such a strong rider admit they he had to be on a certain team to win? Surely any other high budget WorldTour team could pilot this amazing athlete to the top step in Paris.
wrinklyvet 9 months ago
I expect he said it just to get you into a lather.
fwhale 9 months ago
It's just amazing to me that you think that Froome praising his team directly after signing a contract extension is some vague admission to doping. You're right, there's absolutely no way that by "the right team" he means team Sky: the one that has the largest budget in the pro peloton, throws all of that weight towards winning the Tour, and has domestiques that get better results than the team leaders from other squads.
mononck 9 months ago
Bikes, I can't believe I wasted my time reading your nonsense....
TheBean 9 months ago
It's a figure of speech. Nothing more and nothing less. Froome was showing gratitude to his team mates and the guys who write his handsome pay checks.
Chris Todgers 9 months ago
yawn - so so boring
Gene Kehoe 9 months ago
Couldn't agree more… I remember when he was holding onto cars to get up the climbs
Chris Todgers 9 months ago
when was that then?
Chris Todgers 9 months ago
what on earth are you on about?
TheFred 9 months ago
Good for Danny Pate. He just silently does his job with little to no glory but stoic, consistent, effective work. I also suspect he is clean which gives even more respect. Glad he has future employment and income.
ianfra 9 months ago
Agreed. Incisive comment.
TheFred 9 months ago
Thank you ianfra. (I can only assume that your "thumbs down" is because some may not know the meaning of incisive.)
FabiquesAnquetillara 9 months ago
No surprise. There is special chemistry between Froome and SKY.
Farcanal 9 months ago
Pity the normal chemicals are not in balance in your brain
FabiquesAnquetillara 9 months ago
Correct, I have lack of naivetols and believetorums.
cantpedal 9 months ago
don't forget common decency. severely deficient
FrogMan 9 months ago
pretty normal I guess
Farcanal 9 months ago
You forget that extreme cynicism is a form of naiveity. Automatically believing everything is wrong is as lame intellectually as believing everything you hear.
TheFred 9 months ago
You forget--or maybe never knew--that a difference in opinion or belief from yours does not constitute "extreme". Nor does drawing conclusions from observable information classify someone as a skeptic. Fwiw, there was nothing Froome said in this article that should cause anyone to question his honor. This is just your basic acknowledgement and expression of gratitude for teammates.
FrogMan 9 months ago
ah ah yess, they got the right vitamins to make a champion from a domestique...
Farcanal 9 months ago
You show me a champion, except for Merckx, that wasn't a domestique at some point
harchibald 9 months ago
I wonder will Nieve show up at the Vuelta in good enough form to win it. He's always been a solid top ten, GC sort of rider but with Skys 'help' (cough) i'd say he's good enough to win a big race.
wrinklyvet 9 months ago
If you don't mind, please try not to cough. At least cover your mouth.
dustymiller 9 months ago
great imput,moron
Andrew Rancie 9 months ago
Now that is a very interesting comment! I will be very keen to see that. Sky could gave all three grand tour winners next year in Porte, Froome and Nieve??
olisimpson22 9 months ago
Ojemene :D
Lucifa 9 months ago
Another cycling drug cheat!
wrinklyvet 9 months ago
Another of your incisive comments, troll?
wrinklyvet 9 months ago
In this season of goodwill I should perhaps not have risen to your uncalled-for comment. Have a good Christmas!
TheFred 9 months ago
Lucifa, I get a kick out of your repetition of that theme. But usually you wait until they're busted. Once caught, it's hard for anyone to refute your simple statement. But Froome isn't caught. Are you changing your pattern?
cantpedal 9 months ago
Outside of Froome Peter Kennaugh may be the best resigning.
wrinklyvet 9 months ago
Yes, you may be right. (That would be "re-signing" unless you suggest he should give notice! ;-)
RidethLikethewind 9 months ago
Seems like SKY is paying a lot for a broken collarbone in the first week of the 14 TDF
nepetalactone 9 months ago
Seems like that is a little presumptuous...?
Mongolian Torque 9 months ago
Well, in case you don't watch any post race interviews...pretty much all the winners thank their team after a race. Even those I despise SKY to the point where I am practically physically ill watching them race, I believe his comment was fairly neutral. To suggest that he is inferring that he has the 'right' team of dopers is just plain whack. If he's on the wrong side of the fence, he'll be found out soon enough. In the meantime, we need some crazy over the top madman to alleviate the boring stodgy riding of Sky. I like Quintana, even though he is stoic as my granny. Sagan needs to mentor some other young riders.