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Fernando Alonso visits Dubai Tour

Stephen Farrand
February 6, 13:23,
February 6, 12:29
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, February 6, 2014
Dubai Tour
Fernando Alonso at the Dubai Tour

Fernando Alonso at the Dubai Tour

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Formula 1 driver reveals little about his cycling team

After posting photos of the Dubai skyline on Twitter while out training, Fernando Alonso turned up at the start of stage two of the Dubai Tour and then jumped in a VIP car to follow the racing.

Speaking briefly in the start village, the Spanish Formula One driver confirmed that he is creating a major team for 2015 but refused to give any details.

"It's stunning here in Dubai and the finale of today's stage is amazing. It'll be interesting to follow in a car," he told Ciro Scognamiglio of Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Our project? We're working on it but for the moment we can't say anything. We're just at the start and when we can announce something, you'll be the first to know."

Alonso said he is in Dubai to prepare for the new Formula One season. He will again drive for Ferrari and uses cycling to get fit for the efforts of driving an F1 car.

"I'm training to get ready for the F1 championships. There's five weeks to the start of the season and so I'm working hard. It's warm and sunny here and so they're ideal conditions to go riding. Cycling is my favourite sport but it' hard work. Driving is definitely a lot easier…" he said before jumping in a VIP car to watch the racing first hand.


MavicMoto 6 months ago
Connect the dots. Dubai is home to Emirates Air, the rumored primary sponsor for Alonso's proposed team.
Mirco Bertolani 6 months ago
Really Emirates Air..?would be amazing for the whole movements
Karl Von Drais 6 months ago
I wonder if any UAE riders will be on his team.
HeadPack 6 months ago
Hope at least their supposedly deep pockets allow for a development-, and ideally also a women's team. The latter would be quite a coup if Emirates really becomes main sponsor.
Nate Tovornik 6 months ago
I hope there is some sort of Ferrari tie in with the team. That would be amazing.
Jesus from Cancun 6 months ago
Oh, yes. I drool at the thought of a Ferrari FF team car...
Aristotelis Papageorgiou 6 months ago
I am so excited to read about all the places Alonso decides to visit!