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Drapac-Porsche continues its growth

Susan Westemeyer
October 31, 2006, 0:00 GMT,
April 22, 2009, 20:40 BST
Latest Cycling News for October 31, 2006
Drapac-Porsche Development Team

Drapac-Porsche Development Team

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Drapac-Porsche is serious about athlete development. Like any other sporting team, its riders must...

At the beginning of 2006 Australia's Drapac-Porsche Development Team announced it would form a Continental team to contest the UCI Oceania and Asia Continental circuits. Continuing the flow of its development, the outfit is working hard in the hope of becoming Australia's first Professional Continental team in 2007. Cyclingnews' Greg Johnson pulled DPDT's co-Team Director, Adam Murchie, aside to discuss the team's hopes and aspirations for 2007.

Drapac-Porsche is serious about athlete development. Like any other sporting team, its riders must be devoted to the team's philosophy - no exceptions. But this Melbourne, Australia, based outfit is one with a philosophy like few others in international sport. While most teams are committed to churning out focused and driven sporting machines, who are quickly shown the door if their interests wander outside the realms of competition, Drapac-Porsche nurtures its riders to produce the best results in life - both on and off the asphalt.

That's not to say its riders aren't focused or driven. On the contrary, some could suggest its attitude to development outside, as well as within, the sporting arena is the driving force behind its success. "The ultimate goal for us is to have the guys and girls to become full-time athletes, but not at the cost of everything else in their life," explained Murchie. "We don't want mono-dimensional riders. If there are mono-dimensional riders out there that are interested, they need not apply. Even if Lance Armstrong himself came along, we would turn him away. I'm serious!"

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