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Demol confident of RadioShack's future

Daniel Benson
June 5, 2013, 16:12,
June 5, 2013, 21:05
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, June 6, 2013
Dirk Demol clings on.

Dirk Demol clings on.

  • Dirk Demol clings on.
  • Team owner Flavio Becca with Fabian Cancellara

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Bruyneel tight-lipped on 2012 loan to Becca

RadioShack-Leopard directeur sportif Dirk Demol is confident that Luca Guercilena will keep the majority of the team together despite speculation mounting over the squad’s future. Cyclingnews understands that Trek is keen to keep working with Fabian Cancellara in particular but that Flavio Becca is facing several legal cases, one of which involves a loan Leopard received from the team’s former manager Johan Bruyneel.

It was reported in Luxembourg newspaper Tageblatt that Flavio Becca is set to sell the team’s WorldTour licence and that Trek, the team’s bike supplier, will step up and build the team around Fabian Cancellara and Andy Schleck.

Trek has a contract with the team for 2014 but would need to secure Becca's WorldTour licence if it wants any current contracts with riders to be valid.

However, Tageblatt speculates that Fränk Schleck could be fired from the team by Becca in the coming weeks. The rider is set to return from a ban next month after testing positive for Xipamide in last year’s Tour de France.

Firing Fränk Schleck would be a contentious move given that Andy has stated that he could never ride on a different team to his brother.

Both Schlecks have contracts with the team for next year and Demol told Cyclingnews that the plans were to keep the majority of the team together, including both Schleck brothers.

“I’m still waiting for news but we’re very optimistic. I’m not concerned, I’m confident that we’ll go on. I’ve not spoken to the riders but we’re confident and that’s all I can say at the moment. I’ve not spoken to Becca but Luca is working on it and we’re hopeful. We’ve got a good group,” Demol told Cyclingnews.

“It’s the beginning of June now and it would be nice if it was all sorted soon. The sooner the better, obviously.

“There are a lot of rumours going around but I know that we want to keep this group of riders together, as many of them as possible and that includes the Schlecks because they have a contract for next year already.”

The situation becomes more complex with the loan Becca accepted from Bruyneel during the 2012 season. Bruyneel managed the squad until October 2012 when he was dismissed due to his case with USADA. Before Bruyneel left the team, Cyclingnews understands that Becca accepted a 1.5 million Euro loan from him in order to cover missing wages within the team. That loan has not been returned, with legal proceedings now close to conclusion. Bruyneel had brought with him 15 million USD per year to the squad already.

Bruyneel would not comment on the matter when Cyclingnews contacted him, while Becca has not answered several calls.

Jancouver More than 1 year ago
So the cheater got cheated by another cheater. What goes around comes around. Ha!
Raoul Duke More than 1 year ago
Is it just me that finds that Flavio Becca just seems like the kind of guy that seems slimy and that you would want to avoid. There was a picture of him with Cancellara in a headlock. Cancellara looked less than pleased and the look on Becca's face, well that is what lead to the first line of my comment. anyone?
Raoul Duke More than 1 year ago
Think it's time Andy cut the apron strings to Frank. I mean it must be nice racing with your brother, but his apparent dependence on it seems a little much.
ridein More than 1 year ago
With Andy not performing well or at least not in the best place psychologically, maybe this is the RS/Trek method of cutting their losses with the Schleck brothers. I'm guessing if Frank is cut from the team, somehow Andy will keep having his problems or will bolt altogether.
FabiquesAnquetillara More than 1 year ago
smart and crooked and sick move from Bruyneel. Bruyneel simply made sure Becca would not do (or more important say) anything that would be against Bruyneel's interests by making Becca his deptor. The easiest way how to make someone "listening and commited" is to lend them money. Machiavellism at its purest. :-/ I wonder if Trek is commited somehow (still?) to Bruyneel? Maybe Fabian would be better of at IAM cycling.
andrew1991 More than 1 year ago
They do have an interesting team for cobble races: Haussler, Sebastien Hinault, Kevyn Ista, Bandiera, Elminger, Saramotins and Klemme. And they are seven, with Fabian they reach the 8 riders per team in the cobble races. I just don't think that Haussler will be very happy, since he will no longer be leader. BUT, his best results were when he shared leadership with Hushovd when they rode for Cérvelo (2º in San Remo, ahead of Thor, and 3 in Flandres). He might benefit when riding for another big name.
rainwatrs More than 1 year ago
Hush money with fake strings attached
B_Ugli More than 1 year ago
If Trek is so desperate to distance itself from the past then why: 1. Does it continue its links with a team consisting of backroom, frontroom staff and riders from USPS 2. Why is it still branding its top end bikes "Madone", the infamous climb near Nice where Dr Ferrari did tests on Armstrong
skippy More than 1 year ago
ANDY , brotherly Love , is one thing , but THE REAL WORLD , has another opinion of him ! Time you saved your OWN Reputation , give the Team a break , not a MILLSTONE !