Bonn prosecutor invites Klöden to settle case

Freiburg matter still pending

Andreas Klöden has been offered the option of making a financial settlement with the Bonn prosecutor's office in Germany.

The Bonn prosecutors have been investigating Klöden for allegedly deceiving his former employer, T-Mobile. It also investigated Jan Ullrich and Rudy Pevenage on similar charges, and both have made payments to end the respective proceedings against them.

The offer gives Klöden the opportunity to bring to a close the prosecutor's investigation. Under German law, such a settlement is not considered an admission of any guilt.

“We have closed our investigation of Jan Ullrich and see no reason to treat Mr. Klöden differently,” Bonn's Senior Prosecutor, Fred Apostel, told the German news magazine Focus. Apostel said the investigation into Klöden had commenced approximately a year ago.

Focus said that the German rider would be expected to pay 25,000 Euro. “This is a normal offer,” Apostel said. “So for he has not responded.”

Should he accept the offer to close the Bonn proceedings, Klöden may still be under investigation by prosecutors in Freiburg, in connection with blood-doping during the 2006 Tour de France.

Both Klöden and his former teammate, Ullrich, have consistently denied having used doping products or practices during their careers.

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