Austrian Federation supports continued Tour of Austria

One day after organizers announced the end of the Tour of Germany , The Austrian Cycling Federation...

One day after organizers announced the end of the Tour of Germany, The Austrian Cycling Federation "voted unanimously in favour of the Oesterreich Rundfahrt" (Tour of Austria), saying "It is not only a great race in Austria with an advertising value of 4.5 million euro, but especially because it is very important to the Austrian teams."

However, the Federation can only make recommendations about the future of the race at this point. "Right now there are discussions and negotiations. The final decision about the next race will be made the beginning of the year. We will do all we can up to the end, to have the Tour again in the form that we now have it."

The federation's presidium had a meeting this week, and also under discussion was Bernhard Kohl. Federation president Otto Flum called his confession "very praiseworthy. But we now hope that he takes the next step and names the people in the background."

"If he does," Flum continued, "we are prepared to integrate him into the ORV. We want a sort of therapy program for the schools and the cycling clubs. Kohl, who one could say has gone 'from millionaire to beggar', could advise them on the dangers of drugs and doping. But this action would only be available if he names those in the background."

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