Andersen facing lesser role at RadioShack-Nissan-Trek

Dane wants to continue work with Schlecks and Fuglsang

Kim Andersen is facing a demotion, going from Executive Sports Director at Leopard Trek to working under Johan Bruyneel at RadioShack-Nissan-Trek, but he will only discover what role he will be offered after the end of this season.

“I still want to be the one to work closely with Andy Schleck, Fränk Schleck and Jakob Fuglsang,” he told “Otherwise there was no reason to stay, so I might as well start somewhere else. But once this project comes to be, there are some exciting prospects for it.”

Andersen is scheduled to meet with Bruyneel after the October 15 Tour of Lombardy to discuss his future.  “It is all still unresolved. There are many things that will fall into place around the registration of the team.”

He admitted that he felt he was in a difficult position, having to decide whether to abandon the project he helped bring into existence, or to accept a significantly smaller role with the team.

“Yes, it becomes a minor role. But if I'm allowed to do what I'm good at , dealing with the Schleck brothers and Jakob, it's still a good job for me.”

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