AIS flies in additional support staff

The AIS has mobilised a team of specialists to assist with counselling and recovery of the affected...

The AIS has mobilised a team of specialists to assist with counselling and recovery of the affected cyclists, and also support their close family and friends.

Head of the AIS Performance Psychology Department, Dr Michael Martin, said the specialist support services include:
Two AIS psychologists currently in Germany - Rosanna Stanimirovic, who works with the cycling team, and Ruth Anderson, who is the AIS Residential Athlete Counsellor.
A network of psychologists in state institutions and academies of sport across Australia are in contact with affected athletes, coaches, support staff and athlete families.
The Australian Sports Commission (ASC - Australia's peak sports funding body) has employed specialist trauma and grief psychologists to support institute and academy psychologists to take care of those affected by the tragedy.
The ASC has also retained a European-based company to provide additional trauma and grief counselling to European-based athletes, coaches, program staff and family.
The National Athlete Career and Education program has an athlete counselling support service available for additional specialist support.

"This is the most serious trauma incident involving Australian athletes overseas in recent memory,"' Dr Martin said. "It is important to realise that while the impact on the athletes themselves is the most severe, the flow on effects to family, friends, colleagues and support staff is also significant and needs to be managed in the short and longer term.

'Those close to the athletes who believe they might need psychological and/or counselling support shouldn't hesitate to contact the psychology department at the AIS or any of the state and territory-based sports institutes and academies," he said.

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