Rapha spring 2014 clothing – Just in

"Kings of Pain", Lightweight refinements and special edition gear

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For the spring season, Rapha has refined its Lightweight collection, beefed up its Pro Team offerings and rolled out a few more special edition pieces like tributes to 1974 Giro d'Italia teams and the racing signal of the coming spring, Paris-Nice.

Rapha has two basic styles of fit: Club and Pro. The Classic jerseys and the Trade Team jerseys, like the 1974 Giro options, are the looser-fit Club style and made of a merino/polyester Sportwool blend. The Club fit pieces shown here are size Medium, on a 6ft/182cm rider with a 39.5in/100cm chest. The Pro jerseys are a snugger fit (size Large shown here on the same rider), with more of a silky, stretch-polyester feel.

For those not familiar with Rapha's online-sales protocol, riders can return any item after riding it (within 30 days) if the product doesn't live up to their expectations.

A notable departure for this spring is the "Kings of Pain" collection of matching jersey, hat and arm warmers. The Kings of Pain short-sleeve jersey has a tall, button-down collar, and is adorned with little icons and stitching reminiscent of the old-school tubular draped across a rider's shoulders. Kings of Pain is also Rapha's celebration of its tenth year of business.

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Rapha rolled out a few retro pieces in its Trade Team series. The three styles are made with the merino/polyester Sportwool is a looser, club fit. This is a Medium on a 6ft/182cm rider with a 39.5in/100cm chest

This trade team jersey is in Rapha's looser Club cut, shown here in Medium on a 6ft/182cm rider

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