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Race tech video: Hansen pushing the limits for performance

Alex Malone
Santos Tour Down Under
Adam Hansen (Lotto Belisol) makes a small attack on Mt Buninyong to try and get things moving

Adam Hansen (Lotto Belisol) makes a small attack on Mt Buninyong to try and get things moving

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Adam Hansen is not one to follow the norm when it comes to his bike set-up and it's not just his position that makes him different. The Lotto Belisol rider's frame of choice is the Ridley Helium but his decision to ride the Helium over the latest Noah Fast frameset is not unusual. It's the details of his particular ride that make his set-up unique.

Hansen says his position is not something that comes easily. Of course, he's accustomed to the aggressive set-up but remaining comfortable and powerful in such a position takes work – throughout the entire season.

Core stability exercises, using a Bosu Balance Ball, are performed throughout his standard week so the Czech Republic resident can ride in the drops for long periods of time.

His narrow 380mm handlebars and 180mm cranks are just a few of the differences that set him apart from most of his teammates and WorldTour colleagues. 

In this video Hansen shows off his 2013 Ridley Helium and explains some of the interesting features of his Lotto Belisol team bike.


djconnel More than 1 year ago
17 cm drop! But the seat isn't that far forward because of a few mm extra of crank: he's rotated his whole body forward like a triathlete. That's why he's able to reach his bars: simple trigonometry: if you're reaching that far down, you can't reach forward much, so you need to get your shoulders forward.
BigBoat More than 1 year ago
Coolio, I actually wish there were very few regulations on bikes, I think doping would be a lower factor with no rules to bikes.
rainwatrz More than 1 year ago
And we all know doping wouldn't be a factor at all with no rules on that either.
nightfend More than 1 year ago
Nah, people would just dope AND ride crazy bike setups.
Raoul Duke More than 1 year ago
I have long thigh bone (roughly 56 cm) and on 172.5 cranks I have a high seat set far back. In this position longer cranks make my legs come so high it inhibits breathing so I would have to move seat forward to keep the handlebars as low. The reach is a little longer than average as well. I find it comes down to being able to hold an aerodynamic position and still breathe freely when you are basically being 'folded over'

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