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Milram and Lampre for Italian races

A select number of Milram riders will race two events in Italy this weekend. On Saturday, they head to the Memorial Viviana Malservisi, which is a 1.1 race in the UCI calendar. The race leads through the Emilia region.

On Sunday, the same team will start in the 62nd edition of the GP Industria e Commercio di Prato, also a 1.1. This time the roads will wind through northern Tuscany.

The selection is entirely made up of Italian racers with experienced Mirco Celestino and Fabio Sacchi heading the eight-man team. They will be joined by Sergio Ghisalberti, Mirco Lorenzetto and Carlo Scognamiglio. The team will be completed by three stagiaires, Luca Barla, Efrem Salvi and Luca Orlandi. Antonio Bevilacqua is the directeur sportif.

Lampre-Fondital nominated eight riders for the Memorial Manservisi, which runs from Sant'Agostino to Comacchio, under the guidance of DS Martinelli. They are Fabio Baldato, Alessandro Ballan, Paolo Bossoni, Marzio Bruseghin, Francesco Gavazzi, Roberto Longo, Danilo Napolitano and Gorazd Stangelj.

The following day, in the GP in Prato, the lineup will be Matteo Bono, Paolo Bossoni, Paolo Fornaciari, Francesco Gavazzi, Roberto Longo, Daniele Righi and stagiaires Maurizio Girardini and Leonardo Pinizzotto. The staff that will support riders there will be doctor Andreazzoli, masseurs Della Torre, Romagnoli and Rubino and mechanics Andreola, Biron and Fezzardi.

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