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Gonzalez gets additional doping charges

Former professional and winner of the 2002 Vuelta a España Aitor Gonzalez, who was caught for doping in 2005 has faced courts for additional, non-cycling related 'doping' charges, stemming from 2002.

The court declared that he endangered other traffic participants while driving under the influence of of alcohol and cocaine. According to dpa he lost his driver's license for a year, in a addition to a fine of 1080 euro.

Only three weeks ago he ran two red lights and was stopped by the police only after a wild chase.

Gonzalez denied all charges, saying that "I had only two drinks and in my whole life I have never consumed cocaine." He did admit to celebrate with friends who took cocaine, and "maybe they put something in my drink."

The Spaniard also has always maintained that he did not dope during his career.