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Contentpolis Murcia to disappear?

Spanish Professional continental squad Contentpolis Murcia faces an uncertain future because the Council of Tourism and Sport of the Government of Murcia still hasn't signed the contracts for 2009. A November 15 deadline set by the International Cycling Union (UCI) has passed without the team sending the necessary documents to cycling's governing body.

The UCI has informed the team that as a consequence of not completing the necessary paperwork they may face the consequences of disappearing as a team. Urgent meetings are being held between highest authorities of the Murcian Government and the UCI. Part of the problem is that the government is still deciding on its 2009 budget.

The only sponsor that has signed on so far is AMPO, but its 530,000 euro commitment is not enough to act as a main sponsor. That leaves four Basque riders, Dionisio Galparsoro, Aitor Pérez, Mikel Gaztañaga and Gorka Izagirre, in limbo. They had expected contracts after Murcia announced AMPO as a co-sponsor a few days ago.

Sources close to the team told Cyclingnews that the team will need more than 1,2 million euro to pay for everything, including the biological passport programme. The team aspires to be in the Vuelta a España, which requires the implementation of a passport programme.

Manuel Vázquez, Aitor Pérez, Adrian Palomares and Julián Sánchez Pimienta are supposed to be the leaders for the Spanish squad. Currently, not a single rider has signed a contract for 2009.