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Australia dominates team pursuits in Cali Track World Cup

Australia dominated the men's team pursuit on day one

Australia dominated the men's team pursuit on day one (Image credit: Guy Swarbrick)

Australia dominated the team pursuit events at the UCI Track World Cup III held in Cali, Colombia on Saturday by securing double gold medals in both the men's and women's events.

Macey Stewart led the women's squad, which also included Alex Manly, Lauren Perry and Elissa Wundersitz, to the gold medal with a winning time of 4:31 minutes. They won the final round against the Chinese team Dong Yahn Huang, Di Jin, Hongyu Liang and Baofang Zhao.

"I am overwhelmed and shocked," Stewart said. "We, as a team, have taken so much confidence from this result, and are so proud of each other. We worked as a true team out there and it paid off."

The United States team, which included Carmen Small, Ruth Winder, Jennifer Valente and Lauren Tamayo, secured the bronze medal in their finals against Italy's Silvia Valsecchi, Tatiana Guderzo, Maria Giulia Confalonieri and Beatrice Bartelloni.

Later in the evening, Scott Law led the Australian men's team of Jackson Law, Tirian McManus and Joshua Harrison to a gold medal performance in their team prusuit, with a winning time of 4:03 minutes. They beat Russia's Alexander Serov, Alexey Kurbatov, Alexander Evtushenko and Artur Ershov.

Great Britain's Germain Burton, Mark Stewart, Christopher Latham and Matthew Gibson won their duel for the bronze medal in front of Denmark’s Daniel Hartvig, Casper Von Folsach, Rasmus Christian Quaade and Anders Holm.

The Australian teams' gold-medal performances were the third time in history that the nation has won the men's and women's team pursuit in the same round at at World Cup since 2010's events in Beijing and Melbourne.