Zwift training: A centralised hub of indoor cycling advice

Zwift climb portal
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Welcome to the Cyclingnews Zwift Training hub, an all-new central space dedicated to key guides and features relating to the world's most popular indoor cycling app. 

Whether you're interested in Zwift's communities or its series of training plans and workouts, you're in the right place. The Cyclingnews tech team are experts in indoor cycling, with hundreds of hours of Zwift workouts completed each winter between us. 

Such are our jobs, we convert that experience into advice for you, our readers, rounding up everything from buying advice on the best smart trainers to tips for racing on Zwift for the first time. 

Throughout the winter, we'll be debunking various indoor cycling myths, such as the age-old "indoor cycling is boring."

What's more, our tech writer Tom is on a metaphorical journey, using indoor cycling to help him have his best-ever winter on the bike, despite the recently-added challenges of a new job and a new daughter to keep him on his toes. He'll be writing a diary of progress, and you can already read installment number 1

Zwift: Your Ultimate Guide

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Zwift: Everything you need to know

Zwift has revolutionised indoor cycling, offering a host of training options to get you fit. Here is your ultimate guide.


Zwift set up

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Best Zwift setups: Indoor cycling setups to give you the competitive edge

Want to get faster on Zwift or in the real world? These are the best Zwift setups to help you achieve your goals, from budget options that leverage the smartphone already in your pocket, to fully-fledged fancy setups that probably cost as much as your best road bike


A Zwift Hub Smart turbo trainer stands in an underground car park

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Zwift Hub review: Unbeatable value smart trainer

A year on from its launch, we revisited our review of the Zwift Hub smart trainer to see if it was still among the best smart trainers on the market. 


Tom Wieckowski climbing Harknott pass in the Lake District

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How I plan to make my first winter as a new dad my best one yet on the bike

Tom Wieckowski's life has changed significantly in the past year months. A new job here at Cyclingnews was quickly followed by the birth of his daughter; his first child. 

This winter poses a challenge then if Tom is to keep on top of training and keep his fitness where he wants it. Enter Zwift, the aforementioned Zwift Hub smart trainer. 


Zwift Training Plans

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Zwift training plans: A beginner's guide

There are heaps of Zwift training plans designed to help you get faster. Here is a roundup of the most useful, and a guide on how to choose.


Scotty the squirrel

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Zwift easter eggs: The weird and wonderful things you probably never noticed

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, that's a yeti, or a squirrel, or a tyrannosaurus rex.

Here are some of the hidden features and iconography you never knew existed and where to find them


Zwift ramp test

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Zwift Workouts: A beginner's guide

Whether it's over-unders, VO2 Max intervals or a replica of Mat Hayman's Paris-Roubaix triumph, Zwift has a workout for every rider and every goal. Our pick of the best will help you understand how each different type of workout will help your training. 



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Myth: Indoor cycling is boring

Sponsored: Cyclingnews debunks the theory that indoor cycling is boring and mundane once and for all. 


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