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Best balance bikes

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When it comes to teaching your children to ride a bike, there are a couple of ways to go about it. The traditional method surrounded stabilizers affixed to your child's first bike, allowing them to get the hang of cycling without the risk of toppling over. A tried and tested method, perhaps, but one that meant the child had to try to master the unfamiliar action of pedalling, whilst learning to balance and steer at the same time. 

Over recent years, a better solution has become more widely adopted. The balance bike removes the drivetrain from the equation entirely, requiring your child to scoot along with their feet, rather than pedal in that unfamiliar circular motion. This means your child can easily stay upright by simply putting their foot down, making it much easier to learn to balance and perfect the art of steering. 

It also means they can start cycling earlier, teaching coordination sooner and setting them up for success when they upgrade to the big kids' bikes. 

Most balance bikes are simple in construction. Some are designed with three wheels (with two at the front to aid balance further), but most feature two wheels in total like a traditional bicycle. They typically feature a single-tube frame, with a saddle, handlebars and steer like a typical bike.

There are rarely brakes fitted because at these speeds, putting a foot down is a better way to stop when you take into account the child's lack of coordination and strength to effectively operate a brake lever. 

Best overall


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Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Grows with your child

The Strider 12 was the balance bike that kicked off the revolution and transformed the way kids learn to ride. It is suitable for children between 18 months and five years, and it can grow along with your child. 

It weighs 6.7lbs, comes with a durable steel frame, puncture-proof tires, and is super simple to both set up and adjust. 

What's more, it's available in a host of colors, so your child can have a bike in their favorite color. 

Best Value


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Birtech Balance Bike

12-inch wheels and durable steel frame

This balance bike is made using the tried and tested design, out of durable, rust-free 'carbon steel', with 12-inch wheels and child-friendly handlebar grips. 

It weighs 6.4lbs, comes with puncture-proof tires, and is easily adjustable using minimal tools. It's suitable for children between the age of two and six, and comes in a selection of colors. 

Start early


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Allobebe Baby Balance Bike

Three wheels for extra balance

The Allobebe balance bike is designed to help your child start their cycling journey early. With a total of three wheels, it features two wheels at the front, which both steer with a turn of the handlebars. This removes the need to balance from the equation, and allows the child to develop the motor skills of scooting along and steering before they tackle balancing. 

It weighs just 3.9lbs, has a height-adjustable saddle, and comes with six-inch wheels that are rubber-coated meaning it is quiet and won't damage the floors as it scoots on by. 

Suitable for children aged one and up, it is constructed using safe-for-babies, non-toxic materials, in a range of colors. 

Light weight


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Aluminum Balance Bike for Kids and Toddlers

Aluminum chassis makes for a nimble ride

When it comes to learning to scoot, steer and stop a balance bike, the less weight your child has to contend with, the easier it will be to control. That's where this aluminum balance bike comes in. Weighing just four pounds, it's a nimble machine that's easy to maneuver. 

The 12-inch wheels are wrapped in foam tires, offering improved grip. The bike can be adjusted to grow with your child, with a saddle that rises from just 11 inches from the ground up to 17 inches at its highest, and similarly, the handlebars rise from 20 to 24 inches tall. 

What's more, it's super simple to setup, all you have to do is slide in the saddle and handlebar, tighten it up with the wrench provided, and you're good to go. 

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