Nash dashes to weekend double

Dombroski gets podium finish

Katerina Nash (Team Luna) soloed into her second consecutive US Gran Prix of Cyclo-Cross round victory at the Mercer Cup presented by My Laps. Her win at the series’ sixth round didn’t come without a fight from the United States of America Under 23 Cyclo-Cross Champion Amy Dombroski (Primus Mootry) who placed second. United States of America Road Champion Meredith Miller (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) enjoyed another day on the podium in third place.

“I was pretty tired but I think it was the same for everybody,” Nash said. “We had two days in a row and so we’ve got to do two days in a row. I started and went really hard and had a couple of problems compared to the day before. Amy went with me and pushed the pace pretty hard. I was enjoying all the spectators out here in the switchback, so that was great.”

Nash’s double victory weekend furthered her lead in the USGP series standings. The series moves on to its final two rounds in Portland, Oregon on December 5 and 6.

Dombroski gives Nash a run for her money

Some 35 elite women took part in the 40-minute cyclo-cross race held at the Mercer County Park. Warm temperature dried up much of the water left behind by hurricane Ida, causing the mud to thicken and the ruts to stiffen.

Legendary road cyclist Laura Van Gilder (C3 Sollay-Athletes Serving Athletes) used her renowned sprint to get to the front first and take the hole shot. Canadian Cyclo-cross Champion Alison Sydor (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) took over the lead by using her strong technical skills to maneuver through the off-camber twists and turns on the first half lap.

Nash took control of the race by the end of the first lap and opened up a 15-second gap on the shattered line of cyclo-crossers. Unlike the previous day, which saw Nash ride away solo with the win, pint-sized Dombroski broke away from a chase group in pursuit of the leader.

“When I was there I was trying to conserve and follow her line,” said Dombroski, who earned the day’s most aggressive rider award. “I tried to do what Katerina does. “She’s got the pistol and the trigger finger. I was trying to stick on her wheel for as long as I could, I did what I could. I tried to make sure that I was right with her when we got to the straight away so that I could get as much rest as possible.”

The crowds went wild when Dombroski made contact with Nash on the second lap and sat behind her in an attempt to catch her breath. However Nash put in one strong effort and powered away from Dombroski through the thick mud.

“She’s just really smooth and I couldn’t ride some of the lines that she was riding and accelerate as hard as she was accelerating,” said Dombroski. “I think my fitness is still coming, but she is awesome. It’s always great following someone who is better than you and see where they are gaining their advantage.”

Nash regained a 20-second advantage and held it all the way to the finish line. Dombroski continued to press on and did not lose any additional time to Nash on the last two laps. “Yesterday nothing seemed spot on right,” said Dombroski. “I had a good start but I kept bobbling. Today everything felt a bit snappier. I had a great warm-up this morning and great pit help, everything went smooth today.”

Georgia Gould (Team Luna) followed the two leaders by riding in third place for most of the race. Much like the previous day, Miller used her powerful road fitness to catch and pass Alison Dunlap (Team Luna) in pursuit of Gould. This time however Miller caught and proceeded to pass Gould on the third lap.

“When I caught Gould I was going to sit on her for a while but I kept thinking that I could go faster than this, so I came around her,” Miller said. “I put my head down and took my chances and went as hard as I could and it worked.”

Both Gould and Dunlap finished the race in fourth and fifth place respectively. Both mountain bikers displayed their strength through the new technical sections that were not included in the course design the previous day.

Sydor, who drifted back following the first lap, founder herself in good company with Van Gilder, Maureen Bruno Roy (MM Racing-Seven Cycles), Kari Studley (Velo Bella) and the young Kaitlin Antonneau (Planet Bike). Sydor attacked her chase group with half a lap to go to secure sixth place.


Elite Women
1Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team  
2Amy Dombroski (USA) Clement-Primus Mootry  
3Meredith Miller (USA) Team Tibco  
4Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team  
5Alison Dunlap (USA) Luna Pro Team  
6Alison Sydor (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain  
7Laura Van Gilder (USA) C3 Sollay  
8Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) Mm Racing P/B Seven Cycles  
9Kari Studley (USA) Velo Bella  
10Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) Planet Bike  
11Deidre Winfield (USA) C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes  
12Andrea Smith (USA) Minuteman Road Club  
13Linda Sone (USA) Planet Bike  
14Kristin Wentworth (USA) Planet Bike  
15Linnea Koons (USA) October Factory Racing  
16Nicole Thiemann (USA) Pabst Blue Ribbon  
17Erica Yozell (USA) Visitpa.Com  
18Kimberly Flynn (USA) Vantaggio/Specialized  
19Rebecca Wellons (USA) Nebc/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental  
20Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant Bicycles  
21Kristin Gavin (USA) Pabst Blue Ribbon  
22Anna Milkowski (USA) Bikereg.Com / Joe's Garage / If  
23Beth Mason (USA) Verge Sport - Test Pilot  
24Lauri Webber (USA) Secret Henry's Team  
25Amanda Carey (USA) Kenda/Trainwitheric.Com  
26Kristine Church (USA) Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon  
27Justine Robidoux (Can) Independant  
Women 3/4
1Laura Winberry (Campmor)  
2Stacey Barbossa (Montclair Cyclists)  
3Amy Cutler (Eps/Css/Riptide Cycling)  
4Kathrin Schumacher (Guy's Racing)  
5Rachael Mirvish (Hbcc)  
6Jess Kates Galatro (Flying Penguins)  
7Kirsten Begg  
8Martha Bush (Sanchez Houlihan-Lokey)  
9Laura Hanlon (Sports Team, The)  
10Erin Mascelli (Eps/Css P/B Brielle Cyclery)  
11Laura Kozlowski (Velo Bella)  
12Julie Holman (T.E.A.M. Fuji)  
13Christine Fort (Quadcycles)  
14Ali Flis (Pabst Blue Ribbon)  
15Caitlin Thompson (Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon)  
16Arianne Caporiccio (Rrv/Pedal Pushers)  
17Sarah Sauvayre (Crca/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes)  
18Kelly Welker (Mac5Bikes/Mcallister Sign)  
19Kathleen Wulfkuhle (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)  
20Molly Hurford (Rutgers University)  
21Leslie Conrad (Halter's Cycles)  
22Karen Bechtold (Eps/Css P/B Brielle Cyclery)  
23Melani Hom (T.E.A.M. Fuji)  
24Antonina Esposto (Team Alliance Environmental)  
25Stacy Jargowsky (Sbr Multisports)  
26Tamara Cabalu (Breakaway Racing)  
27Kelly Mcglynn (Www.Halterscycles.Com Unicorn Factory Racing)  
28Tara Walhart (Team Campmor)  
29Sami Tamyalew (Usma Cycling Team)  
30Catherine Probst (Young Medalists)  
Master Women
1Diane Castor-Grim (C3 Serving Athletes)  
2Margaret Thompson (Team Hammer Nutrition)  
3Lisa Most (Wissahickon/Engin Cycles)  
4Tara Parsons (Crca)  
5Allison Snooks (Munutemen Road Club)  
6Kim Bishop  
7Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Racing)  
8Jennifer Horn (Sorella Cycling P/B Bvm Engineering)  
9Tracy Lea (T.E.A.M. Fuji)  
Junior Girls 10-14
1Elizabeth Keesler (Century Road Club)  
2Emily Tufford  
1Emma White (Cbrc)  
2Bailey Semian (Team Vortex)  
3Melissa Garcia (Bike Line/Lwa)  
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