Competition kicks off in Bend

B men and women open four days of 'cross racing

Despite freezing temperatures, snow and ice, large crowds and about 500 racers from around the country gathered in Bend, Oregon for the B and Master races on Thursday, the first of four days of racing at the US National Cyclo-cross Championships.

Racers praised the highly technical course which features a mixture of textures (snow, frozen grass and road) along with a stair run-up, and fast and slick straight-aways.

The first race of the day began under clear but cold skies. With only a few warm-up riders on the course, the snow had yet to be packed down and riders adhered to a few good lines. Holly Klug took the win in the women's B race out of the lead pack followed closely by Stephanie Thompson (HRS Rock Lobster) and Courtney Shipman.

As the day wore on the course changed from hard-packed snow singletrack to soft, spring snow. For the men's B 40+ race, the sun began to set and the ground began to harden as the course once again got slippery. With 165 racers at the start, the field was crowded and two crashes required medical attention. But the racers at the front stayed out of trouble with single-speeder Scott McLaughlin taking the win only six seconds ahead of Aussie Michael Robson.

B Men 10-29
1Christopher Dale (Raleigh All Stars P/b Cady Construction)0:40:54 
2Cory Simpson0:00:13 
3Joseph Welsh (Raleigh All Stars pb Cady Construction)0:01:26 
4Alex Grman (The Hub)0:01:39 
5Brent Poole (Capital Velo)0:01:42 
6Gordon Cottle (Porucpine/specialized Racing)0:01:43 
7Adam Rachubinski0:01:57 
8Justin Morejohn (Davis Bike Club)0:02:06 
9Ben Corbalis (Raleigh All Stars P/b Cady Con)0:02:24 
10Bryan Voytilla (Ironclad Performance Wear Cycl)0:03:01 
11Shane Johnson (Trinity Bikes)0:03:53 
12Brandon Wagner  
13Shaun Radley (  
14Eric Colton (Team Cicle)0:04:07 
15Matthew Talbott (Clean Racer)0:04:22 
16David Chiu (Nebc/cycle Loft/devonshire Den)0:04:27 
17Travis Braun0:04:31 
18Christopher Woodruff0:04:42 
19Andrew Templeton ( 
20Dan Milano (Joyride Bikes/ek Ekcessories)0:05:08 
21John Pfeil (N/a)0:05:15 
22Brett Montague0:05:37 
23Charles Hanlon (Guys Racing)0:06:04 
24Aaron House (Housatonic Wheel Club)0:06:06 
25Justin Evans (C4 Racing)0:06:16 
26Nate Lustig0:06:19 
27Martin Lang (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)0:07:24 
28Jonathan Perlman  
29Carson Schmeck -1lap 
30Gordon Wells  
31Syd Lea (T.e.a.m. Fuji) -2laps 
32Sean Lewis (Trinity Bikes)  
33Andrew Wiselogle -3laps 
DNSTyler Karnes (Hincapie Development)  
DNSJacob Arnold  
DNSDrew Bercaw (One Call Now)  
DNSDavid Chiu (Nebc/cycle Loft/devonshire Den)  
DNSTim Darwick (Freeze Thaw Cycles)  
DNSZane Freebairn (Porcupine/specialzed Racing)  
DNSSteve Miller  
DNSAlexander Sarmiento  
DNSColby Weber  
DNSForest Wilson (Team Oregon)  
DNFConnor Cartland  
DNFDean Haas (Team 5280 Magazine)  
DNFColin Krebsbach (Asc Racing/redline)  
DNFRobert Sroka (Lake Effect)  
DNFDavid Volkert  
DNFSam Whitley  
B Men 30-39
1Shadd Smith (Kccx / Verge)0:47:25 
2Kevin Klug0:00:10 
3Jesse Doll (Northern Rockies Orthopedics)0:00:29 
4Peter Ozolins (Chriscookies/swancycles)0:00:30 
5Edward Meyer0:00:51 
6Chad DeMoss0:01:31 
7Jamie Kilcoyne (Chipotle-titus Mountain Bike T)0:01:57 
8Jeremy Whitman (Custom Cycle)0:02:02 
9Matt Tillinghast (Lincoln Industries)0:02:19 
10Ryan Brown (Chinook Cycling)  
11Sheldon Miller0:02:37 
12Brian Fuller (Team Reel Theatre)0:02:56 
13Jason Cruz0:02:59 
14Brett Pirie0:03:06 
15Adam Whitney (Seven Cycles)0:03:11 
16Nate Woodman0:03:15 
17Andrew Yee0:03:28 
18Ryan Rickerts (Fanatik Bike Co.)0:03:36 
19Daimeon Shanks0:03:55 
20Travis Lukens0:03:56 
21Basil Moutsopoulos (Hup United)0:04:03 
22Doug Laplaca (Bend Bike N Sport)0:04:07 
23Wade Miller (Sunnyside Sports)0:04:10 
24Stephen Fitzgerald0:04:26 
25Nicholas Adsero0:04:34 
26Kyle Wuepper0:04:48 
27Chip Sloan (Gr?ndelbr?isers)0:04:51 
28Marcus Biancucci (Therapeutic Associates)  
29Arn Allemand (Lactic Acid Cycling)0:04:56 
30Matt Robinson0:05:02 
31Eric Lanners (Word-RCB)0:05:21 
32Aaron Lee0:05:29 
33David Meyer0:05:38 
34Timothy Spence (Nrc/kona)0:05:49 
35Brian Staby (Team Norcal Bike Sport)0:06:00 
36Jason Goff0:06:06 
37Wilbur Kelly0:06:15 
38Adam Mills (Hrrc/trek Stores)0:06:18 
39Robert Weyman (Kahala/la Grange)0:06:19 
40Nicholas Brown (Recycled Cycles Racing)0:06:24 
41Dan Werle0:06:26 
42Michael Tonkinson (Webcor/alto Velo)0:06:27 
43Andy Jones0:06:38 
44Alex Telitsine ( 
45Joey Figone0:07:24 
46Robert DeClerk0:07:42 
47Alex Hall (South Bay Wheelmen)0:07:44 
48Chris Cottingham0:07:55 
49Alan Adams (Hagens Berman Cycling) -1lap 
50E Brown  
51Theodore Chauvin (Lenovo)  
52Brian Coontz  
53Michael Dennis  
54Ian Dewar (Team Specialized Bicycles)  
55Kevin Donovan (Lactic Acid Cycling)  
56Rick Finley (Montana Velo)  
57Devin Flynn  
58Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns)  
59Christian Martin  
60Patrick Miller  
61Patrick Murphy (Team Mad Cat)  
62Andy Platt  
63Michael Prater (Hagens Berman Llp)  
64Gavin Scott  
65Andrew Shatz  
66David Taylor  
67Matthew Hennessy (C3)  
68Cameron Coker -2laps 
69Steve Langenderfer  
70Lewis Perna (Schwab Cycles Racing Team)  
71Joe Ramaker  
72Jay Armstrong -3laps 
73Chris Goodson  
74Todd Pilger (Team Cross)  
75Mike Reed  
76Brian Schur (Chinook Cyclling)  
77David Thomason  
78Chrstopher Follmer -4laps 
79Ed Teixeira  
DNSBradley Arnold (Counterbalance Bicycles Racing)  
DNSWilliam Butcher (Magnus)  
DNSBryan Butts  
DNSEric Denning (Team Reel Theatre)  
DNSKirk Edwards  
DNSJoshua Feazell (Endura)  
DNSKen Gallardo (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)  
DNSSamuel Gordon  
DNSRobin Guillaume (Na)  
DNSMontgomery HILL (Bbc)  
DNSBrad Loetel (Cucina Fresca)  
DNSCole Meckle (Cucina Fresca)  
DNSIan Mullins  
DNSThayne Nord  
DNSHector Perez  
DNSEric Peterson (Kinetic)  
DNSRandy Salamon (Recycled Cycles Racing)  
DNSScott Shipman  
DNSStephen Staha  
DNFUri Friedman (Chica Sexy)  
DNFBrett Golden (Team Awesome)  
DNFDrew Holmes  
DNFNathan Kiger  
DNFKevin Koen (Team Bikelane)  
DNFBo Pitkin (White Pine Touring)  
DNFSandy Poulson  
DNFJason Sobottka  
DNFBenjamin Voigts  
DNFMike Heenan (My Wife Inc)  
DNFAbe Gilreath  
B Men 40+
1Scott McLaughlin (Sram Factory)0:48:30 
2Michael Robson (Michael Robson)0:00:06 
3Thomas Price0:00:19 
4Darron Cheek (Copper Mtnhigh Country Racing)0:01:19 
5David Diviney0:01:26 
6Patrick Morrissey (Nm Team Cross)0:01:31 
7Timothy Hopkin (North Carolina Cyclocross)0:01:45 
8Brett Batchelder0:01:49 
9Eric Goodson (Boston Road Club)0:01:52 
10Daren Cottle (Porcupine/specialized Racing T)0:01:58 
11Jeff Gaeckle (The Valley)0:02:21 
12Kelly Cline (Wissahickon)0:02:23 
13Dan Farrell (Blue Sky Velo)0:02:24 
14Kirk Olson0:02:30 
15Bill Teasdale (Blue Sky Velo)0:02:36 
16Randy Opp (Vertical Earth)0:03:07 
17Doug Karet (Unattached)0:03:30 
18Charles Stearns (Team Dobbiaco)0:03:31 
19Michael Mara (Desert Orthopaedics)0:03:39 
20Troy Krause (Lincoln Industries - Highgear)0:03:41 
21Terry Keele0:03:43 
22Bruce Whitesel (Green Mountain Sports Velo)0:04:05 
23Stephen Kent (Freewheel Bike Shop)0:04:08 
24Jared Roy (Crossniacs)0:04:34 
25Chad Sage (Sunnyside Sports)0:04:42 
26Doug Smith (Bend Bike 'n Sport)0:04:48 
27Robert Uetrecht  
28Barry Holman (T.e.a.m. Fuji)0:05:25 
29Gary Thacker (Chipotle/titus)  
30Bill Reed0:05:36 
31Mark Proia0:05:38 
32Sean Haidet  
33Eric Stolberg (Grundelbruisers)0:05:40 
34John Bliss (Chipotle/titus)0:05:44 
35Aaron Zoerner0:05:50 
36Carl Boni (Blue Sky Velo)0:05:51 
37Kelly Glenn0:06:02 
38Brian Price (Lactic Acid Cycling)0:06:04 
39Rudy Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)0:06:07 
40Geoff McIntosh (Team Nh)0:06:17 
41Thomas Feix (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)0:06:23 
42Harald Graham (Specialized River City Bikes)0:06:27 
43Roy Colven (Wines Of Washington/bikesale.c)0:06:28 
44Chip Duckett (Mob Cycling)  
45Otto Schug (Pdg Bikestore)0:06:43 
46Salvatore Bondi0:06:57 
47Phillip Meyer0:07:19 
48Paule Bates (Team Roaring Mouse)0:07:20 
49Theodore Fleming (Spike Shooter Professional Cyc)0:07:21 
50Michael Kracht (Skullcandy/jsa Architects)0:07:25 
51Geoffrey House0:07:28 
52Wayne Cunningham (Nebc/cycle Loft/devonshire Den)0:07:29 
53Mike Upchurch (Team Mad Cat)0:07:32 
54Michael Hyde0:07:36 
55Brian Wieczorek (Freddie Fu Cycling)  
56Kyle Boschen0:07:49 
57Franz Martin (Nrc/kona)0:08:03 
58Steve Lamont0:08:06 
59Brandon Sincock  
60Jeffrey Craft (Team Lake Effect)0:08:10 
61Travis Oliger0:08:12 
62Geoffrey Albert (Team Cicle) -1lap 
63Paul Avila  
64Mark Bradley  
65Greg Creswick  
66Emil Gercke (Whole Athlete)  
67Jim Hinkley (Southtown Velo)  
68Rob Kerr  
69Robert Kramer (Team Plan C)  
70John McHale  
71James Medeiros (Buttercup)  
72Karl Mikkelson  
73Dave Pearson (Bicycle Centres-collision 1)  
74Dale Riley  
75Timothy Simanski (Team Roaring Mouse)  
76Ben Suttlemyre (Vertical Earth)  
77Steve Yenne (Capitol Subaru)  
78Brad House (Bikepalace/backontrack)  
DNSKenton Berg  
DNSBrady Brady  
DNSKen Coleman  
DNSSean Denney  
DNSGreg Freebairn (Porcupine/specialized Racing)  
DNSRobert Goss (Rio Strada Racing)  
DNSDaniel Houghton  
DNSBrian Johnston  
DNSDavid Karman (Hagens Berman Cycling)  
DNSTim Kelley (Fitzgerald's Bicycles)  
DNSRobert Kuhn (Hup United)  
DNSParker Lund  
DNSScott Mares (Verge)  
DNSGreg McRoberts  
DNSChristopher Mendoza  
DNSJim Miller  
DNSBrian Nelson  
DNSBrian Neukirch  
DNSEd Reagan (Veloshop)  
DNSDavid Ryan (Fitzgerald's Bicycles)  
DNSSean Vali  
DNSTom Witzke (Lactic Acid Cycling)  
DNFRobert Adams  
DNFMichael Adkisson  
DNFCarl Anton  
DNFChris Baker (Team Bike Trip)  
DNFKevin Beshlian (20/20 Fuel)  
DNFMichael Cochran (Bullseye - East Sac)  
DNFDavid Crockell  
DNFBrian Dallas (Focus Bikes Usa)  
DNFMichael Doherty (Cucina Fresca)  
DNFSteve Eccher  
DNFSteven Ellis (Blue Rooster Cycling Team/the)  
DNFJim Gentes  
DNFJeffrey Goble (Sho-air / Sonance)  
DNFCorey Green (Zephyr Wheel Sports)  
DNFMichael Hines  
DNFRocco Hollaway (Vsrt/livermore Cyclery)  
DNFJ Juelis (Joe Bar Racing)  
DNFLogan Kelsey (Team Rambuski Law)  
DNFTorsten Kjellstrand (S&m)  
DNFVern Krist  
DNFDoug LaMott (Team Therapeutic Associates-do)  
DNFSteve La Roza (Van Dessel)  
DNFMatthew Lasala (Bend Bike N Sport)  
DNFMike Leone (Unattached)  
DNFChris LUBY (Team Kick Ass)  
DNFWilliam Macy (Carolina Masters Cycling Club)  
DNFmatt mcguire  
DNFJohn McManus (Durango Wheel Club Masters Tea)  
DNFJay Mongillo (Ccc/keltic Construction/zanes)  
DNFMark Monroe (Two Wheeler/specialized)  
DNFJeff Monson  
DNFShawn Moore (Fiets Maan Racing)  
DNFScott Osgood (Vsrt/livermore Cyclery)  
DNFJay Palubeski  
DNFThomas Prehn (Rocky Mounts)  
DNFDavid Queen (20/20 Fuel)  
DNFKevin Raymond (  
DNFSean Rogers  
DNFTimothy Schauer  
DNFGarth Schmeck  
DNFCraig Schmidt (Lincoln Industries - Highgear)  
DNFwes senechal  
DNFDaniel Sheerin  
DNFChristopher Shotwell  
DNFTim Skinner (Team Buttercup)  
DNFEric Sletmoe (Mountain View Cycles)  
DNFDavid Smith  
DNFBrian Smith  
DNFMarty Sparks (Second Ascent)  
DNFDavid Stanton  
DNFSam Taagen  
DNFTom Taylor  
DNFChad Thomas (Peninsula Velo/pomodoro)  
DNFPatrick Tighe  
DNFRobert Trombley (Recycled Cycles/raleigh)  
DNFEric Vickers  
DNFBrian Volkert  
DNFBrian Walburn (Hagens Berman Llp)  
DNFRobert Wuebker  
DNFBrad Sall  
DNFKevin Max (Yard Sale)  
DNFJoe Carpenter (Team Mad Cat)  
B Women
1Holly Klug0:40:17 
2Stephanie Thompson (Hrs Rock Lobster)0:00:13 
3Courtney Shipman0:00:16 
4Molly Martin0:00:30 
5rachel farrett0:01:10 
6Suzan Falvey0:01:30 
7Courtney Green0:01:35 
8Sarah Huang (Nova Iscorp)0:01:40 
9Clarissa Freeman (The Nationals Project)0:01:45 
10Michelle Monroe (Joselyn's/burnham Coaching)0:01:50 
11Wendy Stredwick (Riverstone Women's Racing Team)  
12Lindsy Campbell ( 
13Katie Melena0:02:39 
14Brandee Era-Miller0:02:44 
15Jennifer Horn (Sorella Cycling P/b Bvm Engine)0:02:49 
16Mary Boschen0:03:07 
17Ann Mitchell0:03:10 
18Deirdre Garvey0:03:16 
19Theresa Carilli (Nebc/cycle Loft/devonshire Den)0:04:14 
20Camille Terhune (The Valley Athletic Club)0:04:35 
21Carol Ruckle (Team Possibilities)0:04:45 
22Hannah Finchamp0:05:28 
23Lori Smith (Lactic Acid Cycling)0:05:30 
24laura kozlowski (Velo Bella)0:05:38 
25Heidi Swift0:05:44 
26Angela Mart ( 
27Stephanie CHASE (Veloforma)0:06:54 
28Janet Trubey (North Carolina Cyclocross)0:07:03 
29Amanda McNabb (Team Group Health)0:07:24 
30Melani Hom0:07:43 
31Bess Tonkinson0:07:55 
32Beth Ross (Joyride Bikes/ek Ekcessories)0:08:25 
33Kimberly Dubeck (Beans Bikes)0:09:00 
34Tara Walhart (3d/tom's Atlantic Cyclery)0:09:19 
35Allison Braddock (Momentum Racing)  
36Patrick Morrissey (Nm Team Cross)  
37Katy JossY (Team Roaring Mouse)  
38Julie Lockhart (Nebc/cycle Loft/devonshire Den)  
39Adelaida Miro  
40Miss Mary Perez (Velo Bella)  
DNSTrudy Bjornsen (Davis Bike Club)  
DNSBree Edwards (Cyclepath Racing)  
DNSJane Finsterwald (Chipotle-titus)  
DNSMartha Iverson (Durango Wheel Club)  
DNSTracy Lea (T.e.a.m. Fuji)  
DNSJulie Lewis-Sroka (Lake Effect Cycling Team)  
DNSAmy Lundstrom  
DNSKarina Mahoney (Riverston Women's Racing Team)  
DNSThomas Price  
DNSKate Shanahan  
DNSKristin Wille (Portland Velo)  

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