Earle adds to Genesys stage wins

Shaw, Parker fill the podium

Nathan Earle ensured Genesys Wealth Advisers stayed on top of the leader board at the Tour of Toowoomba, as he claimed victory on the second stage. Earle crossed the up-hill finish line just ahead of Jayco-Skins rider Pat Shaw, with the fractured lead group filtering across the line behind.

Dale Parker (Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans) roll across the line behind, taking third place from the small lead group. Earle has assumed the race lead from teammate and stage one winner Ben Grenda.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)2:39:56 
2Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)  
3Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:03 
4Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:20 
5Jay Mccarthy (National Junior Road Team)  
6Rhys Gillett (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
7Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:22 
8Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
9Clayton Fettell (GE Plumbing 2010)  
10Damien Howson (National Junior Road Team)  
11Brodie Talbot (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
12Cameron Jennings (Team Budget Forklifts)  
13Mitchell Mulhern (Merida Australia Road Team)  
14David Melville (Merida Australia Road Team)  
15Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
16Matthew Werrell (Shortis.com.au)  
17Calvin Watson (National Junior Road Team)  
18Dylan Newell (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:27 
19Samuel Spokes (National Junior Road Team)0:00:36 
20Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)0:02:52 
21Mitchell Pearson (Fly V Team)  
22Reuben Donati (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:03:44 
23Kristian Juel (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:03:56 
24William Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:04:01 
25Bevan Mason (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
26Thomas Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:04:03 
27Jordan Kerby (National Junior Road Team)0:04:05 
28Matthew Chew (Data#3 Racing Team)  
29James Mowatt (Fly V Team)  
30James Ibrahim (Fenton Green)  
31Andrew Arundel (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
32Stuart Mulhern (Data#3 Racing Team)  
33David Edwards (National Junior Road Team)  
34David De Marco (Fly V Team)  
35Peter Thompson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
36Stuart Cowin (Data#3 Racing Team)  
37Nicholas Dougall (Fly V Team)  
38Christopher Klem (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
39Jason Rigg (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
40Michael Freiberg (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
41Sean Evangelista (GE Plumbing 2010)  
42Jamie Lacey (Merida Australia Road Team)  
43Brendan Brooks (Shortis.com.au)  
44Andrew Roe (Fly V Team)  
45Lachlan Doak (Fenton Green)  
46Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)  
47Matthew Williams (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
48Joshua Prete (Team Budget Forklifts)  
49Oliver Kent-Spark (Fenton Green)  
50Timothy Walker (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
51Brian Mcleod (GuitarGym-Orbea)  
52Sean Finning (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
53Ben Cutajar (Shortis.com.au)  
54Jackson Wardrop (GE Plumbing 2010)0:04:15 
55Ryan Macanally (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:05:42 
56Alex Wohler (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:06:24 
57James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:14:50 
58Geoff Straub (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
59Christoper Williams (Merida Australia Road Team)  
60Scott Law (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
61Matthew Marshall (Shortis.com.au)  
62Scott Cronly-Dillon (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
63Luke Cridland (Shortis.com.au)  
64Trent Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
65James Szollosi (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:16:02 
66Damon Stefani (Data#3 Racing Team)  
67Timothy Dalgliesh (Merida Australia Road Team)  
68Brendan Schultz (Fenton Green)  
69Kyle Marwood (Genesys Wealth Advisers)  
70Michael Hosking (GE Plumbing 2010)  
71Michael Sargeant (GE Plumbing 2010)  
72Matthew Murray (Fly V Team)  
73Matthew Wood (Team Budget Forklifts)  
74Bradley Nightingale (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
75Joel Lewis (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
76Brent Skippen (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
77Harry Rassie (Fenton Green)  
78Liam Mccarthy (FKG Toowoomba Team)0:19:54 
79David Brown (Data#3 Racing Team)0:22:18 
80Jason Portas (Data#3 Racing Team)0:23:44 
81Peter Spencer (GE Plumbing 2010)  
82David Hampton (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
83Danny Mcdonald (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
84Douglas Freeburn (Merida Australia Road Team)  
85Alex Kloppers (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:26:23 
DNFDale Scarfe (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
DNFJames Mcdulling (Fenton Green)  
DNFNicholas Murphy (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
DNFThomas Lane-Porter (GuitarGym-Orbea)  
DNSMiles Olman (Fenton Green)  
DNSAaron Benson (Merida Australia Road Team)  
DNSJohn Freiberg (Team Budget Forklifts)  
DNSLouis Evangelista (GE Plumbing 2010)  
DNSAiden Trevan (Data#3 Racing Team)  
DNSDavid Hanson (GuitarGym-Orbea)  
DNSAidan Mckenzie (GuitarGym-Orbea)  
DNSMatthew Bolster (Fly V Team)  
DNSJoel Pearson (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)10 pts
2Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)6 
3Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)5 
4Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)5 
5James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)4 
6Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)3 
7Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)2 
8Brodie Talbot (Hillbrick Bicycles)1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)8 pts
2William Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3 
3Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3 
4Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)3 
5Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)2 
6Cameron Jennings (Team Budget Forklifts)2 
7Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)2 
8Jay Mccarthy (National Junior Road Team)1 
Under 23 rider
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)2:39:56 
2Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)  
3Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:20 
4Jay Mccarthy (National Junior Road Team)  
5Rhys Gillett (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
6Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:22 
7Damien Howson (National Junior Road Team)  
8Brodie Talbot (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
9Mitchell Mulhern (Merida Australia Road Team)  
10Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
11Calvin Watson (National Junior Road Team)  
12Samuel Spokes (National Junior Road Team)0:00:36 
13Reuben Donati (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:03:44 
14Kristian Juel (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:03:56 
15Thomas Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:04:03 
16Jordan Kerby (National Junior Road Team)0:04:05 
17James Mowatt (Fly V Team)  
18Andrew Arundel (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
19Stuart Mulhern (Data#3 Racing Team)  
20David Edwards (National Junior Road Team)  
21David De Marco (Fly V Team)  
22Nicholas Dougall (Fly V Team)  
23Michael Freiberg (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
24Sean Evangelista (GE Plumbing 2010)  
25Jamie Lacey (Merida Australia Road Team)  
26Lachlan Doak (Fenton Green)  
27Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)  
28Matthew Williams (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
29Joshua Prete (Team Budget Forklifts)  
30Oliver Kent-Spark (Fenton Green)  
31Brian Mcleod (GuitarGym-Orbea)  
32Ben Cutajar (Shortis.com.au)  
33Jackson Wardrop (GE Plumbing 2010)0:04:15 
34Ryan Macanally (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:05:42 
35Alex Wohler (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:06:24 
36James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:14:50 
37Geoff Straub (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
38Scott Law (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
39Matthew Marshall (Shortis.com.au)  
40Scott Cronly-Dillon (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
41Trent Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
42James Szollosi (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:16:02 
43Joel Lewis (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
44Harry Rassie (Fenton Green)  
45David Hampton (Hillbrick Bicycles)0:23:44 
46Douglas Freeburn (Merida Australia Road Team)  
47Alex Kloppers (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:26:23 
48Nicholas Murphy (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
DNFDale Scarfe (McDonagh Blake-Witness)  
DNFJames Mcdulling (Fenton Green)  
DNFThomas Lane-Porter (GuitarGym-Orbea)  
DNSAaron Benson (Merida Australia Road Team)  
DNSLouis Evangelista (GE Plumbing 2010)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1National Junior Road Team18:49:22 
2Genesys Wealth Advisers0:19:08 
3Virgin Blue Rbs Morgans0:28:45 
4Toowoomba Team Fkg1:06:06 
5Erdinger Alkoholfrei1:41:56 
General Classification after Stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)5:19:05 
2Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:02 
3Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)  
4Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:03 
5Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:14 
6Rhys Gillett (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:22 
7Jay Mccarthy (National Junior Road Team)0:00:32 
8Cameron Jennings (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:33 
9Brodie Talbot (Hillbrick Bicycles)0:00:34 
10Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:35 
11Clayton Fettell (GE Plumbing 2010)  
12Damien Howson (National Junior Road Team)  
13Mitchell Mulhern (Merida Australia Road Team)  
14David Melville (Merida Australia Road Team)  
15Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
16Dylan Newell (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:40 
17Samuel Spokes (National Junior Road Team)0:00:49 
18Calvin Watson (National Junior Road Team)0:00:52 
19Matthew Werrell (Shortis.com.au)0:01:59 
20Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)0:02:59 
21Mitchell Pearson (Fly V Team)0:03:05 
22Bevan Mason (FKG Toowoomba Team)0:03:54 
23Reuben Donati (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:03:57 
24William Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:03:59 
25Thomas Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:04:10 
26Andrew Arundel (Hillbrick Bicycles)0:04:13 
27Michael Freiberg (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
28Peter Thompson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:04:14 
29James Ibrahim (Fenton Green)0:04:18 
30David De Marco (Fly V Team)  
31Sean Evangelista (GE Plumbing 2010)  
32Stuart Mulhern (Data#3 Racing Team)  
33Nicholas Dougall (Fly V Team)  
34Christopher Klem (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
35Brendan Brooks (Shortis.com.au)  
36Joshua Prete (Team Budget Forklifts)  
37Stuart Cowin (Data#3 Racing Team)  
38Jason Rigg (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
39Andrew Roe (Fly V Team)  
40Timothy Walker (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
41Sean Finning (FKG Toowoomba Team)0:04:26 
42Kristian Juel (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:05:33 
43Ryan Macanally (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:05:55 
44Alex Wohler (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:06:37 
45David Edwards (National Junior Road Team)0:06:54 
46Matthew Williams (FKG Toowoomba Team)0:07:10 
47Jackson Wardrop (GE Plumbing 2010)0:07:20 
48Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:08:43 
49Jordan Kerby (National Junior Road Team)0:09:47 
50Matthew Chew (Data#3 Racing Team)0:11:48 
51Jamie Lacey (Merida Australia Road Team)0:13:46 
52James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:15:01 
53Scott Law (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:15:03 
54Christoper Williams (Merida Australia Road Team)  
55Matthew Marshall (Shortis.com.au)  
56Michael Sargeant (GE Plumbing 2010)0:16:15 
57Harry Rassie (Fenton Green)  
58Lachlan Doak (Fenton Green)0:16:36 
59Kyle Marwood (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:17:39 
60Timothy Dalgliesh (Merida Australia Road Team)0:18:29 
61Michael Hosking (GE Plumbing 2010)0:18:37 
62Damon Stefani (Data#3 Racing Team)0:19:07 
63Matthew Wood (Team Budget Forklifts)  
64Bradley Nightingale (FKG Toowoomba Team)  
65James Mowatt (Fly V Team)0:19:12 
66Oliver Kent-Spark (Fenton Green)  
67Geoff Straub (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:21:51 
68Matthew Murray (Fly V Team)0:23:45 
69Peter Spencer (GE Plumbing 2010)0:23:57 
70Scott Cronly-Dillon (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:27:21 
71Trent Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
72James Szollosi (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:28:33 
73Brent Skippen (Hillbrick Bicycles)  
74Brendan Schultz (Fenton Green)0:29:28 
75Joel Lewis (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:29:29 
76Luke Cridland (Shortis.com.au)0:29:57 
77Douglas Freeburn (Merida Australia Road Team)0:31:27 
78Brian Mcleod (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:33:42 
79David Brown (Data#3 Racing Team)0:34:49 
80Jason Portas (Data#3 Racing Team)0:36:12 
81Danny Mcdonald (FKG Toowoomba Team)0:36:22 
82Liam Mccarthy (FKG Toowoomba Team)0:36:46 
83David Hampton (Hillbrick Bicycles)0:38:30 
84Alex Kloppers (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:41:26 
Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)10 pts
2Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)6 
3Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)6 
4Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)5 
5Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)5 
6James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)4 
7Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)3 
8Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3 
9Andrew Arundel (Hillbrick Bicycles)2 
10Michael Freiberg (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)2 
11Brodie Talbot (Hillbrick Bicycles)1 
12Bevan Mason (FKG Toowoomba Team)1 
Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)9 pts
2Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)8 
3Patrick Shaw (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)8 
4Timothy Dalgliesh (Merida Australia Road Team)4 
5Peter Thompson (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)4 
6Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3 
7Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)3 
8Cameron Jennings (Team Budget Forklifts)2 
9Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)2 
10Bevan Mason (FKG Toowoomba Team)2 
11Jay Mccarthy (National Junior Road Team)1 
12Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)1 
13Brendan Schultz (Fenton Green)1 
Under 23 rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)5:19:05 
2Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:02 
3Dale Parker (National Junior Road Team)  
4Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:14 
5Rhys Gillett (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:00:22 
6Jay Mccarthy (National Junior Road Team)0:00:32 
7Brodie Talbot (Hillbrick Bicycles)0:00:34 
8Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:00:35 
9Damien Howson (National Junior Road Team)  
10Mitchell Mulhern (Merida Australia Road Team)  
11Samuel Spokes (National Junior Road Team)0:00:49 
12Calvin Watson (National Junior Road Team)0:00:52 
13Reuben Donati (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:03:57 
14Thomas Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:04:10 
15Andrew Arundel (Hillbrick Bicycles)0:04:13 
16Michael Freiberg (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)  
17Sean Evangelista (GE Plumbing 2010)0:04:18 
18David De Marco (Fly V Team)  
19Stuart Mulhern (Data#3 Racing Team)  
20Nicholas Dougall (Fly V Team)  
21Joshua Prete (Team Budget Forklifts)  
22Kristian Juel (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:05:33 
23Ryan Macanally (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:05:55 
24Alex Wohler (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:06:37 
25David Edwards (National Junior Road Team)0:06:54 
26Matthew Williams (FKG Toowoomba Team)0:07:10 
27Jackson Wardrop (GE Plumbing 2010)0:07:20 
28Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:08:43 
29Jordan Kerby (National Junior Road Team)0:09:47 
30Jamie Lacey (Merida Australia Road Team)0:13:46 
31James Hepburn (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:15:01 
32Scott Law (Virgin Blue RBS Morgans)0:15:03 
33Matthew Marshall (Shortis.com.au)  
34Harry Rassie (Fenton Green)0:16:15 
35Lachlan Doak (Fenton Green)0:16:36 
36James Mowatt (Fly V Team)0:19:12 
37Oliver Kent-Spark (Fenton Green)  
38Geoff Straub (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:21:51 
39Scott Cronly-Dillon (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:27:21 
40Trent Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)  
41James Szollosi (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:28:33 
42Joel Lewis (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:29:29 
43Douglas Freeburn (Merida Australia Road Team)0:31:27 
44Brian Mcleod (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:33:42 
45David Hampton (Hillbrick Bicycles)0:38:30 
46Alex Kloppers (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:41:26 
47Nicholas Murphy (Erdinger Alkoholfrei)0:41:30 
Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1National Junior Road Team37:33:18 
2Genesys Wealth Advisers0:16:16 
3Virgin Blue Rbs Morgans0:20:09 
4Toowoomba Team Fkg1:32:27 
5Erdinger Alkoholfrei2:41:08 
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