Atkin nails all the A-lines to take women's victory

MacDonald wins men's race

The new venue of Mt Hutt provided an exciting addition to the New Zealand MTB Cup national series this weekend. Holding a top level downhill event for the first time proved a popular attraction for the 175 competitors and a vocal, partisan Ashburton district crowd.

Competition was furious across all categories, with a Friday practice day giving all competitors ample opportunity to dial the course in, and set themselves up for the final race. The elite men's category again this week displayed just how close racing at this level is and provided an excellent showcase for New Zealand's world class athletes, racing against a number of international visitors.

In the elite women's race, Sarah Atkin was in a class of her own - seeding first and racing to a massive 20-second win over the rest of the women's field. Atkin raced all the "A" lines on course - the only female competitor to do so and the difference in her level of aggression showed directly on the clock, with a comfortable buffer back to Alanna Columb and the rest of the womens field.

Like Atkin, Brook MacDonald doubled up today with a fastest seeding result and the race win. Although by very tight margins, with Australian Jared Graves pouring on the power to almost snatch the win in his best result to date in his New Zealand visit. Only six seconds separated the top 10, and the tension was plain to see as rider after rider first tried to beat early leader Matt Walker, and then gain enough time to try to keep MacDonald from winning his second New Zealand MTB Cup event on the trot. Graves looked to have done enough, however MacDonald clearly knew he could gain enough time to win - which he did by improving on his seeding time by three seconds. For the 2009 junior world champion, two Cup wins in a row underlines his early season form and pace.

Most other categories held true to New Zealand Cup form, but new winners in the U17 and U19 juniors and the senior classes provided confidence boosting results for Carl Goodwin, Lawrence Cawte and Kyle Wilson. All three won for the first time at this level and will be sure to kick on from here as the series moves north.

South Island Downhill Cup

The Mt Hutt race also wrapped up the South Island Downhill Cup, the island portion of the New Zealand MTB Cup. Mat Scoles was rewarded for his results through the first three cup events - never outside the top five - to claim the South Island title for the elite men.

Atkin was never in doubt for her overall win, and all other category winners posted reasonably comfortable margins to claim their titles.

In terms of regional representation, Dunedin and Nelson riders claimed three South Island Cup titles each, Auckland riders two, and Christchurch, Wellington and Alexandra riders one apiece.

Riders move north to Nelson for the National Mountain Bike Championships next weekend.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brook MacDonald (NZl)0:02:24.18 
2Jared Graves (Aus)0:00:00.98 
3Matthew Scoles (NZl)0:00:01.64 
4Justin Leov (NZl)0:00:02.00 
5Richard Leacock (NZl)0:00:04.93 
6Kieran Bennett (NZl)0:00:05.02 
7Rupert Chapman (NZl)0:00:05.27 
8Matthew Walker (NZl)0:00:05.53 
9Daniel Franks (NZl)0:00:06.18 
10Bryn Dickerson (NZl)0:00:06.23 
11Joseph Nation (NZl)0:00:06.56 
12Reuben Olorenshaw (NZl)0:00:06.66 
13Sam Perry (NZl)0:00:07.00 
14Jed Rooney (NZl)0:00:08.16 
15Thomas Mathews (NZl)0:00:08.78 
16Hayden Lee (NZl)0:00:12.62 
17Daniel Heads (NZl)0:00:12.95 
18Thomas Jeandin (Swi)0:00:15.36 
19Jarrah Davies (Aus)0:00:16.36 
20Fabian Kuettel (Swi)0:00:22.18 
21Eugen-Maxi Dickerhoff (Ger)0:00:22.44 
22Octavio Teixeira (NZl)0:00:24.51 
23Sam Stevens (USA)0:00:26.52 
24James Rennie (NZl)0:00:26.91 
25Dan Sims (NZl)0:00:32.76 
26Sam Baker (NZl)0:00:39.09 
27Kuhn Martin (Ger)0:00:44.04 
28Chris Patton (USA)0:08:15.46 
DNFGeorge Brannigan (NZl)  
DNFNick Bygate (NZl)  
DNSDario Takada (NZl)  
DNSTom Winwood (NZl)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin (NZl)0:02:53.92 
2Alanna Columb (NZl)0:00:19.47 
3Sophiemarie Bethell (NZl)0:00:23.91 
4Harriet Latchem (NZl)0:00:24.76 
5Veronique Sandler (NZl)0:00:32.25 
6Amy Liard (NZl)0:00:35.25 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lawrence Cawte (NZl)0:02:36.88 
2Reece Potter (NZl)0:00:00.71 
3Kurt Summerfield (NZl)0:00:02.87 
4Leo Sandler (NZl)0:00:03.52 
5Dan McCombie (NZl)0:00:04.41 
6Harry Chapman (NZl)0:00:04.99 
7Tom Burns (NZl)0:00:05.98 
8Jamahl Stringer (NZl)0:00:06.51 
9Kyle Lockwood (NZl)0:00:06.63 
10Sheldon Kneale (NZl)0:00:08.32 
11Zach Baker (NZl)0:00:09.58 
12Michael Melles (NZl)0:00:09.85 
13Raphael Kammlein-Cutler (NZl)0:00:10.92 
14Troy Stewart (NZl)0:00:11.92 
15Connor Harvey (NZl)0:00:11.93 
16Caleb Smith (NZl)0:00:12.73 
17Andy Wilson (NZl)0:00:13.72 
18Caelab Drummond (NZl)0:00:18.03 
19Elliot Davison (NZl)0:00:18.19 
20Callum Sprosen (NZl)0:00:18.47 
21Lloyd Jenks (NZl)0:00:19.56 
22Ben Walker (NZl)0:00:20.29 
23JD Devlin (NZl)0:00:22.14 
24Alex Kennett (NZl)0:00:24.07 
25Cameron Kerr (NZl)0:00:26.53 
26Luke Hooper (NZl)0:00:35.28 
27Will Keary (NZl)0:00:42.97 
DNFHunter Jenkenson (NZl)  
DNFDonovan Isted (NZl)  
DNFThomas Gornall (NZl)  
DNSEthan Burgess (NZl)  
DNSJono Ross (NZl)  
DNSJake Paddon (NZl)  
DNSAlex Faulkner (NZl)  
DNSJosh Verberne (NZl)  
DNSRobert Havill (NZl)  
DNSJim Lott (NZl)  
DNSJay Barrett (NZl)  
DQLouis Hamilton (NZl)  
Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carl Goodwin (NZl)0:02:42.14 
2Josh McCombie (NZl)0:00:04.39 
3Gareth Burgess (NZl)0:00:10.77 
4Hayden Melles (NZl)0:00:10.95 
5Willam Todhunter (NZl)0:00:12.35 
6Toby Walker (NZl)0:00:21.51 
7Fergis Mcintosh (NZl)0:00:22.44 
8Jonathon Kennett (NZl)0:00:22.58 
9Marcelo Teiveira (NZl)0:00:24.45 
10Richard Scandrett (NZl)0:00:25.09 
11Rod Hall (NZl)0:00:26.17 
12Taylor Bachop (NZl)0:00:26.75 
13Michael Lea (NZl)0:00:27.01 
14Jordan Shadbolt (NZl)0:00:27.58 
15DJ Holmes (NZl)0:00:29.42 
16Thomas Goodman (NZl)0:00:37.36 
DNSJames Rattray (NZl)  
DNSRobert Todhunter (NZl)  
DNSDan Prior (NZl)  
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kyle Wilson (NZl)0:02:36.46 
2Leighton Kirk (NZl)0:00:00.09 
3Jake Boylett (NZl)0:00:01.13 
4Nick McConachie (NZl)0:00:01.65 
5James Hampton (NZl)0:00:02.14 
6Carl Edmondson (NZl)0:00:02.25 
7Cameron Kay (NZl)0:00:03.21 
8Ben Tyas (NZl)0:00:03.35 
9Scott McGregor (NZl)0:00:03.65 
10Ant Jackson (NZl)0:00:04.21 
11Dylan Sanchez-Pinsent (NZl)0:00:05.40 
12Mat Prior (NZl)0:00:06.48 
13Tyler Brooker (NZl)0:00:07.41 
14Andrew Bias (NZl)0:00:11.04 
15Daryl Webb (NZl)0:00:12.65 
16Paul Johns (NZl)0:00:15.06 
17Josh Barnard (NZl)0:00:15.28 
18Thilo Rucknagel (Ger)0:00:16.44 
19Russell Archer (NZl)0:00:17.24 
20Dan Whearty (NZl)0:00:17.72 
21William Mathieson (NZl)0:00:18.76 
22Ryan Tritt (NZl)0:00:22.35 
23Adam McClintock (NZl)0:00:23.72 
24Sam Proctor (NZl)0:00:23.96 
25Mark Johns (NZl)0:00:26.36 
26Sam Howey (NZl)0:00:28.91 
27Phillip Walsh (NZl)0:00:29.90 
28Lorenzo Mukunda (NZl)0:00:35.21 
29Andrew Paisley (NZl)0:00:35.97 
30Colin Tocher (NZl)0:00:38.07 
31Peter Campbell (NZl)0:00:39.72 
32William Lawrence (NZl)0:00:49.00 
33Greg Turner (NZl)0:01:10.14 
DNFMatthew Wood (NZl)  
DNFWilliam Parata (NZl)  
DNSLiam Jack (NZl)  
DNSJonas Meier (NZl)  
DNSHendrik Schulze (Ger)  
DNSSean Kennedy (NZl)  
DNSJacob Neaves (NZl)  
DNSOscar Tatom (NZl)  
DNSLuke Johns (NZl)  
DNSAndrew Peck (NZl)  
DNSJon Stout (NZl)  
DNSScott Taylor (NZl)  
Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Winwood (NZl)0:02:39.63 
2Cameron Bisset (NZl)0:00:04.23 
3Jamie Nicoll (NZl)0:00:04.54 
4Chris Mancey (NZl)0:00:08.46 
5Andrew Martin (NZl)0:00:09.55 
6Kevin English (NZl)0:00:14.73 
7Wolfram Schwertner (Ger)0:00:18.00 
8Kyle O Brian (NZl)0:00:20.58 
9Tom Francis (NZl)0:00:22.63 
10Tony Boroviec (NZl)0:00:25.99 
11Marcos Barbosa (NZl)0:00:31.18 
12Andy Chapman (NZl)0:00:42.29 
DNSMike Pretty (NZl)  
DNSTeruaki Takahashi (Jpn)  
Master 2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darryn Henderson (NZl)0:02:45.45 
2John Boylett (NZl)0:00:30.78 
3Vaughan Love (NZl)0:00:32.64 
4Chris Sinclair (NZl)0:00:37.05 
5Ashley Ruth (NZl)0:00:38.64 
6Nick Dalton (NZl)0:00:42.41 
7Vaughan Ellis (NZl)0:00:53.49 
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adrienne Hooper (NZl)0:03:22.97 
2Kaytee Campbell (NZl)0:00:08.27 
3Julie Berry (Aus)0:00:13.56 
4Dawn Daley-Coers (NZl)0:00:17.93 
5Pippa Holdom (NZl)0:00:26.70 
DNF RosellaPellegrino (Ger)  
Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sophie Tyas (NZl)0:03:12.66 
2Phoebe Coers (NZl)0:00:31.63 
Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Oliver Jarman (NZl)0:03:01.38 
2Carlos Wilson (NZl)0:00:15.72 
3Caleb Burgess (NZl)0:00:25.86 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jackson & Rose Green (NZl)0:03:48.55 

South Island Downhill Cup final standings (rounded to nearest whole point)

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Scoles (NZl)226 pts
2Brook MacDonald (NZl)207 
3Kieran Bennett (NZl)184 
4Joseph Nation (NZl)175 
5Reuben Olorenshaw (NZl)168 
6Bryn Dickerson (NZl)167 
7Richard Leacock (NZl)165 
8Rupert Chapman (NZl)157 
9Sam Perry (NZl)155 
10George Brannigan (NZl)134 
10Dan Sims (NZl)134 
12Justin Leov (NZl)131 
13Thomas Mathews (NZl)130 
14Wyn Masters (NZl)130 
15Jerome Clementz (Fra)127 
16Jarrah Davies (Aus)120 
17Octavio Teixeira (NZl)108 
18Jed Rooney (NZl)107 
19Chris Patton (USA)104 
20Thomas Jeandin (Swi)102 
21Sam Baker (NZl)98 
22Matthew Walker (NZl)91 
23Hayden Lee (NZl)90 
24Jared Graves (Aus)89 
25James Rennie (NZl)84 
26Troy Murdoch (NZl)80 
27Daniel Heads (NZl)76 
28Emyr Davies (GBr)55 
29Daniel Franks (NZl)54 
30Reon Boe (NZl)53 
31Nicolas Walser (Swi)42 
32Fabian Kuettel (Swi)36 
33Eugen-Maxi Dickerhoff (Ger)35 
34Sam Stevens (USA)34 
35Dario Takada (NZl)33 
36Kuhn Martin (Ger)28 
37Nick Bygate (NZl)15 
38Tom Winwood (NZl)11 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin (NZl)270 pts
2Veronique Sandler (NZl)202 
3Harriet Latchem (NZl)191 
4Alanna Columb (NZl)160 
5Amy Liard (NZl)137 
6Sophiemarie Bethell (NZl)136 
Junior U19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Reece Potter (NZl)241 pts
2Dan McCombie (NZl)213 
3Leo Sandler (NZl)205 
4Tom Burns (NZl)194 
5Kurt Summerfield (NZl)175 
6Louis Hamilton (NZl)173 
7Connor Harvey (NZl)167 
8Zach Baker (NZl)148 
9Lawrence Cawte (NZl)137 
10Andy Wilson (NZl)136 
11Raphael Kammlein-Cut (NZl)126 
12Harry Chapman (NZl)124 
13JD Devlin (NZl)123 
14Alex Kennett (NZl)116 
15Sheldon Kneale (NZl)114 
16Jamahl Stringer (NZl)107 
17Troy Stewart (NZl)103 
18Callum Sprosen (NZl)91 
19Jackson & Ro Green (NZl)90 
20Caelab Drummond (NZl)89 
20Lloyd Jenks (NZl)87 
22Hunter Jenkenson (NZl)80 
23Luke Hooper (NZl)68 
24Cameron Kerr (NZl)67 
25Thomas Gornall (NZl)66 
26Lukas Chalmers (NZl)64 
27Kyle Lockwood (NZl)55 
28Donovan Isted (NZl)53 
29Michael Melles (NZl)52 
30Caleb Smith (NZl)45 
31Jono Ross (NZl)44 
32Jake Paddon (NZl)40 
33Elliot Davison (NZl)40 
34Campbell Liddell (NZl)37 
35Bradley Dent (NZl)36 
36Robert Havill (NZl)36 
37Ben Walker (NZl)36 
38Will Keary (NZl)28 
Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sophie Tyas (NZl)270 pts
2Phoebe Coers (NZl)243 
Junior U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh McCombie (NZl)261 pts
2Carl Goodwin (NZl)244 
3Gareth Burgess (NZl)193 
4Jonathon Kennett (NZl)183 
5Michael Lea (NZl)145 
6Connor Sandri (NZl)142 
7Jordan Shadbolt (NZl)113 
8DJ Holmes (NZl)108 
9Hayden Melles (NZl)70 
10James Minty (NZl)69 
11Willam Todhunter (NZl)62 
12Toby Walker (NZl)59 
13Harlam Heydon (NZl)56 
14Dan Prior (NZl)56 
15Marcelo Teiveira (NZl)54 
16Rod Hall (NZl)53 
17Richard Scandrett (NZl)52 
18Taylor Bachop (NZl)52 
19Thomas Goodman (NZl)30 
20James Rattray (NZl)15 
Junior U15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carlos Wilson (NZl)253 pts
2Oliver Jarman (NZl)177 
3Caleb Burgess (NZl)76 
4Mathew Gillan (NZl)74 
5Nils Heiniger (NZl)68 
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jake Boylett (NZl)226 pts
2Nick McConachie (NZl)199 
3Carl Edmondson (NZl)196 
4Leighton Kirk (NZl)190 
5James Hampton (NZl)172 
6Ben Tyas (NZl)165 
7Ant Jackson (NZl)159 
8Cameron Kay (NZl)158 
9Dylan Sanchez-Pins (NZl)148 
10Tyler Brooker (NZl)137 
11Andrew Bias (NZl)136 
12Daryl Webb (NZl)131 
13Mat Prior (NZl)128 
14Scott McGregor (NZl)127 
15Thomas Lamb (NZl)115 
16Kyle Wilson (NZl)85 
17Adam McClintock (NZl)82 
18Colin Tocher (NZl)80 
19Russell Archer (NZl)73 
20Thilo Rucknagel (Ger)67 
21Conor MacFarlane (NZl)65 
22Jameie Chapman (NZl)64 
22Dan Whearty (NZl)64 
24Zac Williams (NZl)63 
25James Horran (NZl)60 
26Jimmy Pollard (NZl)57 
27Sam Proctor (NZl)51 
28Hendrik Schulze (Ger)50 
29Andrew Paisley (NZl)49 
30Adrian Loo (NZl)48 
31Russell Paver (GBr)48 
32Tyler Perrin (NZl)47 
33Josh Barnard (NZl)44 
34Matthew Wood (NZl)43 
34Paul Johns (NZl)43 
36James Mulcahy (NZl)42 
37William Mathieson (NZl)40 
38Jonas Meier (NZl)39 
38Daniel Benn (NZl)39 
38Liam Jack (NZl)39 
38Phillip Walsh (NZl)39 
42Ryan Tritt (NZl)38 
43Karl Shaw (NZl)38 
44Jarrah Healy (NZl)36 
45Sam Howey (NZl)32 
46William Guthrie (NZl)31 
47Kurt McDonald (NZl)29 
48Mark Johns (NZl)29 
49Lorenzo Mukunda (NZl)26 
50Devlin Montana (Can)24 
50Matthew Plowman (NZl)24 
50Peter Campbell (NZl)24 
53William Lawrence (NZl)20 
54Greg Turner (NZl)19 
55Ryan Lewis (NZl)16 
56William Parata (NZl)13 
57Jake Neaves (NZl)13 
58Vinny Devereax (NZl)12 
58Jon Stout (GBr)12 
60Thomas Cohen (Aus)6 
61Ben Eggleston (NZl)6 
62Luis Affonso (NZl)2 
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adrienne Hooper (NZl)265 pts
2Julie Berry (Aus)216 
3Kaytee Campbell (NZl)137 
4Pippa Holdom (NZl)125 
5Rosella Pellegrino (Ger)104 
6Naomi Wilson (NZl)84 
7Alanna Columb (NZl)76 
8Carolin Friese (Ger)68 
9Dawn Daley-Coers (NZl)66 
10Teresa Blanpain (NZl)65 
11Amy Freedman (NZl)59 
12Indri Clendon (NZl)59 
Master 30+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Winwood (NZl)267 pts
2Jamie Nicoll (NZl)231 
3Chris Mancey (NZl)196 
4Andrew Martin (NZl)185 
5Kevin English (NZl)159 
6Marcos Barbosa (NZl)145 
7Boyd Grinstead (NZl)134 
8Cameron Bisset (NZl)132 
9Jeremy Jones (NZl)112 
10Teruaki Takahashi (Jpn)108 
11Tom Francis (NZl)102 
12Tony Boroviec (NZl)99 
13Wolfram Schwertner (Ger)92 
14Kelly McGarry (NZl)81 
15Ricky Pincott (NZl)78 
16Mat Weir (NZl)62 
17Kyle O Brian (NZl)58 
18Tristan Muirhead (NZl)57 
19Blair Christmas (NZl)55 
20Mike Pretty (NZl)51 
20Andy Chapman (NZl)51 
22Shaun Hodges (NZl)44 
23Craig Cox (NZl)42 
24Wade Kenchington (NZl)39 
25Justin Worth (NZl)39 
26Simon Ward (NZl)34 
27Adrian Main (Aus)31 
28James Horan (NZl)31 
Master 40+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darryn Henderson (NZl)180 pts
2Michael Williamson (NZl)162 
3Vaughan Love (NZl)145 
4Ashley Ruth (NZl)130 
5Chris Sinclair (NZl)128 
6Nick Dalton (NZl)121 
7Christian Meuli (NZl)90 
8John Boylett (NZl)81 
9Vaughan Ellis (NZl)64 
Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Paisley (NZl)90 pts
2Sam Proctor (NZl)81 
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