Newton wins Lincoln GP

Lavery, Richardson complete podium

Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp) claimed his second Lincoln Grand Prix on Sunday, ten years after his first victory at the race in 2000. Newton was able to shake loose of breakaway companion Irishman Philip Lavery (Team Ireland) in the closing stages of the event to seal a seven second win. Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport - Specialized) took third place.

Newton and Lavery had both placed themselves in early breakaway, but their decisive escape came on the last of the 11-laps which made up the 137 kilometre course. Despite the success of his late race move, Newton had been active throughout the race.

"I am in a great team this year," said Newton after his win. "My form is OK and I am just relaxed and enjoying bike racing as much as ever. Last year we just rode round but this year we decided to keep attacking. I was in a small break early in the race and I had decided to attack and let Dean [Downing] sit on.

"Then I got into a three-man break and then I put a dig in on the climb and I was up at the front again. I have ridden this race enough now to know how to stay near the front. Sometimes it works really well like today. It is a hard race and my legs feel like they are cramping now.

"I was just feeling good and it wasn't like full on, I just went hard on the climb, which everyone's got to do and then I knew something would split, the bunch was coming and a better selection of riders was going to join the break. In the first move I wasn't really fully committed, in the headwind I just eased back, let the other two catch me and share the work," said the experienced Newton.

"We stayed strong in numbers which worked out well, the guys are going well, it helped that I just had two weekends where I wasn't racing and I just knuckled down, got some good hard training done and I was a bit tired after the East Mids Classic, but I knew to ride through it, just backed off it a little bit and its working well now, I don't really need to push it, the Ras will see me through to the crit series."

Newton had faced stiff competition throughout the race, including Team Sky riders Russell Downing and Geraint Thomas. The Rapha Condor rider had chosen to neutralise the threat of his ProTour opponents by going on the attack early.

"We had a game plan today, to attack all around the course, not just save it for the hill, for the climb through the city so, you know..." said Newton's teammate Dean Downing.

"Team Sky was clearly strong, but we had numbers and Russ [Downing] just congratulated John Herety and said well done, your team were fantastic, which proves that we stuck to the game plan. Chris was cruising today in that break that myself and him were in, he was really cruising and he said, ‘Right, I'm going to smash it up the climb' with five to go, so as a team we were brilliant today, from the gun everyone was attacking, everyone was near the front, I think everyone was in a move."

These sentiments were echoed by team manager John Herety, who was delighted with his charges. "It's exactly what he [Newton] needed to do, he wanted to make sure that they had to keep coming up to him as opposed to the other way around.

"It's far better for him to get that little gap first of all. That said, today I think Chris was going that well that it didn't matter; this year we made sure tactically everything went according to plan. It doesn't always work out as we well know, but we always have a plan, we try to execute it and today was one of those days when it worked out perfectly."

"I am getting towards the end of my career and this is a lovely race to win," continued Newton: "I think it is harder since they took two laps out of the race a few years ago. I knew the Sky Team riders were going to be strong because they have come in from the Continent, so I knew I had to be ahead of the race waiting for them to come up to me.

"It made my job easier that our team had strength in numbers. Philip Lavery did an awesome ride today. He told me his legs had gone with a lap to go so I knew to back off and use him to stay clear. He was really strong on the flat and it worked well."

Philip Lavery was very pleased with his ride, which saw him take not only second, but also the under-23 race title. His performance on Sunday comes in a season which has seen the 19 year-old Dublin native win the overall classification in the Tour the North and a stage of the Tour of Ulster in Northern Ireland earlier this year.

"It was pretty hard out there," said Lavery. "I didn't feel that great with stomach problems, but my legs are great so they carried me through. Hopefully I can come round a bit more in the next couple of weeks.

"For the past couple of weeks I was riding against the likes of Dean Downing and Malcolm Elliott in the Tour of the North and the Tour of Ulster and I knew that I was strong. I wanted to see if I could match my performance against greater numbers and that it would be an indicator of form. It's great that I can come here and put in a good performance. I have been riding in Belgium and I have had a couple of wins there too so I am pretty happy."

"The cobbles were not too bad today," continued Lavery. "They're what we call 'clinkers' in Belgium as they are a little bit smoother. It was more the 11 times up the climb that hurt the legs, but it was good that I had the experience of knowing how to ride them. I got into the early break, but I was looking after the legs as I wasn't feeling that great. The legs came round but I was suffering on the climb so I thought I would have a go and Chris came over to me.

"We just kept tipping through nicely and we had a big gap. Someone from Sky was trying to come across but they couldn't close the gap. It didn't seem that fast to me, but we must have been really shifting."

Lavery's next major event is the eight-day FBD Ras in Ireland before heading off to Canada for the under-23 Coupe Des Nations in June. 

Full Results
1Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp)3:23:13 
2Philip Lavery (Team Ireland)0:00:07 
3Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport - Specialized)0:00:49 
4Alex Wetterhall (Team Sprocket ProCycling)0:00:54 
5Ian Bibby (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)0:01:09 
6Russell Downing (Sky Pro Cycling)0:01:11 
7Marcin Bialoblocki (Wilier Big  
8Jack Bauer (Endura Racing)0:01:12 
9Johnny McEvoy (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)0:01:13 
10Yanto Barker (Pendragon -Le Col-Colnago)0:01:14 
11Zak Dempster (Rapha Condor Sharp)0:01:15 
12Darren Lapthorne (Rapha Condor Sharp)0:01:18 
13Andrew Tennant (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)0:01:22 
14John 'Jack' Anderson (Team Sprocket ProCycling)0:01:28 
15Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp)0:01:33 
16Geraint Thomas (Sky Pro Cycling)0:02:04 
17Jonathan Tiernan Locke (Rapha Condor Sharp)0:02:09 
18Dave Clarke (Pendragon -Le Col-Colnago)0:02:10 
19John Tanner (Team Sportscover)0:02:19 
20Evan Oliphant (Endura Racing)  
21Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing)  
22Joe Skipper (Cycles Dauphin RT)  
23Richard Lambert (Cottingham Coureurs)  
24Will Bjergfelt (Wilier Big  
25Ed Clancy (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)  
26Kit Gilham (Sigma Sport - Specialized)0:02:59 
27Ben Swift (Sky Pro Cycling)  
28Alexandre Blain (Endura Racing)  
29Malcolm Elliott (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)0:03:21 
30Liam Holohan (Team Raleigh)  
31Tom Murray (Sigma Sport - Specialized)0:04:15 
32Matthew Kipling (MTS CycleSport)  
33David McLean (Frezza Pasta Montegrappa)  
34Kristian House (Rapha Condor Sharp)  
35James Stewart (Team Raleigh)  
36Matthew Gee (Raleigh Racing Team)  
37Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles)  
38David McGowan (Kuota-Road CC)  
39Richard Handley (Team Raleigh)  
40Steven Burke (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)  
41Richard Cartland (Team Corley Cycles)  
42Peter Williams (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)  
43Tom Barras (Team Raleigh)  
44Rhys Lloyd (Pendragon -Le Col-Colnago)  
45Adam Biggs (  
46Rob Sharman (  
47Rob Partridge (Endura Racing)  
48Chris Opie (Pendragon -Le Col-Colnago)0:04:35 
49Christopher McNamara (Team Corley Cycles)  
50Andy Lyons (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes!)  
51Dan Davies (Kuota-Road CC)  
52Daniel Smith (Velo 29 Cycling Team)  
53Dan Shand (Team Raleigh)0:04:45 
54Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport - Specialized)  
55Richard Wilkinson ( 
56Mark Wordsworth (Team Corley Cycles)  
57Andrew Hawdon (Herbalife/Wheelbase)  
58Stuart Reid (Herbalife/Wheelbase)  
59Duncan Jamieson (Felt-Colbornes Racing Team)  
60Ben Stockdale (Team Qoroz)  
61Callum Wilkinson (Endura Racing)0:05:51 
62Anthony Malarczyk (Team ACDC)  
63Jamie Newall (Team Corley Cycles)  
64Dale Appleby (Team Raleigh)  
65Martin Ford (Team Goldtec)  
66James Williamson (Sigma Sport - Specialized)  
67Matthew Higgins (Team Corley Cycles)  
68James McCallum (Endura Racing)  
69Jon Mozley (Kuota-Road CC)  
70Stephen Gallagher (Sigma Sport - Specialized)  
71Fredrik Johansson (Team Sprocket ProCycling)0:08:09 
72Jack Pullar (Herbalife/Wheelbase)  
73Simon Gaywood (Team Corley Cycles)  
74Kieran Friend (Pendragon -Le Col-Colnago)  
75Steven Higgins (Team Corley Cycles)  
76Ben Thompson (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes!)  
77Jefte De Bruin (Kuota-Road CC)  
78Rob Hayles (Endura Racing)  
79Alistair Rutherford (  
80Simon Wilson (  
81Jeroen Janssen (Kuota-Road CC)  
82Peter-Lee Jefferies (Frezza Pasta Montegrappa)  
83Graham Briggs (Rapha Condor Sharp)  
DNFAdam Cotterell (Flanders Racing)  
DNFJustin Hoy (Felt-Colbornes Racing Team)  
DNFJoshua Cunningham (Flanders Racing)  
DNFSteve Calland (SouthDownsBikes CC)  
DNFSimon McNamara (SouthDownsBikes CC)  
DNFWayne Coombs (Velo Club Montpellier)  
DNFTim Elverson (Felt-Colbornes Racing Team)  
DNFRobert Hassan (Glasgow Wheelers)  
DNFSteven Guymer (Raleigh Racing Team)  
DNFDale Appleby (Team Raleigh)  
DNFRichard Bott (Herbalife/Wheelbase)  
DNFLee Tunnicliffe (Cycles Dauphin RT)  
DNFAndrew Hastings (Finchley Racing Team)  
DNFChris Mark (Adept Precision Racing Team)  
DNFJamie Howard (  
DNFRob Carter (Velo 29 Cycling Team)  
DNFChris Coyle (Castlebar Cycling Club)  
DNFDuncan Moralee (BC Private Member)  
DNFSam Redding (GWR Team Swindon Cycles)  
DNFConnor McAlistair (Team Ireland)  
DNFRussell Falder (Velo Club Montpellier)  
DNFRoger Smith (SouthDownsBikes CC)  
DNFAndy Coupe (Teamwallis cch Racing Team)  
DNFLewis Cowley (Velo Club Montpellier)  
DNFMartin Smith (Kuota-Road CC)  
DNFStuart Henry (Herbalife/Wheelbase)  
DNFRobert Orr (Infinis Racing Team)  
DNFMark McKinley (Team Ireland)  
DNFGavin Daley (Velo Club Lincoln)  
DNFNiklas Gustavsson (Team Sprocket ProCycling)  
DNFAdrian Bird (Team Nemesis GB)  
DNFMatt Ullmer (Team Qoroz)  
DNFIan Thomas (Paramount Cycle Racing Team)  
DNFJames Smith (  
DNFLee Smith (Felt-Colbornes Racing Team)  
DNFPete Wager (Felt-Colbornes Racing Team)  
DNFJohn Cooper (Team Nemesis GB)  
DNFMarloe Rodman (  
DNFIan Taylor (Team Bglobal)  
DNFJames Millard (  
DNFSam Parker (Team Zappi's)  
DNSDavid O'Loughlin (Team Ireland)  
DNSCharles Prendergast (Team Ireland)  
DNSNiklas Gustavsson (Team Sprocket ProCycling)  
DNSFilip Rudenstam (Team Sprocket ProCycling)  
DNSRichard Larsen (Team Sprocket ProCycling)  
DNSDon Beukeboom (Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam)  
DNSArjen ten Dam (Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam)  
DNSNiels Lommers (Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam)  
DNSRene Hooghiemster (Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam)  
DNSWouter Haan (Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam)  
DNSMitchel Huenders (Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam)  
DNSAndy Magnier (  
DNSGareth Hewitt (Frezza Pasta Montegrappa)  
DNSOliver Graham (Frezza Pasta Montegrappa)  
DNSDavid Coulson (Frezza Pasta Montegrappa)  
DNSDoug Dewey (GWR Team Swindon Cycles)  
DNSDavid Sinclair (GWR Team Swindon Cycles)  
DNSLlewellyn Kinch (GWR Team Swindon Cycles)  
DNSDaniel Smith (GWR Team Swindon Cycles)  
DNSPeter Kench (GWR Team Swindon Cycles)  
DNSDuncan Putman (Team Nemesis GB)  
DNSCoen Rijpma (Opleidingsploeg Peddars)  
DNSDean Shannon (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes!)  
DNSAdam Norris (Orbea - For Goodness Shakes!)  
DNSDaniele Santoni (Pearson Cycles)  
DNSIan Cooper (Planet X)  
DNSRobert Willcocks (  
DNSBlake Pond (Southfork Racing)  
DNSGary Chambers (Southfork Racing)  
DNSJohn Hollier (Southfork Racing)  
DNSAshley Brown (Team Sportscover)  
DNSJohn Doherty (VS Cycles)  
DNSGrant Bayton (Wilier Big  
DNSMark Perry (Wilier Big  
DNSMatt Rowe (Wilier Big  
DNSFlavio Zappi (Team Zappi's)  
DNSDexter Gardias (Team Zappi's)  
DNSGareth McGuiness (Energy Cycles)  
DNSGyles Wingate (Loto Olympia Tienen)  
DNSGrant Leavy (Forza Cycles RT)  
DNSHefin Price (Port Talbot Wheelers)  
DNSChris Clark (York Cycleworks)  
DNSTim Rowson (Mischiefcard CC)  
DNSMark Davies (Aire Valley Race Team)  
DNSMark Thwaites (My Team Giordana)  
DNSGeorge Atkins (100% ME)  
Under-23 Classification
1Philip Lavery (Team Ireland)  
2Johnny McEvoy (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)  
3Joe Skipper (Cycles Dauphin RT)  
Best Rider
1Dave Clarke (Pendragon -Le Col-Colnago)  
Brian Cossavella Michaelgate Trophy
1Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp)13pts
2Alex Wetterhall (Team Sprocket ProCycling)10 
3Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp)5 
4Philip Lavery (Team Ireland)4 
5Darren Lapthorne (Rapha Condor Sharp)4 
6Russell Downing (Sky Pro Cycling)3 
7Rob Partridge (Endura Racing)3 
8Ben Swift (Sky Pro Cycling)3 
9Geraint Thomas (Sky Pro Cycling)3 
10Kristian House (Rapha Condor Sharp)3 
11Kit Gilham (Sigma Sport - Specialized)3 
12Jack Bauer (Endura Racing)3 
13Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport - Specialized)3 
14Zak Dempster (Rapha Condor Sharp)2 
15Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing)2 
16Ian Bibby (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)2 
Prime 1
1Russell Downing (Sky Pro Cycling)3pts
2Zak Dempster (Rapha Condor Sharp)2 
3Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing)1 
Prime 2
1Rob Partridge (Endura Racing)3pts
2Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport - Specialized)2 
3Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing)1 
Prime 3
1Ben Swift (Sky Pro Cycling)3pts
2Geraint Thomas (Sky Pro Cycling)2 
3Darren Lapthorne (Rapha Condor Sharp)1 
Prime 4
1Kristian House (Rapha Condor Sharp)3pts
2Tom Southam (Rapha Condor Sharp)2 
3Geraint Thomas (Sky Pro Cycling)1 
Prime 5
1Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp)3pts
2Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp)2 
3Kit Gilham (Sigma Sport - Specialized)1 
Prime 6
1Alex Wetterhall (Team Sprocket ProCycling)3pts
2Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp)2 
3Jack Bauer (Endura Racing)1 
Prime 7
1Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp)3pts
2Alex Wetterhall (Team Sprocket ProCycling)2 
3Kit Gilham (Sigma Sport - Specialized)1 
Prime 8
1Alex Wetterhall (Team Sprocket ProCycling)3pts
2Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp)2 
3Kit Gilham (Sigma Sport - Specialized)1 
Prime 9
1Darren Lapthorne (Rapha Condor Sharp)3pts
2Ian Bibby (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta)2 
3Jack Bauer (Endura Racing)1 
Prime 10
1Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp)3pts
2Philip Lavery (Team Ireland)2 
3Jack Bauer (Endura Racing)1 
Prime 11
1Chris Newton (Rapha Condor Sharp)3pts
2Philip Lavery (Team Ireland)2 
3Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport - Specialized)1 


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